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Holy Matrimony!

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Growlithe and James
English Title
Holy Matrimony!
Spanish Title
Sagrado matrimonio
French Title
Un sacré mariage
Italian Title
Matrimonio in vista
German Title
Verliebt, verlobt, verheiratet...
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This episode is essential viewing because:
James's past is revealed.

James meets his old Growlithe but leaves it to look after his parents.

Ash, Brock, Misty, Pikachu and their new Egg-cellent companion continue their Pokémon journey. They see a missing poster on a board. There is a picture of a young boy on it that looks a lot like James. Suddenly a limousine pulls up next to them and an old guy in a tuxedo comes out. He asks through a megaphone whether they've seen the boy on the poster. Ash says they have if it's James from Team Rocket. The guy pulls them all into the limo and says off to the estate! They drive away.

Team Rocket pops up from behind some bushes. Jessie and Meowth run over to the poster. Jessie asks James whether the kid on the poster is him. James says that kid looks pathetic. Meowth says that's what she's talking about. Jessie says they have to investigate! James says he'll stay there, but they drag him off.

In the limo, Ash and the others are drinking tea or something. They ask how much longer it will be until they get there. The guy says they're almost at the end of the driveway. Misty says it feels like they drove through the gate a half hour ago. Then they see a huge mansion. Brock says he's seen shopping centers that are smaller. The old guy yells through the megaphone that it's just the doghouse for James' favorite pet Pokémon Growlie. Then they see the real mansion, which is even bigger!

Jessie, James and Meowth are there too. Jessie says they're in the lap of luxury. Meowth says theyve hit the jackpot. James doesn't seem too thrilled though.

The man escorts Ash and the others into the mansion. They see two coffins in the middle of the room. Misty asks whether there was a funeral there. A large pictures hangs on a wall of a man, a woman and little James holding a Growlithe. The old man, the butler, says that his master and mistress only had one child, James. They passed away that morning, so now the whole estate belongs to James.

Jessie, James and Meowth are spying. Jessie asks him if that's true. The butler says that the only way James can get the estate and the money is if he marries his fiancee within 24 hours of his parent's death. Otherwise it will all be donated to charity.

Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu sit on the steps outside. Ash wonders if they should look for James to tell him the news. Suddenly, Jessie, James and Meowth fall from one of the upper stories. Jessie and Meowth start beating James up, but Ash tells them to stop. James shouts "Never!" Meowth asks him whether he want to be the richest guy in the world. Brock says that it's up to James if he wants to get married.

James falls down, clutching his head, saying he can't remember anything. He says he does remember flunking from Pokémon Tech and joining a bike gang, but everything before that is a blur. He says he can remember one scene before that. He remembers a boy, himself, and his beloved pet Growlithe, Growlie. They're walking through snow and haven't eaten in days. Then James collapses and tells Growlie to save himself. He then thinks he sees angels coming for him and faints. Growlithe howls.

James says Growlie howled all night and they found the boy the next morning, frozen solid. Jessie, Meowth, Ash and Brock are crying. Brock and Ash says that they miss James already. Misty gets angry and yells that James is right there! Maybe James has amnesia?

Jessie says that James has to get married if he wants to get the money. James tries running away, but Jessie and Meowth lasso him with some ropes. Brock says to give him a chance to decide for himself. Jessie and Meowth put James in a blue suit and put a gag over his mouth. They both put on invisible costumes with Meowth moving his legs. They knock on the door. Ash says they'll never fall for it! The butler answers and Jessie speaks for Janes, saying he's come back. The butler gets really happy, saying his parents will be pleased!

They go inside, where the two coffins are. Jessie says something about the money and the butler gets confused. Jessie says something about the money again, but tries to pretend she didn't. Suddenly they hear someone laughing. The lids of the coffins open and James' parents come out, very much alive! James says it would be just like them to pull a stunt like that to get him home. Jessie and Meowth wonder whether he really doesn't have amnesia?

James says he needs to escape, but the butler and his parents drag them upstairs, saying they need to make preparations. Brock, Ash, Misty and Pikachu are also there. Brock says it was all a trap so James would get married!

Upstairs, James is sitting in a chair with his parents and the butler there. His mom says that as their son and heir, he has the responsibility to marry and continue the family line. She said it's the best for us, er, you. Ash and the others are spying through the doorway. She says that James will learn to be a real gentleman!

James is turned around to see a girl in a dress, holding a fan over her face. She sounds like Jessie, but with a southern accent. She says she'll be James' loving wife and educate him to be a proper gentleman. Her name is Jessebelle. She puts down the fan. She looks just like Jessie, except for a different hairstyle! Meowth says she looks like like Jessie and Jessie gets angry.

James says he needs to get out. Jessie says he has to get the inheritance. James says no and Jessebelle asks him why he's talking to himself. Ash and the others are confused. How can they not see Jessie and Meowth? Jessebelle takes James down to the vault to count the money he'll inherit.

They walk down a long flight of stairs. They come to a large door. They go in, only to see its filled with weird looking gym equipment. James says Jessebella tricked them into coming down here. He sees his mother and father, who say they're tired of waiting for him to grow up. Jessebella is in some weird oufit and cracks a whip, saying now James will obey Jessebelle.

The parents and the butler surround Jessie and Meowth, saying they just pretended not to see them so they'd bring James down there. Jessie throws a smokebomb and the room is filled with smoke. James tries to run, but Jessebelle keeps trying to hit him with the whip. His parents sip tea or something, saying James and Jessebelle were made for each other. James says if they weren't such lousy parents, they'd stop this crazy woman!

Jessebelle knocks James down, and gets out her Pokémon, Vileplume. It uses Stun Spore, hitting James, Ash and the others. James says its just like last time, they're all paralyzed. Jessebella says she'll make him a gentleman even if it destroys them both. She has the butler toss the others out.

Jessie says that at least James will get the inheritance. Suddenly, something starts pounding at the door of the doghouse. It's Growlie! Ash and the others try pulling the door open and Growlie rams it, knocking them all down. It runs off.

Meanwhile, James is trying to get away from the crazy Jessebelle. She says it's time for the wedding. James shouts Growlie's name and it jumps out in front of him, growling. Jessebelle tells Vileplume to stop Growlie, but it picks up James and runs through a open window. They go into his doghouse, where the others are waiting. James thanks Growlie. Jessie says his fiancee is despicable. Meowth says he told her she was like her. Jessie hits him. James says she was the reason he ran away.

Flashback. We see little James running out of the mansion with Growlie. James says that after Jessebelle found out about their engagement, she started following him everywhere. We see little Jessebelle running after him, carrying an Oddish, saying that she hasn't finished teaching him how to eat spaghetti. James says that nothing he did was refined enough, so she kept trying to change him.

End flashback. James says he hated how upper crust society had rules for everything. He pets Growlie, saying it is his only friend on the estate. Suddenly the walls start cracking. A wall is blown off, sending Jessie and Meowth flying through the roof. It's Jessebelle and Vileplume! She has Vileplume use Stun Spore again, but Growlie burns it away. Ash has Pikachu shock Vileplume, then Growlie torches it. Jessebelle and Vileplume run away. James says that Growlie is the best.

Meanwhile, his parents and the butler are feeding some Magikarp in a pond, when suddenly Jessebelle runs into them, saying she can't stand that Growlithe. She knocks them into the pond. The mom says that she's too good for their delinquent son.

James and Growlie watch from some bushes. James tells Growlie to protect his parents. James wants to have his freedom! He leaves as Growlie howls sadly.

Jessie and Meowth are walking away. They figure that James got married to Jessebelle and that all the money was too tempting, when suddenly, a familiar voice says "Prepared for trouble?" They look up to see James in the Meowth balloon! Jessie smiles, and runs over to the balloon. James pulls her up into it. Jessie says that they may not be rich, but at least they have their freedom! They shake hands. Meowth chases after them from below.

Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu are being chased by Jessebelle. She says they have to help her find James. Ash says that James will find them. Jessebelle: "You're not running properly!"

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Holy Matrimony! Trivia:

 James recalls in this episode that he flunked out of Pokémon Tech and joined a Bike Gang in his youth.

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