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Control Freak!

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Johto League Champions
English Title
Control Freak!
French Title
Le peintre !
This episode is essential viewing because:
Brock's Golbat evolves into Crobat.

Brock has just prepared breakfast. As Golbat eats, its ears twitch, and it flies away. The trio follow, and find a woman passed out. She wakes up, and finds that a supersonic detector of hers has been destroyed. Brock examines it, and asks for a laptop computer.

Brock manages to fix the equipment, and the woman - Tierra - thanks him as she had no funds left to buy more tools. She reveals that she's been researching into a secret temple supposedly present in the nearby ruins. She has a tablet, on which is written the story of a queen who could control Pokémon without needing to capture them - using a golden mask and staff. The tablet also claimed that the mask and staff was stored in a temple; Tierra hopes to find that temple.

Outside, Team Rocket have been eavesdropping, and plan to search for the temple themselves.

Brock has fixed the equipment, but was unable to fix the supersonic detector itself. Fortunately, he can use Golbat's Supersonic attack instead. Shortly, they find what they suspect must be the temple, but Tierra has no digging equipment either. Brock releases Geodude, who starts digging down towards the temple.

Meowth reveals a Dugtrio Digatron - a digging vehicle. They climb inside, and dig downwards.

Tierra and the gang are now inside the tunnel, but as they walk, the tunnel collapses, trapping them inside. They decide to press on, hoping to find the temple first.

Team Rocket dig their way into the temple. Meowth spots a statue wearing a mask and holding a staff. Jessie puts on the mask, and feels a power surging through her. She takes the staff, and orders Victreebel out of its Poké Ball. She then orders it to attack James. She then orders Moewth to dance for her.

Tierra and the gang arrive at the temple, and see that Team Rocket have the mask and staff. Pikachu approaches Jessie, but she uses the staff to make it electrocute Ash. Jessie prepares to make her escape, but learns that the digger has no reverse gear. Brock sends Geodude, Golbat and Onix after them, but once again Jessie controls them.

Suddenly, Golbat breaks free of the controls, and uses a Supersonic attack to counteract the staff. Tierra realises that the staff must work supersonically, and Brock instructs Golbat to retrieve the staff. Jessie commands Geodude to take care of Golbat, and for Onix to carry the digger back to the surface. In doing so, the ceiling collapses, separating the gang and Team Rocket.

Misty realises that Golbat must be trapped under the rubble. Brock tells the others to leave, and searches for Golbat. He tries listening for a supersonic. Tierra assures him that ordinary people can't hear supersonic sounds, but Misty suspects that Brock will be able to. Finally, Brock finds Golbat; the group grabs it and escapes.

Above ground, Jessie waits for the groups. She has Pikachu waiting, ready to shock them when they appear. Suddenly, Pikachu breaks free of control and shocks Jessie. Just as suddenly, control is returned, and Pikachu obeys Jessie again. Ash climbs out of the hole, and sees Jessie's control wavering. Tierra arrives, and explains that the tablet said that the queen was only able to control Pokémon within her own village. There's a boundary around the ruins, and Jessie can only control Pokémon while she's inside.

As Jessie debates whether or not to keep the staff and mask, Pikachu regains full control. Team Rocket escape, using the digger's alternate purpose as a rocket. They decide to sell the artefacts, but close behind them are Noctowl and Golbat. The rocket's going too quickly, but Brock encourages Golbat ... who evolves into Crobat! With its faster speed, Crobat is able to catch up to the rocket. It uses its wings to destroy the rocket, causing Team Rocket and the artefacts to fall to the ground. Team Rocket attempt to retrieve the artefacts, but Crobat blocks their path. A Thunderbolt from Pikachu finishes them off.

Grateful for their help in retrieving the artefacts, the group set off.

This episode guide has been written by Iceduck.

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