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If I were to make my dream come true on this avenue...
I would want to make delicious meals for Pokémon and make them happy.

Next in line is the Café, and a good job too as we are parched! Seriously mind, the Café is a brilliant shop to open as it offers items that will help boost your Pokémon levels and their Effort Values almost effortlessly; raising your shop rank aside. As with the other shops, the higher the rank the more expensive these items begin to look, but when you consider the discount that you'll earn through your rank ever increasing, you can bring the price of, say.. a Wonder Dinner down from it's maximum price of [p]96000 to a minimum price of [p]57600, which is far more justifiable. Snazzy like!

RankBlack & Black 2White & White 2
1 Friendly Drink [p]500
Friendly Lunch [p]1000
Good Luck Lunch A [p]36000Good Luck Lunch F [p]36000
2 Wonder Brunch [p]15000
3 Loyalty Meal [p]14000
4 Friendly Combo [p]2000
Good Luck Lunch B [p]36000Good Luck Lunch E [p]36000
5 Good Luck Lunch C [p]36000Good Luck Lunch D [p]36000
6 Good Luck Lunch D [p]36000Good Luck Lunch C [p]36000
7 Good Luck Lunch E [p]36000Good Luck Lunch B [p]36000
8 Good Luck Lunch F [p]36000Good Luck Lunch A [p]36000
Wonder Dessert [p]45000
Off-Menu F [p]72000Off-Menu C [p]72000
9 Off-Menu E [p]72000Off-Menu B [p]72000
10 Wonder Dinner [p]96000
Off-Menu D [p]72000Off-Menu A [p]72000

For a description of what each item does, please visit our Item Glossary page!

Page written by f3raligatr.

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