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The Nursery!
Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
1Yes - 3NoNoNoNo
2Yes - 3Yes - 1NoNoNo
3Yes - 3Yes - 2NoNoNo
4Yes - 3Yes - 2Yes - 1NoNo
5Yes - 3Yes - 2Yes - 2NoNo
Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
6Yes - 3Yes - 3Yes - 3NoNo
7Yes - 3Yes - 4Yes - 3Yes - 1No
8Yes - 3Yes - 4Yes - 3Yes - 1Yes - 1
9Yes - 3Yes - 4Yes - 3Yes - 2Yes - 2
10Yes - 1Yes - 2Yes - 3Yes - 4Yes - 6
The Nursery!
If I were to make my dream come true on this avenue...
I would want to spend my days helping Pokémon Eggs hatch.

The Nursery is the third shop we're going to cover. No reason in particular in this one, other than that we kind of have to. The Nursery is a new feature to Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 designed to help the trainer out in all aspects of the game, much like the other shops in the Join Avenue.

The Nursery, as you can guess from it's name, is based around helping the trainer when it comes to breeding Pokémon, with the items it puts up for sale reducing the amount of steps that need taking to hatch a Pokémon Egg. However, exclusive to the Nursery, the items feature multiple uses as given below, as well as not being restricted to only one item per day.

The items as given below can be bought regardless of which game the owner comes from. In addition, the table will detail which items can be bought at what price at which rank, with the number next to whether it can be bought or can't being the amount of uses of that item that could with it.

The number down the left hand side of the table is what rank your store is at, whilst the Level at the top is the item, with it stating whether or not the item can be bought. So for instance, at Rank 6, you can buy a Lv.1 item that has three uses, a Lv.2 item that has three uses, and/or a Lv.3 item that has three uses..

For a description of what each item does, please visit our Item Glossary page!

Page written by f3raligatr.

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