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The Punchy Pokémon

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Hand-to-Hand Fighting Pokémon! Big Battle!
English Title
The Punchy Pokémon
Dutch Title
Op de P1 Grand Prix
Spanish Title
El Pokémon boxeador
French Title
Un Pokémon qui a du punch
Italian Title
Il torneo
German Title
Hart aber Fair
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash gives his Primeape to Anthony.

We see a Hitmonchan running down a road. It stops near a tree, where a girl watches from behind. Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu come along and see it. A wild Hitmonchan! Ash sends Pikachu to fight it, but it doesn't want to. Ash says that if Pikachu beats Hitmonchan, it'll be a world champion Pokémon! Pikachu has an image of himself beat up. Ash says he'll teach him his secret punch. Misty and Brock wonder since when Ash has become a boxing expert?

Ash challenges Hitmonchan. Pikachu is wearing little boxing gloves. Hitmonchan isn't impressed. Ash tells it to attack. We see them watching while Ash gives commands. We then see Pikachu being held in one spot by Hitmonchan. Ash tells Pikachu to use the special punch. Pikachu starts to glow, and the gloves rocket off its hands and fly towards Hotmonchan. Pikachu appears in them and he punches Hitmonchan in the face!

Hitmonchan rubs the spot where it was hit. Pikachu gets scared. A man runs over and tells Hitmonchan it shouldn't let its guard down. Now knock out that Pokémon!

Hitmonchan beats the living daylight out of Pikachu. So it wasn't a wild Hitmonchan. Suddenly, the girl runs out from behind the tree. She calls the man her dad and begs for him to come home and to give up trying to become a Pokémon trainer. The man calls her Rebecca and says he won't until he has won the P1 Grand Prix! He says he'll be at the gym and leaves.

Brock, of course, immediately asks if they can help. Rebecca asks if they can do a favor for her. They need to defeat her father's Hitmonchan. Brock says he will.

They go to the gym, the Fighting Spirit Gym. The P1 Grand Prix is short for the Pokémon Number 1 Grand Prix. It's a tournament for fighting Pokémon. Rebecca says her father trains so much to win, he's ignoring his family. Brock says they'll take care of it. Ash could use his Primeape. Ash remembers how it punched him. Brock says he'll use his Geodude.

Team Rocket has heard about the tournament too. They want to get the prize belt and James wants to sell it so he can eat at an all-you-can-eat buffet! He and Meowth imagine themselves stuffing their faces. Jessie hits them both over the heads with a fan. They ask what Jessie would use the money for. She says that she'd go to the salon, go shopping, buy jewelry, and so on. James points out that only fighting Pokémon can enter, of which they have none. Jessie says they'll have to borrow one. They spot a really tall man, along with a Hitmonlee, the kicking fiend.

We see an arena and a huge crowd. We then see Jessie dressed as the tall man, with the tall man tied up. They got Hitmonlee!

The announcer presents Anthony (Rebecca's faher) and his Hitmonchan. It then introduces Hitmonlee and its trainer, Giant, who is actually Jessie and James in disguise. Jessie is on his shoulder, and he's getting tired. The announcer then introduces Ash and Brock.

Battle! It's between a Machop and Ash's Primeape. Machop hits Primeape. Primeape goes down. It gets back up and jumps up, going down for a kick, but Machop catches its foot. It swings Primeape around in circles. It's going to uses Seismic Toss. It throws Primeape. Ash runs to catch it, but falls short. He asks whether Primeape is okay, and Primeape looks at it with these big puppy eyes . Ash tells it to keep going and it agrees. Misty is surprised: Primeape has never listened to Ash before. Ash has Primeape use Scratch. Then it jumps up and Machop is blinded by the bright lights. Primeape uses Mega Kick and Machop is down. Primeape wins! Misty says that everything changed when Ash tried to catch Primeape. It trusts him now.

The next match is Hitmonlee versus Geodude! Brock waves to Rebecca, saying everything is under control. He then gets his Geodude thrown against his head. Brock tells it to hit Hitmonlee. Hitmonlee starts kicking Geodude, who blocks. It'll be reduced to gravel at this rate. Anthony says he should face facts, he can't win. Brock throws in the towel. He picks up Geodude and asks if it's okay. It is.

Machoke vs. Poliwrath, with Poliwrath losing. Then Hitmonlee beating the Machoke and a few others.

Hitmonchan vs. Hitmonlee! Meowth is going to slow Hitmonchan down a bit. He puts some glue on the arena from under it, Hitmonchan steps in it and becomes stuck! Hitmonlee starts kicking it. Brock says Anthony should forfeit. Hitmonlee goes back for another kick when Rebecca jumps in front of Hitmonchan, saying to stop hurting her father's Pokémon! But Hitmonlee has already started the kick, and it's going right for her! Anthony jumps in front of her and it hits him. He's thrown back. Anthony throws in the towel. Hitmonlee is the winner!

Anthony says he's sorry he worried Rebecca and her mother. Misty says that the fighting brought a family back together.

Jessie goes over and says they'll teach those losers! She takes off the disguise and they start saying their lines, with Jessie still on James shoulders, who collapses in exhaustion. They stand up and say that they'll be the winners.

Primeape vs. Hitmonlee! Hitmonlee starts kicking Primeape, who blocks. He manages to get through the kicks and punches Hitmonlee.

Meowth is doing something near the arena and Pikachu gets suspicious. Meowth tells Jessie and James about a scret weapon that he put under the arena. Hitmonlee will jump up and Primeape will be shocked. Pikachu tries to warn Ash, but he won't listen, so Pikachu goes under the arena.

Hitmonlee jumps up and Meowth hits the button on the controls. Nothing happens! Hitmonlee jumps down, and Primeape grabs it. It uses its Seismic Toss. Primape has won! It's the new P1 Champion! Ash says he's really proud of Primeape. Anthony says it has a lot of natural talent and asks if he could train it.

Team Rocket can't figure out what went wrong. Pikachu walks over and hands the secret weapon to Meowth, who thanks him. Then it turns on, shocking Team Rocket. They're blasted out of the stadium.

Ash tells Anthony to take care of Primeape. Ash tells Primeape hes proud to have known a P1 Champion. Primeape does that cute thing with its eyes again and Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu leave.

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The Punchy Pokémon Trivia:

 Brock enters the tournament with his Geodude, which is not a Fighting type.

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