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MOVES: Ominous Wind

Number of Pokémon affected:1

Special move (uses Spec Attack and Spec Defense)

In-game description: The user creates a gust of repulsive wind. It may also raise all the user's stats at once.

Move notes:
Has a 10% of raising all of the user's stats by one stage.

Super Contests

Contest type:Smart

Contest description: Earn double the score in the next turn.

Contest notes:
Gains no appeal points in this round, but gains double the points on the next round.

TMs, HMs and Move Tutors

4Move Tutor

Type effectiveness

Learned by
Giratina------------1010 or from TM6 or from TM6 or from TM6 or from TM
Rotom------------2929 or from TM29 or from TM2929
Froslass------------2222 or from TM22 or from TM2222
Dusknoir------------By breedingBy breeding or from TMBy breeding or from TMBy breedingBy breeding
Spiritomb------------2525 or from TM25 or from TM2525
Mismagius------------By breedingBy breeding or from TMBy breeding or from TMBy breedingBy breeding
Drifblim------------3232 or from TM32 or from TM3720
Drifloon------------3030 or from TM30 or from TM3320
Natu------------3939 or from TM39 or from TM4444
Xatu------------4747 or from TM47 or from TM5454
Misdreavus------------By breedingBy breeding or from TMBy breeding or from TMBy breedingBy breeding
Castform------------By breedingBy breeding or from TMBy breeding or from TMBy breedingBy breeding
Duskull------------By breedingBy breeding or from TMBy breeding or from TMBy breedingBy breeding
Dusclops------------By breedingBy breeding or from TMBy breeding or from TMBy breedingBy breeding
Charizard--------------From TMFrom TM----
Butterfree--------------From TMFrom TM----
Pidgey--------------From TMFrom TM----
Pidgeotto--------------From TMFrom TM----
Pidgeot--------------From TMFrom TM----
Spearow--------------From TMFrom TM----
Fearow--------------From TMFrom TM----
Vulpix--------------From TMFrom TM----
Ninetales--------------From TMFrom TM----
Zubat--------------From TMFrom TM----
Golbat--------------From TMFrom TM----
Farfetch'd--------------From TMFrom TM----
Gastly--------------From TMFrom TM----
Haunter--------------From TMFrom TM----
Gengar--------------From TMFrom TM----
Scyther--------------From TMFrom TM----
Aerodactyl--------------From TMFrom TM----
Articuno--------------From TMFrom TM----
Zapdos--------------From TMFrom TM----
Moltres--------------From TMFrom TM----
Dragonite--------------From TMFrom TM----
Mew--------------From TMFrom TM----
Hoothoot--------------From TMFrom TM----
Noctowl--------------From TMFrom TM----
Ledyba--------------From TMFrom TM----
Ledian--------------From TMFrom TM----
Crobat--------------From TMFrom TM----
Togetic--------------From TMFrom TM----
Yanma--------------From TMFrom TM----
Murkrow--------------From TMFrom TM----
Scizor--------------From TMFrom TM----
Skarmory--------------From TMFrom TM----
Suicune--------------From TMFrom TM----
Lugia--------------From TMFrom TM----
Ho-oh--------------From TMFrom TM----
Beautifly--------------From TMFrom TM----
Dustox--------------From TMFrom TM----
Shiftry--------------From TMFrom TM----
Taillow--------------From TMFrom TM----
Swellow--------------From TMFrom TM----
Wingull--------------From TMFrom TM----
Pelipper--------------From TMFrom TM----
Masquerain--------------From TMFrom TMStartStart
Ninjask--------------From TMFrom TM----
Sableye--------------From TMFrom TM----
Volbeat--------------From TMFrom TM----
Illumise--------------From TMFrom TM----
Vibrava--------------From TMFrom TM----
Flygon--------------From TMFrom TM----
Swablu--------------From TMFrom TM----
Altaria--------------From TMFrom TM----
Shuppet--------------From TMFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding
Banette--------------From TMFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding
Tropius--------------From TMFrom TM----
Salamence--------------From TMFrom TM----
Starly--------------From TMFrom TM----
Staravia--------------From TMFrom TM----
Staraptor--------------From TMFrom TM----
Mothim--------------From TMFrom TM----
Combee--------------From TMFrom TM----
Vespiquen--------------From TMFrom TM----
Honchkrow--------------From TMFrom TM----
Chatot--------------From TMFrom TM----
Finneon--------------From TMFrom TM----
Lumineon--------------From TMFrom TM----
Togekiss--------------From TMFrom TM----
Yanmega--------------From TMFrom TM----
Darkrai--------------Start or from TMStart or from TMStartStart
Shaymin--------------From TMFrom TM----
Arceus--------------From TMFrom TM----
Learned by (Forms)
Land Shaymin--------------From TMFrom TM
Sky Shaymin--------------From TMFrom TM