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Candid Camerupt!

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Advanced Challenge
Japanese Title
Winstrate Family! 4 VS 4!
English Title
Candid Camerupt!
All of the gang need water, and Pikachu falls. May fall next and them Max. But just then, Brock and Ash also fall. A Camerupt arrives and looks at them!

Ash and co are taken to the Winstrates home, they are given food and water. A young girl calls Max cute and Max gets embarrassed. The oldest member of the family tells Ash about her Camerupt and Ash gets out his poke’dex. He gets the information on Camerupt.

Ash thinks it is cool. The mother says that her oldest son is taking part in the Poke'mon leage.

Team Rocket need a drink and they also fall to the floor. A man with green hair finds Team Rocket and gives them food. The man is Veado, the Winstrate who taken part in the Poke'mon Leage. He says he won’t go home because his family expects him to be a Poke'mon league champion. James offers to tell his Grandma everything, but Veado refused, because he said he wouldn’t want to meet his Grandma!

Ash and co tank the Winstrates for the dinner and the grandmother (Vicky) the father (Victor) the mother (Victoria) the daughter (Vivy) Vicky challenges them to a battle.

Vicky asks for a 4 vs 4 battle but Ash says that they cant have one because Max doesn’t have any of his own Poke'mon. Max asks if he could lend one of Ash’s and Ash agrees. May says that they accepts.

First its Victor vs Brock. Out on their battlefield Victor sends out Zigzaggon and Brock sends out Mudkip. Mudkip uses water gun and Zigzagoon uses thunderbolt. Mudkip is out cold!

Next it’s May vs Victoria. Victoria sends out Roselia and May sends out Beautifly. May thinks of Drew! Beautifly uses gust and silver wind. Beautifly wins.

It’s now 1 all.

It’s now Max’s turn. Max tells Ash he has chosen Corphish. Max walks to Vivy and says that he knows the basics of Poke'mon.

Max sends out Corphish and Vivy sends out Marill. Max tells Corphish to use harden and to block. Corphish just keeps hitting Marill and it wins. Max apoligises to Vivy but Vivy is unhappy. Max’s heart is broken!

Team Rocket and Veado is outside of the Winstrate house. Team Rocket are surprised as Veado tells them they have a battlefield out back.

It’s time for Ash’s battle and he sends out Pikachu. Vicky sends out Camerupt. Pikachu uses thunderbolt and it hits. It didn’t work though, because it was a ground type. A quick attack hit though and hurt. Camerupt gets up and uses sandstorm.

Pikachu blocks an take down with Iron tail. Camerupt is heating up and uses eruption. Fire balls are everywhere! Team Rocket are surprised, and run!

Camperupt is chasing Pikachu. May, Max and Brock are running everywhere. Camerupt is confused and is heading for the house.

Veado sends out an Alakazam and it uses rain dance. It puts Camerupt out. Camerupt is now calm.

The sun comes out again. Vicky says that Ash is now the winner. Team Rocket are in their balloon above Ash and co. They do their motto and Pikachu is grabbed by the huge metal arm.

Veado sends Alakazam to use Psychic and the metal arm snaps into pieces! Pikachu lands in Ash’s hands. The metal arm comes back out and Veado sends out Swellow, and it uses Wing Atttack on Team Rockets Balloon. Team Rocket go blasting off again.

Everyone wonders where the Swellow came from. Vicky new it was Veado and tells Ash and co how good he is. Veado is listening. He is happy. Veado sets off, and is unhappy that he has left without saying hi.

Ash thanks the Winstrates and Vicky tells her Camerupt to use eruption. Ash and co run off and scream "NOT THAT!"

This episode guide has been written by Water Master.

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