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The main RPGs, such as the upcoming Pokémon Black and White!

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OmegaRuby OmegaRuby OmegaRuby OmegaRuby! Do you do you do you do you?

Pokémon Spaghetti Edition!

If Carlsberg did Pokémon game names...

Two games for the price of... well, two!

'Cause you're hot then you're cold, you're yes then you're no.

Find out here all about the new Pokemon RPGs to hit the DS. You should click here right now, or nasty things will happen to you. Probably.

Here we have the latest information on the GBA remakes of Red, Blue and Yellow. Who knows, by the time they come out, Bolvia may have lost the title of "worlds largest producer of tin"... what, it still hasn't? Seems like our resident Alakazam is on having issues with its foresight again.

Find out here about the latest Pokémon games to be announced. PKMN.NET has all the latest information you will need about these new best game ever.

In Typhlosion's opinion, the best games ever created.

Find out here about the original classics and the games that had us gripped in a non-literal sense a few years ago- Joeno has written probably the best walkthrough for any game ever, here, so you should read it, even if you are illiterate.