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The Joy of Water Pokémon

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The Joy of Water Pokémon
Ash & co. are travelling along the road to Olivine City, when they come upon a large lake. There is a Pokemon Center on the other side of the lake. Misty's eyes are sparkling with excitement as she tells Ash that this is Lake Lucid and the Pokemon Center specialized in taking care of water Pokemon. Suddenly, Pikachu notices something in the water. A person in a scuba diving suit comes out of the water carrying an injured Goldeen. There are also two Chanseys. Brock immediatly gets the feeling that the person underneath is a girl. Just then, the top half of the suit opens and inside is Nurse Joy! Brock does the usual "beautiful girl" routine, and even Misty seemed to respect her as she specialized in caring for water Pokemon. The Nurse Joy goes on commenting about her work and admires Ash's Pikachu.

Just then, the Pokemon in the lake seem as though they are fighting. Nurse Joy explains that the Pokemon were simply practicing against each other. Then, the scene turns to Team Rocket, who are in a Tentacruel submarine in the lake, and are spying on Nurse Joy and Ash. Just then a real Tentacruel mistakes them for a real Tentacruel, and asks them for a practice battle. Next, the real Tentacruel uses Supersonic.....

The scene then returns to Nurse Joy. Brock's scrummaging through his backpack looking for a book written by Nurse Joy. He finally finds it, but Nurse Joy explains that she had not written that book, but her grandmother had. She explained that this place used to be an extremely dirty place, so dirty that even the Grimer and Muk did not want to live there. Her grandmother wanted to change the place so she started to. She also wanted to study the effect of pollution on the Pokemon. Next, Brock brings up another book, which Joy explains that her mother had written. She explains that her mother started to change the place and tried to make it cleaner. At first, the Grimer and Muk returned, but as the lake grew cleaner, more and more other pokemon also came back.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket, with their submarine beat up, find an entrance to the Pokemon Center.

Ash & co. are, meanwhile, back at the Pokemon Center, where Pikachu is being recharged. Misty asks Joy if she would examine her pokemon and Joy happily says yes, but as soon as Misty says that all her Pokemon are water Pokemon, Joy backs away and looks scared. This leaves Ash, Misty and Brock very puzzled. Nurse Joy apologizes and explains that she hates water Pokemon. She explains that when she was young, her mother and she were out at the lake. They were looking for the cause of a sudden increase in the Remoraid population. Suddenly, a Remoraid popped out and squirted the younger Joy right in the face. She lost her balance and fell into the lake where the Remoraid, who wanted to play with swarmed around her. Her mother pulled her back up, but ever since then, she had been very afraid of water Pokemon.

Misty seems very disapointed and says she did not want her Pokemon examined by a person who hated them. They go to the main part of the Pokemon Center where all the water Pokemon were held. There are a lot of Pokemon, plus, a ferocious Gyarados. Even Misty seems a little afraid of Gyarados. Nurse Joy explains that because of Gyarados's big head, it often experiences head and back muscle injuries.

Suddenly, Team Rocket arrive in their broken up submarine. As usual, they say their motto and try to capture Pikachu with their Tentacruel tentacles. They succeed and Pikachu shocks them and blasts off Team Rocket into the water where they get flushed out along with Joy's diving suit, which fell into the water. Some debris hits the Gyarados's cage which makes a crack. Gyarados breaks out by ramming the crack! Ash and Brock run to do something, but Joy stops them saying Gyarados is confused and might lash out at strangers. She also says that Gyarados was her responsibility. She slowly walks to Gyarados telling herself to stay focused and not think about her dislike of water Pokemon. She touches Gyarados on a certain spot on it's head which makes it calm down. She then tells her Chansey to take Gyarados to another tank. She sighs with relief and then walks back to Ash & co. She starts talking to Misty about still wanting to examine her Pokemon, but suddenly, she faints and Brock catches her. All the pressure had come all at once for Nurse Joy.

Later, the gang leave, and Nurse Joy says that will still fell the same way for water Poemon, even after she touched Gyarados. Misty gives her encouragement and the gang sets off again towards Olivine City.

This episode guide has been written by Pokeluvr13.

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