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'Cause you're hot then you're cold, you're yes then you're no.

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We've gotta fight, fight, fight, fight, fight for this game.
Battle Subway Beat 7 Trainers in a row before you reach Westminster (10621 views)
BW EV Training Guide Trainers gonna Train. (52024 views)
The New Experience Formula Serious Math is Serious (13325 views)
Battle Testing One-two, one-two (4161 views)
Combination Attacks Innit (4483 views)
Elite Four AKA The Elite Four Plus One (6527 views)
Gyms No running machines, tragically (6864 views)
Move Tutors You still can't teach Wurmple Draco Meteor (7709 views)
N's Castle And the Hogwarts rivalry (8913 views)
New Attacks A list of the new Attacks your little monsters might feel like using (11794 views)
Nimbasa City Sports Hall Macho Macho Brace. I've gotta use, a Macho Brace. (5744 views)
Rival Battles Blood and guts at the ready! (7772 views)
Special Trainers No, not the running shoes. (5436 views)
TMs and HMs FMs are yet to make it big (5897 views)
Triple and Rotation Battles Une, deux, trois (5862 views)
Updated Abilities Hax: The Opponent starts making excuses you can LOL at (3668 views)
Wonder Launcher Praise the Lord! (5446 views)
All the new Pokémon and their related information
New Pokémon A full list of the new Pokémon (17432 views)
The Unova Dex It's new! (9565 views)
Breeding Mechanics Three's a crowd (7896 views)
Evolution Stones Where the stones are and who you can use them on (178198 views)
Forms There's still a few more for you to get. (6980 views)
Fossil Pokémon I call it Billy and the Cloneastar... (26172 views)
Gift Pokémon All but wrapped up for you (10458 views)
In-Game Trades My Mars for your Snickers (12708 views)
Interactable Pokémon You can say hello to them! (8062 views)
Legendaries If they even exist (15412 views)
New Evolution Methods Hmm, something's changed... (13765 views)
Swarming Pokémon Reach for the Beedrill spray (7553 views)
Wild Held Items The items Pokémon hold in the wild (8714 views)
Wild Pokémon and Captures A few new things! (15363 views)
Unobtainable Pokémon They're not under the bed. We checked. (10641 views)
Wi-Fi Stuffs
Dream World? Global Link? Yes? No? Maybe?
Wi-Fi Events Full of magical, fruity goodness (6302 views)
New Wi-Fi Features New I tell you, NEW! (10001 views)
The C-Gear Your new Pokégadget! (4215 views)
Entralink Bringing the Underground overground! (4516 views)
- Pass Powers And the almighty has spoken (3900 views)
Pokémon Global Link International Pokémon at your service (5303 views)
- How To Sign Up Does what it says on the tin (4967 views)
- Areas Where can you visit in your Pokédreams? (3175 views)
- Dream Island Next door to Dreams, the bed store (5136 views)
- Abilities aka, how to make your Pokemon even better (5488 views)
- Event Pokémon (6118 views)
- Furniture IKEA comes to Dream World (3736 views)
- Mini-Games The little brother of Major-Games (3241 views)
Unity Tower (Manchester) (3854 views)
Other Pages
Pages that are more "other" than not.
Daily and Weekly Events Otherwise it'd be Groundhog day.. (9776 views)
Black City and White Forest Together make a very grey place (8652 views)
Item Collectors More money than sense (5105 views)
Hunt The Sage I want that one (7862 views)
Musicals Razzle Dazzle 'em (5438 views)
Pickup Remember the 5 second rule... (4599 views)
PokéTransfer Still sounds a bit Pokéshifty to me (4635 views)
Royal Unova Ahoy! (5547 views)
Seasons Salt, pepper and paprika (5294 views)
Special Item Gifts Shush you (3901 views)
Storage Boxes Perfect for moving house (3818 views)
The Trainer Card Facebook for Pokémon (9728 views)
The Relocator Zorua, Zoroark and a funny locked capsule... (6304 views)
Abyssal Ruins Dive, Dive, DIVE!!! (7689 views)
Useful People They're useful! (9515 views)
Version Differences Pokémon, People and Places! (4697 views)
Multi-Generation Content
Stuff that goes with multiple games, so we've put it in with multiple games.
Battle Stat Changes (15599 views)
Natures List and effects of the natures that crop up from the third generation onwards (13635 views)
Abilities by generation All the abilities, listed by when they were introduced (12371 views)
Sentret questions

What happened to my black city? THERES NO_ONE THERE! I NEED HELP NOW!!!!!!
Sentret like things that like they've gotten lonely maybe?
Read more in Sentret issue 75

What is the password to the relocator in pokemon black?
Sentret thinks like it's everyone happy, simple connection that's it
Read more in Sentret issue 74

What exactly can you do in black city? My sister just got there in her game a few days ago, and we were wondering if there is anything to do there. It looks pretty empty.
Sentret thinks like only if youre really quick and go there often like so like you can find out that way else its nobody there
Read more in Sentret issue 74

Hiya Sentret! I was wondering if I could get my Entralink's Black Level up by helping out a Pokemon White game. Thanks!
Sentret thinks like sure try it why not really
Read more in Sentret issue 74

On pokemon White I want to beat Cynthia but I don't know how to beat Spiritomb.
But like then you just train stronger right?
Read more in Sentret issue 73