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Following A Maiden Voyage!

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Diamond and Pearl
Japanese Title
Begin! From Twinleaf Town to Sandgem Town!
English Title
Following A Maiden Voyage!
This episode is essential viewing because:
Dawn makes her first Anime appearance. Dawn receives a Piplup and sees the legendary Pok�mon, Mesprit.

Morning in Twinleaf Town, and today's the day. Now that she is 10 years old, Dawn is old enough to recive her first Pokémon and start her Pokémon journey.

Dawn had just finished getting dressed when someone knocks at her bedroom door and asks if she is up yet. Dawn say that she is, so her Mother, Johanna, comes in to say good morning. Her Mother's Glameow follows her in. Dawn greets it good morning but it just jumps up onto her bed and falls asleep.

In the dining room Dawn and Johanna are having breakfast. Johanna says that she hopes Dawn has finished packing. Dawn says that she did it all the day before. Johanna also asks her if she remembered to pack the postcard from Professor Rowan and reminds her that without it she can't receive her starter Pokemon or her PokéDex. Dawn says that she didn't forget and just to prove it she pulls it from her pocket. Johanna ask her if she has decided which Pokémon she is going to choose as her starter. Dawn says that she hasn't decided yet. She thinks that they are all cute and that any one of them would make a good partner. She also says that it will have to be smart as she wants to follow in Johanna's footsteps and become a top Pokémon Co-ordinator. Johanna reminds her that first she will have to become a great Pokémon Trainer and Breeder, and that all wining Co-ordinators started out as Pokémon Trainers. Dawn says that she is right, and that is just what she will do.

Dawn starts to daydream that she is in a Pokémon Contest. She sends out Chimchar and orders it to use Flame Wheel. This astounds the imaginary audience.

Back in the real world, she asks her mother what she thought. Johanna, a little embarrassed, says that top Co-ordinators will need to eat breakfast too. But Dawn isn't listening. She is thinking what it would be like to use a Piplup.

In her daydream she is in another Pokémon Contest, but this time she sends out Piplup and tells it to use Bubblebeam. It does so and the imaginary announcer says that it was the definition of the perfect Bublebeam.

In the real world again, and Johanna asks her if they can finish their food first. But Dawn still isn't listening. This time she is thinking about what it would be like to use Turtwig.

In yet another daydream Dawn sends out a Turtwig. She throws some balls into the air and orders it to use Razor Leaf. It does, and cuts all the balls cleanly in half. She starts to twirl around the arena.

And finishes her twirling back in the dining room before taking a bow. Johanna says that if she keeps messing around then she won't have time to get any Pokémon. Dawn says that she is right and apologises.

Walking outside, Johanna says that it is the perfect day to start a journey. She asks Dawn if she is ready. Dawn says that she is and come out wheeling a big pink suitcase. Her Mother asks her what it is and Dawn says that it is just some of the stuff, saying that she doesn't pack things she doesn't need. Johanna opens the suitcase to find it full of clothes. Dawn says that there is some jewellery and makeup inside as well. Johanna asks Dawn if she knows what her journey is for, to which Dawn says yes she does. Its to become a Pokémon Trainer. Her Mother says that she is right and hands her a backpack saying that all she needs is inside. Dawn grudgingly agrees. Johanna also give her the first championship ribbon she ever won and tells Dawn that she always carried it as a good luck charm and that she is not to loose it. Dawn says thanks and rushes down the steps to her bike. Johanna says that Professor Rowans lab is just outside Sandgem Town and asks Dawn if she knows how to get there. Dawn says not to worry and that she has a map with her. She speeds of on her bike. Johanna waves goodbye and says to take care of herself. Dawn says there is no need to worry, but while she was not looking she hits a rock in the middle of the road and goes out of control. Johanna calls out to Dawn but she has now regained control of the bike and is riding away. She says to her Glameow that when Dawn tells her not to worry that is the time when she worries the most.

Going along Route 201 Dawn soon arrives at Sandgem Town. She stops outside a building, saying that she would know Professors Rowan's lab anywhere. So she goes inside and says that she is there for her Pokémon. It turns out that she has the wrong building and that she has walked into a restaurant. Speeding around town trying to find the lab she accidentally walks into an old man. She says sorry, and he says that she looks like she is lost. She asks if he is talking to her, to which he replies that there is no one else around and says again that she looks lost. She says that she is but that she will be fine. He says that she doesn't look fine at the moment to which she agrees. He then says that she must be a new trainer if she is carrying the postcard. He also says that she could go with him to his lab and choose her starter Pokémon. She says that she could and then realises what he said and asks him if he said lab. He says that she may be lost, but her hearing is fine. He then introduces himself as Professor Rowan. She follows him.

At the lab the Professors assistants are feeding the starter Pokémon. A couple more of his assistants come in with two bird Pokémon. They ask what the are doing with the two Pokémon and are told that they thought that it would be a good idea to examine them before the Professor came back. One of them says that he is a big fan of Starly, one of the bird pokémon, as it was the very first pokémon he caught when he started his journey. The assistants get into a discussion about their first pokémon. While the starters are not being watched, Chimchar steals the last handful of Piplup's food. This angers Piplup who attacks Chimchar with Bubble. Chimchar gets out of the way of the attack and one of the assistants tries to calm Piplup down. Piplup keeps attacking and accidentally hits Starly and the other Pokémon, Staraptor. Staraptor flies up into the air and uses Whirlwind, sending everything flying and smashing a window. It then flies away along with Starly. Chimchar and Piplup also escapes through the window. Realising that they are in trouble the assistants then get to work trying to track down the Pokémon, but as soon as the get to the lift, the doors open and in steps the Professor and Dawn. They start to explain what happened to the Professor. Dawn volunteers to go and look for the missing pokémon. Professor Rowan agrees and tells her that if she finds them she is to crouch down and talk to them at eye level. She says that she can do it and he wishes her luck.

Soon after starting her search she has already spotted the missing starter Pokémon. They are still fighting. When she tells Piplup to stop, it launches an attack at her and chases after Chimchar into a forest. Dawn runs after them. She soon finds Piplup stuck in a web along with some wild Pokémon. She approaches the web but an attack from somewhere makes her jump back. Its an Ariados. It continues to attack so she starts running around, drawing its fire. She then has an idea. She runs over to the web and tells Puplup that it won't be long until its free. She stands in front of the web and, as Ariados attacks, jumps out of the way so the attack hits and destroys the web. This sends Piplup flying but Dawn catches it. They fall down a sloped bit of ground and land in a bush at the bottom. She introduces herself to Piplup but it attacks her with Peck. She tells it off which upsets it a little and it turns its back on her. Its stomach starts rumbling so she offers it some food. It refuses it. The Ariados reappears and starts to attack them again. As they are running away they notice that this time it is a huge web full of them. Everywhere they run the Ariados use String Shot to block their path. Dawn thinks up another idea. If they use the Pokémon food to distract the Ariados then it could give them enough time to use Piplup's Bubble and break the web. It works and the web is broken, but as Dawn is running away an Ariados uses String Shot which wraps around her leg and trips her up, causing her to drop Piplup. She tells it to run away but it refuses. As the Ariados attack it uses Bide to stop the attacks. After storing enough energy it releases it, sending the Ariados flying. It then collapses, tired.

Walking through the forest they come across Lake Verity. Piplup is still hungry so Dawn offers it the Pokémon food that was left after the Ariados attack. This time it happily eats it. While they rest they see Chimchar, but now its being carried back to the lab by Staraptor. Dawn decides it time to go back. As they are about to go a mysterious gust of wind blows and just above the surface of the lake a strange shape shimmers and disappears. Dawn wonders what it was. She thinks it may have been a Pokémon.

Back at the lab Professor Rowan tells Dawn that there are stories that a legendary Pokémon lives at the bottom of the lake. That could have been what she saw. He then gives her a PokéDex and some PokéBalls and asks her what starter Pokémon she would like. Chimchar, Piplup or Turtwig. She chooses Piplup. Outside the lab Professor Rowan says that anytime she need help to let him know. She says thank you and they say their goodbyes. She rides off to start her journey with Piplup.

On a ship coming into the Sinnoh Region Ash, Pikachu and Aipom are thinking of all the new Pokémon that they will see. Ash also wants to be the Sinnoh Champion. Unknown to them they are being watched by none other than Team Rocket.

Back on dry land Ash is talking to Professor Oak over the phone. He explains that Aipom followed him to Sinnoh and he will be keeping it with him. Oak says that he will send Aipoms PokéBall over to Professor Rowan right away. While he is talking, Team Rocket have snuck up on him in their balloon, caught Pikachu and sealed it inside a glass box. Ash chases after them.

Up in the balloon Jessie suggests that they take a look around before taking Pikachu back to the Boss. Meowth doesn't want to and they start arguing. Meowth attacks with Fury Swipes but hits Wobbuffet instead who makes the balloon explode, sending Pikachu falling down into the forest below and sending Team Rocket blasting off again. Will Ash find Pikachu? You'll have to wait until next time to find out.

This episode guide has been written by The Librarian.

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Arceus man on Mon 07 Jan 2008 14:00:42 UTC.
I'll Take It This Continues directly From The Last Battle Frontier Episode?
Wildstar, Leader of Moon on Mon 21 Jan 2008 21:47:57 UTC.
Piplup sticks to the Pokedex, refusing food even though we know how hungry it is. :)
piplup princess on Thu 25 Nov 2010 19:13:53 UTC.
yeah i totally agree with this talk
Goombario64 on Wed 24 Dec 2014 20:21:43 UTC.
I'm a big DP fan so...sorry, but it's "Maiden's" voyage, not "Maiden." Great guide though. @Arceus man: It seems to continue immediately after "Home Is Where the Start Is" -- the last Hoenn/Kanto episode. Ash is still on the same boat he was before, I believe.
Goombario64 on Wed 24 Dec 2014 20:29:45 UTC.
Also, you should make a note that Brock didn't appear until the second DP episode.

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