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The Bug Stops Here

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Johto League Champions
English Title
The Bug Stops Here
French Title
Le concours
This episode is essential viewing because:
The gang meet Casey again.

Ash catches a Beedrill in the Bug Catching Competition and gives it to her.

Today on their journey, Ash & Co. find themselves passing through a beautiful national park on their way to Ecruteak City. They see a man stood, inviting people to enter the Bug Pokémon Catching Contest. Ash goes over and asks if there is a prize. The man tells him that the winner wins a Sun Stone and is allowed to keep whatever Bug Pokémon they caught during the contest. As he goes to sign up, a familiar face in the line spots them. They are greeted by Casey and her Chikorita. Brock comments that her Chikorita looks to be stronger than before. She tells them that they've been on a winning streak lately, just like her favourite baseball team; the Electabuzz. She offers to sing them their new fight song and proceeds to do so anyway. She tells them that she is there to catch herself a new Bug Pokémon, but Ash is determined not to be beaten. Misty tells them both to stop blabbing and to go and register, which they run off to do.

Also at the Bug Catching Contest, Team Rocket are being told that they aren't allowed to enter. When Jessie asks why, they are told that it is strictly for people under the age of 16. Thinking that they can get in by looking younger, they dress up in children’s clothes, but no-one buys it for a second. Angered, Jessie demands to be allowed to enter the contest, and when she is refused again, she orders James and Meowth to carry the man away.

At the contest, the rules are being explained to the participants. They are allowed to use only one Pokémon each and when catching a Pokémon, they must use one of the Park Balls provided. Only one Park Ball is issued to each trainer, so they can only catch one Bug Pokémon at a time, so when they think they have a winner, they should keep it. With the rules explained, the contest begins. Brock and Misty watch the contest from a big screen. Misty asks Brock if there will be many Bug Pokémon around where they are. He tells her that they could be anywhere, so she starts carefully checking around where they are sat.

Out looking for a Bug Pokémon, Ash and Pikachu come across a Weedle, which gives Misty a fright when it appears on the big screen. Ash orders Pikachu to use Thundershock, but Casey arrives and orders Chikorita to use Razor Leaf, defeating the Weedle. She throws her Park Ball, catching the Pokémon herself. Ash runs over, angry that she had caught a Pokémon he was about to battle. She tells him that he let his guard down, so she took advantage of the opportunity, using numerous baseball references which confuse Ash.

Watching all this on the big screen, Misty hides behind a tree. She asks Brock what happened, so he tells her to look for herself. She refuses, then hears a sound behind her. Turning around, she notices Togepi playing with a wild Caterpie. She waves her bag at it, scaring it away. Brock tells her to take it easy, when a Spinarak drops down between them from the tree. Scared, she waves this away with her bag too, hitting Brock while she's at it.

Out in the park, Jessie is dressed up as a Venomoth so the Trio can attract some Bug Pokémon. Sure enough, a Venomoth soon comes along and flies up to her. She tries to tempt it closer, but frightens it. It uses Stun Spore on the Trio before quickly flying away. They decide to go to Plan B.

Hunting for another Bug Pokémon, Casey orders Chikorita to use Tackle on a nearby tree. As it does so, a group of Pineco fall out. Watching this, Misty is confused, saying that Pineco aren't Bug Pokémon. Brock tells her that they are, causing her to admit that, for Bug Pokémon, they aren't too bad. The Pineco all attack, but Chikorita Tackles them all. Ash comes over, telling her that Pineco have the advantage over Chikorita. She tells him that she knows, but reasons that a good offence is the best defence. She orders Chikorita to use Razor Leaf, defeating the whole group. Without catching one, she walks off with her tired Chikorita. Determined not to be beaten, Ash wanders off to find himself a Bug Pokémon. Misty comments that with Casey going as she is, Ash doesn't have a chance. She admits that, thought she hates Bug Pokémon, she wishes Ash would catch one.

Wandering along, Casey notices Chikorita lagging behind. She asks it what's wrong, telling it that they have to keep their spirits up to win the game. Walking a little further, she notices a Scyther in the tall grass ahead. It notices her too. She orders Chikorita to use Razor Leaf, angering the Scyther. It jumps to attack, with Chikorita frozen to the spot with fear. It strikes, knocking Chikorita back. She orders it to use Razor Leaf again, but Scyther is too fast and knocks it back again. It manages to use Razor Leaf, but Scyther bats them back, hitting Chikorita. It manages to pick itself up and jumps, landing on Scyther's head. As it shakes it about, Chikorita manages to hang on. Ash then comes along, telling Casey that she isn't being fair. She tells him that she saw the Scyther first, but that's not what he means. He tells her that it isn't fair on Chikorita, and that she is pushing it too hard. He points out that it is barely hanging on and is too weak to attack. As Casey is telling him how wrong he is, Scyther manages to knock Chikorita off, sending it flying into the trunk of a tree. Scyther is about to attack again, when Ash orders Pikachu to use Thundershock. Angered, the Scyther starts chasing them. As he runs off, he tells Casey that they will handle Scyther. As she turns to Chikorita, she notices it missing. Watching on the big screen, Misty and Brock see everything, commenting that Team Casey may have to hit the showers. Misty then looks around and notices Togepi missing too. Brock points up to the screen, showing Togepi wandering through the park.

Happily wandering along, Togepi comes across Chikorita sitting in the bushes. It tries to cheer it up, but it doesn't work. Casey then comes along, telling Chikorita that they should go and get the Scyther. Chikorita shakes it's head and walks away. She shouts at it, telling it that quitters aren't allowed on her team. As she shouts, Misty runs up, angrily commenting that at least someone knows when to quit. As she picks Togepi up, Misty questions Casey, asking her what is more important to her, winning or the wellbeing of her Pokémon. Offended, she tells her that her Pokémon mean everything to her. Misty tells her that she has an odd way of showing it, pointing out that Chikorita knocks itself out for her but that she is too focused on winning that she can't see when it's too exhausted to battle. Brock, who followed Misty, tells her that her feelings aren't the only ones that count. Realising that they are right, she falls to the ground. Chikorita comes out of the bushes to comfort her. It yells at Misty and Brock for upsetting it's trainer. Casey apologises to it, asking it to forgive her. Upon hearing this, they happily make up with each other. Suddenly a Mankey falls from the trees onto Brock, causing Misty to go mad and start swinging her bag again.

Elsewhere in the park, Ash and Pikachu hide in the bushes and watch as Scyther runs past. With it gone, they look around and notice the bush they are hiding in is full of glowing red eyes. A swarm of Beedrill appear. Ash decides to try and catch one. He throws his Park Ball, but it gets batted back. He orders Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, then throws the Park Ball, catching a Beedrill. As they celebrate on their capture, the ground below them gives way and they fall into a pit. The pit turns into a cage and begins to be pulled up as Team Rocket appear, reciting their motto. Pikachu tries to use an electric attack to free them, but the cage contains it and it just ends up shocking Ash. As he is wondering what to do, Misty, Brock and Casey come to his rescue. Team Rocket recognize her, and anger her with their lack of baseball knowledge. She orders Chikorita to use Razor Leaf, but they send a huge net down to catch the attack. Meowth then prepares to launch a baseball-missile at them. Casey tells Chikorita that they can win, but they need to have a home run. Chikorita steps up to the plate, then suddenly starts glowing; it's evolving! As everyone looks on in amazement, Chikorita evolves into Bayleef. Meowth launches the missile, but Casey orders Bayleef to use Razor Leaf, slicing through it and causing it to explode. The attack continues to fly and also cuts the rope suspending the cage below the balloon. After escaping from the cage, Ash orders Pikachu to use Thunderboolt, sending the Trio blasting off again.

Later that day, Ash is announced as the winner of the Bug Catching Contest. He is awarded the Sun Stone and allowed to keep the Beedrill that won him the competition.

A few minutes later, Casey congratulates Ash on winning the contest, telling him that he deserved to. Ash tells her that if Team Rocket hadn't interfered, she would have probably won. She tells him that she feels like a winner anyway with her new Bayleef. Ash then remembers something and hands her the Pokeball containing the Beedrill that won him the contest, saying that he feels she should have it since she was the one to free him from the cage. Plus he knows how much she likes yellow, striped Pokémon. She happily, and gratefully accepts the gift, telling him that she will raise it well. To thank them for everything they have done for her, she decides to treat them to her favourite Electabuzz fight song. And after being serenaded by Casey, Ash & Co. continue on their journey through Johto.

This episode guide has been written by The Librarian.

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