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Hook, Line and Stinker

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Johto League Champions
English Title
Hook, Line and Stinker
French Title
Ap�ts & hame�ons

Today we find our heroes and their Pokémon enjoying some rest and relaxation by a cool mountain stream. As Misty watched her Water Pokémon enjoying a nice refreshing swim, a Poliwrath comes over and, unprovoked, attacks her Poliwhirl. As she checks to see if her Pokémon is alright, the Poliwrath's trainer comes along, insulting Poliwhirl. He taunts her, telling her that if it was any good, it would have evolved by now. Sticking up for her, Brock points out that a lot of great Pokémon aren't fully evolved yet. Pushing her further, he begins insulting her other Pokémon as well, saying that they all look like wimps. Angered, she challenges him to a battle, but he refuses, and, after recalling his Pokémon, he walks away.

As they wander along, Misty still fuming from her confrontation with the Poliwrath and it's trainer, they notice quite a few people walking along carrying fishing rods. Ash goes up to one of them, asking if there is a good fishing spot nearby. He is told that today is the Seaking Catching Competition.

Intrigued, they go along to the competition. After hearing the competition rules, Ash notices that they are the same as the Bug Catching Competition he entered not long ago. The announcer tells them assembled crowd that after the time is up, whoever has caught the heaviest Seaking wins the prize; a trophy and a years supply of chocolate bars. Ash wonders which Pokémon he should choose to help him in the competition, but Brock points out that he seems to have a good candidate sat on his shoulder. As they go over to sign up, they notice the Poliwrath trainer; Andreas, signing up for the competition too. Everyone in the crowd begins to comment that he has won every Seaking Catching Competition he has ever entered. Determined to beat Andreas and put him in his place, Misty signs up for the contest with Poliwhirl as her partner. Ash goes and signs himself and Pikachu up, and Brock goes up to the desk, telling the woman behind it that he would like her to be his partner, only to get dragged away by Misty.

As they get ready to head out on the lake, Andreas comes along in his boat, taunting Misty again. As his Poliwrath and her Poliwhirl stare each other down, Psyduck pops out of it's Pokeball, falling in the water and flailing around as it struggles to keep afloat. Seeing this, he laughs at her again, before heading off.

As they sit out on the lake in their boat, a horn sounds and the Seaking Catching Competition begins. Misty and Ash cast out their lines, but soon hear Andreas shout out that he has a bite already. He orders Poliwrath to use Doubleslap, then throws his Lake Ball, catching the Seaking. As Ash & Co. watch, he releases the Seaking, telling them that he only caught it as a warm up.

Also out on the lake, Team Rocket are fishing for Seaking too. Jessie uses her own personalised lure, but after an hour, she still hasn't got a bite. She decides on a different approach; instead of using a "pretty" lure, she will use an ugly Meowth one. Meowth asks to see this Meowth lure, so she ties him up, gives him a breathing mask, ties a rock to weigh him down and throws him in the water. As he is underwater, he spots a Seaking. He tries to swim over to it, but gets caught by another contestant's line.

Out on the lake, Misty has finally got a bite. So has Jessie. As they both try their best to reel their catches in, their boats drift towards each other, smashing together. Jessie apologises and speeds away before Ash & Co. can recognise her. Underwater, Meowth uses his claws to cut himself free of both lines and swims after his team-mates. Seeing the incident, Andreas drives by, taunting her again.

A little later, the wind changes. Noticing this, Misty points out that it will affect where the Seaking swim and suggests they find somewhere else to fish. They head north. Andreas speeds past them, going in the same direction. Determined not to be beaten, Misty takes the wheel from Brock and puts her foot down, catching up to her competitor. They begin to race, Andreas slamming his boat into the side of theirs. As they near the spot they were aiming for, they notice Team Rocket's boat. Misty turns away to avoid hitting it, but Andreas keeps going, somehow causing his boat to jump up out of the water and over them. As it lands, it causes a large wave, capsizing the Trio's boat. Ash & Co. go over to see if they are alright. As they don't want to be recognised, they dismiss the incident, saying that they capsize all the time.

Sailing a little further, Ash & Co. come across the perfect fishing spot. Unfortunately Andreas is there already. They start fishing anyway, despite his taunts. After a while, Ash gets a bite. He orders Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, then throws his Lake Ball, catching a Seaking. They look over and see Andreas also has a bite. He reels it in, then orders Poliwrath to use Mega Punch. After that, he orders a Doubleslap then throws his Lake Ball, catching the Pokémon. He looks over at Misty, commenting that it could be the biggest one he's ever caught. Suddenly an announcement is made; only 10 more minutes until the competition ends. Angry and desperate, Misty decides to use her secret weapon; the Super Misty Lure, Version IV. She casts her line out and waits. Before long, she gets a bite. Reeling it in, she orders Poliwhirl to attack. The Seaking knocks him back, but it bounces back, using Doubleslap. Misty then throws her Lake Ball, catching the Seaking.

The competition ends. Anyone who didn't manage to catch a Seaking gets a commemorative badge. Team Rocket are unhappy with their consolation prize.

Up on stage, the Seaking are being weighed. Andreas' Seaking comes in at 55 kilos. He begins to think he's won, when Misty runs up with her Seaking. It's weighed and found to be exactly 55 kilos too. As there can only be one winner, the announcer tells them that they now have to face each other in a one on one Pokémon Battle using the Pokémon they partnered with during the competition.

The battle is about to begin. A match between Andreas and his Poliwrath and Misty and her Poliwhirl. The battle begins and the contenders call out their Pokémon. As the two Pokémon begin the fight, smoke bombs fall from the sky and Team Rocket appear reciting their motto. Jessie casts out a fishing rod with Meowth on the end to steal the chocolate. As she reels him in, Misty and Andreas order their Pokémon to both use Water Gun, knocking the chocolate away. Ash sends out Bulbasaur who grabs the chocolate with Vine Whip and places it back where it should be. He then orders Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, sending the Trio blasting off again.

After the interruption, the battle commences. Andreas orders his Poliwrath to use Submission, knocking Poliwhirl back. Misty goes to check on it, and it hides behind her, afraid. She begins to wish it had more confidence, when her other Pokémon let themselves out to encourage it. Misty tells it that it must go back into battle as Andreas made fun of all it's friends, calling them wimps, and insulting her too. They may lose, but they have to keep battling to prove him wrong. Poliwhirl is still reluctant, but Staryu and Goldeen use Water Gun on it. Misty tells it that it may not be fully evolved, but lots of great Pokémon aren't, and he is a great Pokémon. She reminds it that it has strengths that Poliwrath doesn't, and if it does the best it can, no-one can call it a wimp. With newfound determination, it re-enters the battle. Misty orders it to use Bubble, then Mega Punch, knocking Poliwrath back. Poliwrath tries to hit back with it's own Mega Punch, but Poliwhirl dodges. It fights back with Bubble, then Water Gun, winning the match. As Misty is announced the winner, Andreas congratulates her, apologising for calling her and her Pokémon wimps. She graciously accepts his apology.

Later that day, Misty divides the chocolate up. Ash asks what she's doing, so she tells him that she is giving it away; some to her sisters, some to Brock's family, some more to Professor Oak and Tracey, and some to Ash's Mother. Oh, and she won't forget Pikachu. And as the episode ends, Ash wonders why he isn't getting any.

This episode guide has been written by The Librarian.

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