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Manectric Charge!

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Advanced Challenge
Japanese Title
Return to Mauville Gym! VS Manectric!
English Title
Manectric Charge!
This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash has a re-match at the Mauville gym against Wattson - and loses!

It begins as the gang are walking down a path in Mauville city, and they come to a fair ground. Ash and Max run in, and May says that she wants to shop. Brock says that she can shop here, as May looks over to a small shopping stand.

Two people, on dressed as a Tauros and one dressed as a Gengar are standing by the shopping stand. May notices a pink ribbon case at the stand and runs over to buy it!

May lets out all of her Poke'mon, so does Brock and Ash. Ash introduces Torkoal to all of the other Poke'mon, they all greet him, as Torkoal gets steam all over everyone’s faces.

Brock runs to the soccer game and gets ready to aim. He kicks the ball and it hits the spot. 10/10. Ash, May and Max congratulate Brock. Torkoal also wants a go of the Soccer game. Torkoal gets ready and stands up! The gang are shocked! Torkoal gets ready to kick, but falls flat on its shell.

Meanwhile, Brock is using a water pistle at a target, while Mudkip and Lotad are doing the same, just with their water gun.

Max, Pikachu and Skitty are throwing rings and Skitty gets a perfect score. Treecko and Corphish are jumping on the ‘test your strength’ machine and nearly get it to the bell. Treecko and Corphish start to argue but Ash splits them up.

May, Torchic, Tailow, Beautifly and Foretress are on the dance machine, copying a mysterious Meowth shadow. Out of the targets come jets of water, catching Mudkip and Lotad in a cage. Ash drops a mallet onto the ‘test your strength’ machine, hits the bell and out comes a net, trapping Treecko, Torkoal and Corphish. The rings which Skitty and Pikachu are holding suddenly float and trap Pikachu and Skitty. Next, Meowth jumps at Torchic, Tailow, Beautifly and Fortress with an net and captures them in it.

The two people in the Tauros and Gengar outfits turn out to be Jesse and James. Jessie complains about her costume but James says its grown on him. Team Rocket jump into the balloon and all of the Poke'mon are in a big net below the balloon. Ash, May and Brock order all of their Poke'mon to use there strongest moves, but nothing works. Just then, Watt and Wattson appear. Wattson sends out Elecktrike and Watt sends out Ampharos. Wattson asks Elecktrike to use thunderwave but it has no effect on the balloon. Watt asks Ampharos to use iron tail to cut through the rope. As it does, the Poke'mon fall to the ground, releasing them from the net, everyone’s ok. Wattson asks Ash and Watt to help him finish this off. Wattson orders Elecktrike to use thunder wave, Ash orders Pikachu to use thunder and Watt order Ampharos to use thundershock. The attacks combine, sending Team Rocket blasting off again! Ash says thank you to Watt and Wattson and Watt and Wattson says they’re glad to help.

May checks her poke’dex on Ampharos. Just then, Elecktrike starts to glow. ITS EVOLVING! Elecktrike has turned into Manetric! Ash checks his poke’dex. Wattson hugs Manectric. Torkoal gets excited and Wattson says to Ash “so, you caught a Torkoal” Ash replies with “yes” and challenges him to a battle. Wattson agrees. Watt asks May about her Skitty. Watt say that she’s doing a great job training it. Watt challenges her to a battle with his Ampharos.

Ash and co stand outside the Mauville gym, it looks different. The ride inside has also been changed. Wattson stops Ash from going in because of that.

Wattson announces that the first practice battle between Watt and May is about to start. He then starts the battle. May orders Skitty to use double slap, it hits and then she tells Skitty to use tackle, it also hits. Wattson says that it was a great technique. Watt orders Ampharos to use thunder shock, and it hits Skitty, Ampharos also hits Skitty with an Iron Tail. Skitty slowly gets back up. Watt orders Ampharos to use thundershock and May orders Skitty to use Assist. Skitty uses Torchic’s quick attack and it hits Ampharos. Skitty uses double slap and beats Ampharos. May and Skitty win. Watt and Wattson compliment May and Skitty.

Team Rocket are outside the Mauville gym. They go through the door, and take the rollercoaster ride.

Ash sends out Torkoal and Wattson sends out Manetric. Watt starts the battle and Torkoal uses flamethrower. Manetric dodges it and uses tackle.

Meanwhile, Jesse, James and Mewoth are on the roller coaster ride going uphill, they get to the top and fall through a hole!

Wattson orders Manetric to use bite and Ash orders Torkoal to use iron defense. Manetric is hurt. Wattson orders Manetric to use thunder wave and Ash asks Torkoal to use overheat. Torkoals overheat hits Manetric.

Team Rocket are going down a whirl pool when we now see them!

Torkoal uses overheat and Manetric uses charge. Although overheat is hitting, Manetric is not really getting affected. Torkoal uses flamethrower and Manetric struggles to stay in the battle. Brock is worried about Torkoal. Manetric uses thunder wave and Torkoal uses overheat, the thunder wave hits and Manetric wins.

Team Rocket come to three Raikou and Jesse sends out Seviper and James sends out Cacnea.

Ash and Wattson shake hands and Watt tells Ma yabout the Poke'mon contest in Verdenturf town. May cheers. Watt and Wattson wave Ash and co off as the gang leave.

Jesse orders Seviper to use Posion tail and James tells Cacnea to use Needle arm, the three Raikou’s heads fall off. There’s an explosion and Team Rocket go blasting off again!

This episode guide has been written by Water Master.

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