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MOVES: Flame Charge

Number of Pokémon affected:1

Physical move (uses Attack and Defense)

In-game description: The user cloaks itself with flame and attacks. Building up more power, it raises the user's Speed stat.

Move notes:
Raises speed when it hits the opponent

Super Contests

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TMs, HMs and Move Tutors


Type effectiveness

Learned by
Victini------------------25 or from TM25 or from TM
Tepig------------------15 or from TM15 or from TM
Pignite------------------15 or from TM15 or from TM
Emboar------------------15 or from TM15 or from TM
Pansear------------------From TMFrom TM
Simisear------------------From TMFrom TM
Blitzle------------------18 or from TM18 or from TM
Zebstrika------------------18 or from TM18 or from TM
Darumaka------------------From TMFrom TM
Darmanitan------------------From TMFrom TM
Charmander------------------From TMFrom TM
Charmeleon------------------From TMFrom TM
Charizard------------------From TMFrom TM
Genesect------------------18 or from TM18 or from TM
Litwick------------------From TMFrom TM
Lampent------------------From TMFrom TM
Chandelure------------------From TMFrom TM
Larvesta------------------30 or from TM30 or from TM
Volcarona------------------From previous evolution or from TMFrom previous evolution or from TM
Reshiram------------------From TMFrom TM
Heatran------------------From TMFrom TM
Ponyta------------------21 or from TM21 or from TM
Rapidash------------------21 or from TM21 or from TM
Magmortar------------------From TMFrom TM
Vulpix------------------From TMFrom TM
Ninetales------------------From TMFrom TM
Treecko------------------From TMFrom TM
Torchic------------------From TMFrom TM
Combusken------------------From TMFrom TM
Blaziken------------------From TMFrom TM
Numel------------------From TMFrom TM
Camerupt------------------From TMFrom TM
Torkoal------------------From TMFrom TM
Chimchar------------------From TMFrom TM
Monferno------------------From TMFrom TM
Infernape------------------From TMFrom TM
Cyndaquil------------------28 or from TM28 or from TM
Quilava------------------35 or from TM35 or from TM
Typhlosion------------------35 or from TM35 or from TM
Slugma------------------From TMFrom TM
Magcargo------------------From TMFrom TM
Houndour------------------From TMFrom TM
Houndoom------------------From TMFrom TM
Magby------------------From TMFrom TM
Entei------------------From TMFrom TM
Ho-oh------------------From TMFrom TM
Growlithe------------------From TMFrom TM
Arcanine------------------From TMFrom TM
Mew------------------From TMFrom TM
Moltres------------------From TMFrom TM
Magmar------------------From TMFrom TM
Flareon------------------From TMFrom TM

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