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Sparks Fly For Magnemite

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Do Magnemite See Dreams of Electric Mice!?
English Title
Sparks Fly For Magnemite
Dutch Title
Hiep Hiep Hoera voor Magnemite!
Spanish Title
Saltan chispas por Magnemite
French Title
Coup de foudre magnétique
Italian Title
Un'amica magnetica
German Title
Drohende Gefahr
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash catches a Muk.

Gringy City. A very polluted city filled with factories. Misty says it used to be better. Brock says they had too many factories and the pollution ruined the water and air. Ash says they probably won't find any Pokémon.

Pikachu isnt looking very closely. Its nose is red and sparks are coming from its cheeks. It falls over and Ash catches it, only to get shocked. In the shadows, we see a shadow watching. Ash, wearing rubber gloves, runs with the others to the Pokémon Center.

Team Rocket is watching them too. They say their lines. Before they finish, they gag from the horrible smell that is in the sewer they're in. They put on some special suits, which pump in a mixture of oxygen and air freshener. Meowth tells them to swim through the pipe to the Pokémon Center. They refuse. Meowth shocks them and they go into the water.

Ash rings the belll on the counter. Another Joy walkes over, yawning. Ash asks what's wrong with his Pikachu and she says it has a cold. Ash says her sisters and cousins were a lot more helpful. Joy says that Pikachu has sparks coming from its cheeks, which is an early symtom of a cold. He should leave it there overnight and it should be fine. Ash asks if she's the oddball in the family, and she replies that all the other Joys are.

We see the very polluted ocean. Purple blobs appear: Grimers! They swim into some sort of duct. At the power plant, we see the generators suddenly stop. All the powers goes off. The people in the control room say the water intake valve is jammed.

At Team Rocket, the air pump stops! Meowth panics. As Team Rocket swims, they realize they have no air.

The power is out at the Pokémon Center too. Lots of Pokémon are in intensive care and if the power doesnt go back on, they'll die. Ash, Misty and Brock are going to go check it out and leave Pikachu with Joy. It wants to go, but they say it can't.

They go to Officer Jenny, who tries calling the plant, but doesn't get an answer. She tells them where the power plant is and they head there. Pikachu has been following them. It's afraid they'll leave it. Ash says it can come with them and hugs him, but gets shocked. Again a shadow watches them.

Jessie and James made it out of the pipe. Meowth tells them about the power failure. He sees Pikachu and the others and says they'll catch Pikachu this time. Jessie and James get angry, saying they almost got killed.

They arrive at the power plant. They go in. No one seems to be there. They see a map on the wall and head for the control room. Something flies behind Misty and she tells the others something is following them. Ash says the place is deserted, there couldn't be anything, but Brock and Misty see something behind him! He turns around, but it's gone. He says for it to come out, unless its a monster, then it can stay there and they'll leave it alone. The shadow is behind Pikachu. It freaks out. The others turns around to see a glowing blue eye behind Pikachu! It comes out of the shadows.

It's a Magnemite! Misty says it must have caused the blackout, but Brock says that this one on its own couldn't have. Ash wants to catch it, but Magnemite doesn't seem to want to battle. It just keeps circling Pikachu. It must like him! Misty says it's blushing. Brock says it doesn't make any sense for an inorganic Pokémon like Magnemite to fall in love with an organic one. Ash says it's following Pikachu like a streaker. Brock and Misty get upset, and correct him: stalker, not streaker. It starts chasing Pikachu. Ash tells it to stop and it backs away. It leaves.

They suddenly become aware of a terrible smell. A grate falls open and dozens of Grimer come out. They must have scared the Magnemite! Misty says not to say anything that might insult them. Suddenly, a huge Wartortle rises from behind them. Ash's Pokédex says to use extreme caution, because it's poisonous. The Grimer lunge for them and they run! They run into some of the power plant workers. They all run towards the control room. They close the door. Ash tells the men if they don't turn the power back on, lots of Pokémon are going to die.

At the Pokémon Center, Joy says she hopes they get the power on soon.

The man explains the Grimer are blocking the water intake valve. They've been trying to get it back on.

The Grimer are ramming the door. Brock tries to hold it shut. Ash and Misty try to help, but they get in. The man says they should use their Pokémon. Ash says Pikachu is sick, so it can't. It fries one with Thundershock, but it's too weak. The Muk looms above the Grimer. Another grate opens. It's the Magnemite, followed by dozens of Magneton! They shock all the Grimer and run them out of the valve. The power comes back on.

There's still the Muk. Pikachu tries Thundershock, but it has no effect. Pikachu combines its power with the Magnemite's and they shock the Muk, knocking it out. Ash throws a Pokeball and Muk is caught! He's happy about this, until he realizes that Muk's smell comes through the Pokeball! Everyone laughs.

Pikachu is feeling better. One of the guys explains that when it built up too much electricity, it became magnetized, so it seemed like it had a cold. Pikachu tries to thanks Magnemite, but it ignores Pikachu. One of the guys figures that since Pikachu was magnetized before, it seemed very attractive to Magnemite. Since Pikachu isn't magnetized anymore, Magnemite isn't interested in it.

It's Team Rocket in a Gyarados submarine. Since Pikachu is, or was, magnetized, they're going to use a magnet to catch it! They turn it on and hundreds of Magnemites and Magnetons get stuck to it! The submarine sinks.

They go back to the Pokémon Center, where all the Pokémon are better and Jenny and Joy are waiting. Misty says they need to clean up the oceans and skies around here. Jenny says they'll do their best. Joy says they've inspired her to become a better nurse. Jenny salutes them. They leave.

We see Prof. Oaks house. He's wondering what new Pokémon Ash has sent him. The Pokeball open and the Muk comes out! Prof Oak: "What's the idea of sending me a Muk?" Muk: "M-m-muuk!"

This episode guide has been written by flik.

Sparks Fly For Magnemite Trivia:

 This episode reveals Pikachu has a fear of being abandoned by Ash.

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