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Wish Upon A Star Shape

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Master Quest
Japanese Title
Cleffa, Clefairy and the shooting star
English Title
Wish Upon A Star Shape
The day is ending, and our heroes are resting with their Pokémon. Ash is using this time to stuff his face and Misty is disgusted with him, thinking there are more important things than fill your fave. Then they see something in the sky: a shooting star! They each make a wish: Misty wishes she could have all the water Pokémon; Brock wishes for a pretty girl; Ash wishes he could beat the gym leader at Blackthorn City.

But it's not a shooting star, it's a UFO. Something falls out and lands on Phanpy, knocking the wind out of it.Then the UFO crashes on another mountain. What fell on Phanpy was a Cleffa.

There are two suspicious people watching this . One has green hair; the other has brown hair.

Phanpy is told that it's a hero because if Cleffa hadn't fallen on it, Cleffa might've died. Ash looks at his Pokédex: it's been thought to fall from shooting stars, and it's the unevolved form of Clefairy. Cleffa is sad because the ship crashed. Ash and his friends remember the Clefairy spaceship they saw a long time ago.

Now we see Team Rocket watching the heroes. They see the Cleffa and they have a plan to get it.

The other people now appear. They say that Clefairies are extra-terrestrials. Then the heroes ask who they are. They introduce themselves as Mary (the purple-haired girl) and Ken (the green-haired boy). They then say that they're the PMC (stands for Pokémon Mystery Club) and then theey say to hand over the Cleffa. The heroes conclude that the two must be from Team Rocket.

This makes PMC very angry. Then Team Rocket comes out and does their motto. PMC then opens up their suitcase and takes out a device that has mini-rockets in it. It's very expensive and this upsets Team Rocket very much because they can't afford expensive stuff like that. PMC then releases one of the rockets. It turns into a net. Pikachu then Thunderbolts the contraption while Phanpy and Cleffa escape. PMC is all dirty and they say that they hate Phanpy.

Team Rocket then uses a stick to find out where Phanpy and Cleffa went. Then PMC uses their device, a high-tech satellite that can pinpoint the exact location of something very small. They enter Cleffa and Phanpy's descriptions into it and once they've found the location they use their bulldozer to go after them. Their plan is to corner them at the cliff.

When Phanpy and Cleffa reach the cliff, Phanpy gets an idea. It starts Headbutting a tree, then PMC comes on their bulldozer. Phanpy is still Headbutting the tree, but it won't budge. Phanpy gives it a final push and then it collapses to create a bridge the two Pokémon can run across.

PMC then uses Plan B: harpoons. Then Team Rocket comes and does their motto. This distracts PMC from getting after Phanpy and Cleffa.

Now we see the heroes eying the cliff. They wonder if Phanpy got across the tree safely then Pikachu answers their question by running across. Then Pikachu finds the spacecraft.

Who's that Pokémon?
It's Voltorb!

There are Clefairy at the spaceship. Cleffa is very happy to see them, but the spaceship is in need of parts. The heroes remember how hard it was to find parts for the other Clefairy spaceship in the city. Now they're stranded in the middle of nowhere. It would be impossible now.

PMC comes and confirms that Cleffa come on spaceships and not on shooting stars like the legend says. Then Team Rocket comes in their balloon. They release their weapon: the balloon turns into a giant Meowth robot. It grabs at Cleffa with its giant claw. Phanpy jumps in front of Cleffa to protect it, but with a simple flick, it's knocked out of the way. Now it's about to grab Cleffa, and Pikachu Thunderbolts it. But Team Rocket laughs because this doesn't affect the robot because it has electric shielding. Then PMC uses their robot and they fight each other.

Team Rocket uses their backup fire cannon but it won't work. Why? Because the Clefairie are taking it apart to fix their fix ship. They're doing it to PMC's robot too. This means PMC and Team Rocket don't have any more devices, and Team Rocket says PMC should call for reinforcements. PMC can't do this because, embarrassingly for them, they are the only members of their team. They decide to work together to get Cleffa. Then Pikachu Thunderbolts them, and Phanpy uses Rollout and "Team Rocket's blasting off again!...with PMC!"

The spaceship is now fixed and the Clefairies are leaving. They can't come back for Cleffa; their ship is still in need of some repairs. Cleffa feels sad; it would be leaving Phanpy, its best friend. It then evolves into a Clefairy, and as you know, or maybe don't know, Clefairies can fly, so it leaves for its ship. Phanpy is sad, and it remembers all the good times it had with Cleffa. A single tear falls from its eye. Ash reassures it. Phanpy says goodbye.

Now we see PMC. They have found out how crop circles are made: by a Snorlax rolling over on it. Then Snorlax rolls over on them.

This episode guide has been written by Wakashamo.

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