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The Beauty Salon!
Black & Black 2PriceRankWhite & White 2Price
Slender Make-Up[p]40001Slow Make-Up[p]4000
Smile Cut[p]2000Smile Cut[p]2000
Beauty Cut[p]25002Royal Cut[p]2700
Calm Make-Up[p]40003Warm Make-Up[p]4000
Gentle Make-Up[p]40004Mellow Make-Up[p]4000
Mellow Make-Up[p]40005Gentle Make-Up[p]4000
Warm Make-Up[p]40006Calm Make-Up[p]4000
Slow Make-Up[p]40007Slender Make-Up[p]4000
Slow Make-Up 2[p]80008Gentle Make-Up 2[p]8000
Warm Make-Up 2[p]8000Calm Make-Up 2[p]8000
Mellow Make-Up 2[p]80009Slender Make-Up 2[p]8000
Gentle Make-Up 3[p]2000010Mellow Make-Up 3[p]2000
Calm Make-Up 3[p]20000Warm Make-Up 3[p]20000
Slender Make-Up 3[p]20000Slow Make-Up 3[p]20000
Beauty Salon!
If I were to make my dream come true on this avenue...
I would want to make people's Pokémon more beautiful.

The Beauty Salon is the first shop we'll cover here at, possibly because we wish we could spend all our time in there. The Salon sells items to help with your Pokémon's happiness and the removal of their Effort Values, making them very helpful rather than having to rely on the old berries which reduce the EVs 10 at a time. They do also drastically help with the happiness value, making it easier than ever to evolve those pesky Pokémon.

For a description of what each item does, please visit our Item Glossary page!

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