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Berry Crushing (20131 views)
Big Item List (41075 views)
Elite Four Strategy Guide (32867 views)
English Island Names (26785 views)
EV Training Spots (52735 views)
GSC Pokémon in FRLG (31718 views)
Hidden Items Items you can't see! (25809 views)
Maps (22385 views)
Move Tutors (13708 views)
Teachy TV (9654 views)
The Elite Four: Befour and After (30659 views)
The Fame Checker (11981 views)
The Lost Cave (26566 views)
TM's and HM's (14372 views)
Trainer Hill US (11519 views)
Trainer Hill Japan (14240 views)
Wild Held Item (36952 views)