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Going Apricorn!

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Johto Journeys
Japanese Title
Pineco and the Apricorns! Backyard Battle!!
English Title
Going Apricorn!
Spanish Title
Cultivando Bonguri
French Title
Suspens en suspend
Italian Title
Uno strano frutto
German Title
Aprikoko Fieber
Who's that Pokémon?
This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash gives the GS Ball to Kurt.

Brock catches a Pineco.

After arriving in Azelea Town and saving the Slowpoke Well (in the previous episode), our heroes discover the man in the Slowpoke suit is Kurt, the Pokéball expert. At Kurt's house, he and his grandaughter, Maisy, thank the guys (again) for saving the well. After talking for a while, Ash hands over the GS ball. The gang beg him to tell them something about it. Kurt comes to the conclusion that it's... some kind of Pokéball. They collapse at this. Kurt explains he needs to examine it more closely.

Ash calls Prof. Oak and tell him the situation. Oak explains how Kurt is an expert in turning Apricorns into Pokéballs. They look out of a window and spot an Apricorn tree. Kurt is busy taking a red hot Pokéball out of a kilm, when Ash runs up asking if he will make some Apricorn Pokéballs. Maisy shushes him and they both watch Kurt work. When he finishes, Ash asks him again. Misty tells Ash not to be so rude. Kurt, however, doesn't mind and hands over three Pokéballs with lightening symbols on them. They are Fast balls. Maisy explains about the different apricorns: white, black, pink, blue, red, yellow and green.

Kurt says if they want any other types, all they have to do is bring him the apricorns. Maisy takes them to the hills behind the house. Team Rocket have been eavesdropping outside. They decide to steal the apricorns and make a buck or two. They sneak off to make plans. Meanwhile, Maisy shows the gang a pink apricorn tree, the apricorns on which are made into love balls. Brock wonders if they could be used to catch Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny. He gets pulled away by the ear by Misty. Ash is about to pick one but Maisy scold they aren't ripe yet. Ash apologises.

They move on to the yellow apricorn tree, which makes Moon balls, that capture Pokémon that evolve with Moon stone. Ash is unable to pick any as there are some Pineco hanging from the tree. After Ash checks it with Dexter, Brock decides he wants one. He runs forward but trips on a rock and smashes into the tree. All the Pineco self destruct! Next, the gang check out the green apricorn tree, which makes Friend balls. Maisy informs the gang that these are ready to pick, so they run over. However they are confronted by a line of menacing Beedrill. Everyone runs for it and they end up in a heap at the bottom of a hill.

Next, comes the red apricorn tree. As the gang advance towards it, they fall down a pit. The pit was, of course, dug by Team Rocket, who appear and recite the motto. Meowth lasoes Pikachu and Jessie puts it in a shock-proof jar. James produces a vacuum cleaner, which he intend to suck up all the apricorns with. Ash sends out Bulbasaur to pull them out with Vine Whip. Team Rocket turn on the vacuum cleaner. Suddenly, they too fall down a hole and Pikachu is thrown towards Ash. It turns out the hole was dug by Diglett, who protect the trees. Team Rocket, meanwhile, are sliding around a series of underground tunnels. The tunnel ends at the top of a cliff, down which they fall.

Maisy shows the gang the blue apricorn trees, which are used to make Lure balls. Misty likes the sound of these. Some of them are ripe, so Ash and Misty go up and pick one each. Finally are the black apricorn, used to make Heavy balls. Some Pineco appear again and Brock seizes his chance. A huge gust of wind blows and he has to catch the Pineco from falling to the ground and exploding. It's Team Rocket...again! They are now on an (exercise?) bike with a fan attached to the back. As they pedal the wind generated from the fan continues to blow the Pineco out of the tree. A thundershock from Pikachu doesn't work, as TR have put up an umbrella.

One Pineco rushes forward and knocks the Rockets off the bike. Jessie sends out Arbok and James sends out Victreebel, who tries to eat him. Arbok chases the Pineco. Brock manages to catch it with a fast ball. Pikachu uses Quick attack on Arbok and Victreebel, and then a Thunderbolt, which makes the bike explode. This gives Team Rocket the exit they deserve - a traditional blasting off. Maisy thanks them for saving the trees. Brock sends out his new Pineco, which selfdestructs. A black apricorn falls on Ash's head and he decides to keep it.

Later they give Kurt all the apricorns and he tells them he doesn't have a clue about the GS ball. He decides to examine it a while longer. Ash and co. head off to the gym to win a badge, they will have to come back for the Pokéballs later.

This episode guide has been written by AR.

Going Apricorn! Trivia:

 This episode title has been used interchangeably with "Goin' Apricorn!"
 Kurt has a White Apricorn tree near his house - just like in the games.
 This episode marks the last appearance of the GS Ball in the anime, after which the writers decided to drop the storyline and instead feature Celebi in the 4th Movie.

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