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Find out here about Pokémon Colosseum, the big Gamecube battling game, of sorts. All the latest news contained here- to the extremes!

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Sentret questions

Dear Sentret, I was wondering if you could trade the espeon and umbreon from colosseum to your GBA.*HUGS*
Sentret like thinks yes like because Sentret saw them because Sentret ran away because they were so scary.......
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do you have to complete colloseum before you can trade your purified pokemon to ruby/sapphire/emerld
Sentret thinks you will you know have to play through a large part of the game at least and find some Evice Italian seeming kinda guy...
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Can you take your pokemon from Crystal to use them in Colosseum, like the way you can take Ruby/Sapphire pokemon?
No.. no.. Sentret doesn't believe think so. The systems are completely overly very much different and cannot be switched around and thingies!! So it won't work really at all.
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Will Sentret be in Pokémon Colosseum? I want to send it to Ruby!
Yes! Yes! Well, some of Sentret's big brother Furrets have gone to there and apparently in it! Great, isn't it? We're spreading.. oooh... resistance is futile..oooh..
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Do u Know how can i tranfer old pkmn from Gold, silver, crystal, red, blue and yellow to Ruby and Sapphire. Cos i cant n that sux, i cant get Charizard, Mewtwo Lugia non of em. How can i get em?
Oooh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, Sentret knows. Sentret has heard that you can trade them from the new new new new shiny shiny brand new Fire Red and Leaf Green Soon, and some are in that new Coloseoslooewslleseum thingie!!!
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