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Black 2 and White 2

Two games for the price of... well, two!

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The new Unova Dex! Unova Dex the second! (29434 views)
Version Exclusives Bit of the eenie.. bit of the meenie.. (6082 views)
Unobtainable Pokémon We even checked in the wardrobe this time.. (9832 views)
New Pokémon Forms Oh no! There's more of them!! (11018 views)
Legendaries Shhhh... (27522 views)
Gift Pokémon You can't eBay them like real gifts (10074 views)
Interactable Pokémon You catch them by sending them friend requests (9190 views)
Pokemon Trades No freebies this time (17575 views)
Swarming Pokémon Grab your net and hope for the best (11038 views)
N's Pokémon They're totally not yours.. (8843 views)
Wild Pokémon Items they bin thieving! (6478 views)
Genesect Things to do with your megabug (11422 views)
Gooooooooooooooo MAGIKARP!
Gyms I prefer Wii Fit myself (4368 views)
Gyms - Challenge Mode You'll have a one off fee.. and a twelve month membership.. and an administration fee.. (10759 views)
The Elite Four 1337-4 (3982 views)
Team Plasma Worst reformation of a group since the Spice Girls (6994 views)
Special Trainers There they are! (5517 views)
Royal Unova Sailing along the sea of your dreams.. (5420 views)
Battle Subway The transport, not the sandwhiches (4619 views)
Rival Trainer Hugh! Who? (5630 views)
Join Avenue
Well it's an avenue.. that joins people together.. like.. sweet..
Join Avenue - Introduction It does exactly what it says on the tin! (20279 views)
Join Avenue - Beauty Salon Make me over! (7265 views)
Join Avenue - Fitness Take your vitamin pills and drink your protein shakes! (6119 views)
Join Avenue - Nursery Open 9am until we're sick of them! (12114 views)
Join Avenue - Mart No, not Mort, we're definitely certain of that.. (3665 views)
Join Avenue - Florist I prefer Lurpak myself.. (5401 views)
Join Avenue - Café Spot of tea Mr. Pokemon? (6149 views)
Join Avenue - Antiques Get Diggin' wi' your Diglett! (8650 views)
Join Avenue - Raffle & Misc. Sorry you're not a winner! (12317 views)
Join Avenue - Item Glossary A to Z via B and C and D and E and.. (11415 views)
Other Pages
Pages that are other.
TMs 2 & HMs 2! Because keeping them in the same place would just be too easy.. (5358 views)
Move Tutors When TMs and HMs just aren't enough (6992 views)
New Items Gotta Find 'Em All! (10603 views)
New Breeding Mechanics For when a Mommy Pokémon and a Daddy Pokémon.. (14342 views)
Useful People Next in line to the Beautiful People.. (14741 views)
EV Hotspots! The long awaited sequel! (41652 views)
Version Differences - Places Because if it wasn't almost the same it'd be entirely the same.. (5937 views)
Medals Gotta polish 'em all!! (4961 views)
Pokédex Completion Awards You need more just a piece of Poképaper! (9628 views)
IV Calculation & Checker The cousin to Eevee! (16363 views)
Seasons I still prefer salt & pepper myself.. (3403 views)
Daily Events! You probably won't need a diary anymore now you've got an iPokégear.. (12002 views)
Hidden Grottos Santa? :o (27564 views)