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Two Degrees Of Seperation!

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Diamond and Pearl
Japanese Title
Find Pikachu! Route 202!
English Title
Two Degrees Of Seperation!
This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash captures a Starly. James receives a Carnivine. Brock rejoins the group.

Since starting her Pokémon journey, Dawn and her Piplup have been riding around and enjoying themselves. Now Dawn is wondering what a new Pokémon Trainer like her does first. She decides its time she started catching other Pokémon.

Theme Song.

Whilst out in the middle of a field Dawn spots a Bunery. She whips out her PokéDex to find out more about it. After consulting her PokéDex, Dawn says that the best way to catch a Pokémon is to battle it with another Pokémon until it is weak enough to catch, so she orders Piplup to use Bubblebeam. Before the attack can hit the Bunery it jumps out of the way and lands behind Piplup. She then orders it to use Peck but Bunery dodges it and hits Piplup with its ears, beating it. As she goes over to see if Piplup is all right the Bunery jumps, hits her in the face, and hops away. She gets up and asks Piplup if it is OK but it looks a little upset. She tells it that everyone makes mistakes and that they have to keep on trying. This seems to get its spirits up.

Riding through the forest, Dawn asks Piplup if it knows what a Pokémon Contest is. It doesn't seem to so she tells it how great they are and how she wants to be a top co-ordinator like her mother, and that the first place they are going is Jubilife City as there is going to be a Pokémon Contest there soon and it isn't very far. She also says that they should try and catch lots of Pokémon before they get there so they have lots of help. And that she and Piplup should start coming up with their own combinations as well.

A little further along the road and they spot a Burmy hung on a branch. Dawn uses her PokéDex again to get more info. She thinks that catching it will be easy but before she can order Piplup to attack it uses Bubblebeam on the Burmy anyway, knocking it out of the tree and scattering its leaves. She rushes over and congratulates Piplup, completely forgetting about the Burmy until Piplup reminds her. But by then its too late, and the Burmy has disappeared. This gets her down but Piplup managed to cheer her back up.

A few seconds later they both hear a rustling in the bushes and out comes a Pikachu. It stumbles a little then falls down. She uses her PokéDex on the Pikachu and finds out that its an Electric type. Even though she knows that she doesn't have the advantage, she orders Piplup to use Bubblebeam but the Pikachu isn't beat yet and it pops all the bubbles with a Thundershock. She then orders Piplup to use Peck but Pikachu attacks again with another Thundershock, defeating Piplup and completely frying Dawn's bike. Angry, she throws a Pokéball at it and when it fails to work she realises that the Pikachu must belong to someone else. Pikachu tries to run away but is soon surrounded by a Seviper, a Dustox and a Cacnea. Dawn wonders what they are all doing there. To answer her question out pops Meowth who says that they are his "Pikachu Crew." Startled that this Mewoth can talk she uses her PokéDex on it to find out more. Next, Jessie and James come out of the bushes. They spot Dawn. Jessie says that Dawn shouldn't be messing around with PokéBalls, to which James adds she could poké a Pokémons eyes out.

While they are talking Pikachu has spotted its moment. It launches a Thundershock, shocking Team Rocket and all their Pokémon. Jessie says that Pikachu only zaps the closest of friends and James says that they should return the favour, so they set their Pokémon on Pikachu again. Dawn doesn't think that they are friends so she order Piplup to use Bubblebeam, which knocks Team Rocket's Pokémon away from Pikachu. She rushes over and stands between Pikachu and its attackers. She says to Team Rocket that the Pikachu doesn't seem to like them, whoever the are. Team Rocket then recite their motto but it doesn't help. Dawn has never heard of them. This angers Jessie who is annoyed that Dawn doesn't know who they are. James asks where they are and Dawn tells him that they are just outside Sandgem Town. James then realises why Dawn has never heard of them, the Sinnoh Region doesn't have a Team Rocket branch. Dawn says that she finds it hard to believe that Pikachu belongs to them and asks why its not safely inside a PokéBall. Team Rocket don't seem to have an answer, so Jessie says that stealing her Pokémon should shut her up. She orders Seviper to use Wrap on Piplup. While in Seviper's grip Dawn order Piplup to use Bubblebeam, which it does. This make Seviper loosen its grip enough for Piplup to escape. Team Rocket then order all their Pokémon to attack, but Dawn orders another Bubblebeam which, combined with a last minute Thundershock from Pikachu, sends them all blasting off again. With Team Rocket defeated Pikachu, tired out, collapses. Dawn says that they need to get it to a Pokémon Center soon.

At a Pokémon Center Pikachu is resting up. Nurse Joy says that it is suffering from extreme exhaustion. Dawn tells her what happened in the forest. Nurse Joy says that it must have been scary and that Pikachu will make a full recovery.

After the excitement of her battle with Team Rocket, Dawn calls her Mother, who comments on how smart and cute Piplup is. She then asks Dawn if she has managed to catch any other Pokémon. Dawn says that she has tried but so far has had no luck. Her mother tell her that at first it takes a while to get the hang of it but when she does she will have a lot of fun finding new Pokémon. Dawn and Piplup then start arguing about whose fault it is that she has so far failed to catch any.

Next, Dawn calls Professor Rowan. He asks if they are getting along well. Dawn says that they are getting along just fine. He then asks if her journey is going well. Dawn tells him about what happened in the forest with Pikachu and Team Rocket. She then says that she is going to see if she can find Pikachu's trainer. Professor Rowan says that once she has, she can then head off to Jubilife City for the contest. Dawn says that even if she doesn't get there in time for the contest there will be lots of other ones, and that she can wait. Professor Rowan compliments her on her sound thinking and says that a good Pokémon Trainer always puts Pokémon first, and that that is what she is doing. He wishes her good luck.

Up in a tree Aipom is looking around, trying to find Pikachu. Ash calls up, asking if it can see any sign of Team Rocket's balloon. Aipom rushes down the tree and shakes its head. As they walk further, Ash comments that when you want to find Team Rocket they disappear. He says that he hopes Pikachu is all right.

Riding down the road Officer Jenny spots Ash and Aipom. She asks if everything is okay. Ash tells her about Team Rocket now being in Sinnoh and how he has to find them as they took Pikachu. Jenny tells him that Sinnoh is a big place and that instead of wandering around he should leave the search to her. She decides to take him to Professor Rowans lab.

Upon arriving at Professor Rowans lab the Professor hands him Aipom's PokéBall, saying that it had just arrived. The Professor also says that he shouldn't worry too much about Pikachu as that morning he had a call from one of the new Pokémon Trainers, who said that she had protected a lost Pikachu from a group of thieves who called themselves Team Rocket. This seems to get Ash's spirits up.

Calling the Pokémon Center, Ash finds out that Dawn had left the Center a little while before he called. Ash asks Nurse Joy if Dawn said where she was going. Joy tells him that she said she had to find Pikachu's Trainer fast. Ash runs outside. Rowan asks him where he is going. Ash says that since the Pokémon Center isn't far away then Dawn won't be too far either. He and Aipom rush to the Pokémon Center.

Walking through the forest, Team Rocket come upon a house. A sign on the gate reminds James that it is his family's second summer cottage. They only went there when the first one needed to be cleaned. They go inside. While looking around inside, James finds a small box and shouts out in joy. The other come to see what he has found. Its his very first collection of bottlecaps and, buried underneath the caps, a PokéBall. This makes him even happier as inside is a Pokémon he used to play with whenever he came to Sinnoh. He calls out the Pokémon. Its a Carnivine, which clamps onto his head much like what Victrebell used to do. Suddenly, Jessie's stomach starts to rumble. James shouts out, asking his old butler if he could make some food for them.

Not long after, the food is ready. They tuck in straight away. While they are eating the butler tells James that he took the liberty of phoning James' whole family, and that his Mother, Father and Jessiebelle were so thrilled that they would be taking the next flight to come and see him. Jessie asks who Jessiebelle is and Meowth tells her that it is James' bride-to-be. James doesn't seem too happy.

A little while later, while everyone is relaxing, James suddenly says that he can't stay there. Jessie asks why. James says that if Jessiebelle gets her hands on him then his life as a member of Team Rocket is history. Jessie says that they had better get back to starting a Sinnoh branch of Team Rocket then. Mewoth calls the Boss to let him know of their plans. Jessie tells him that now they have conquered Hoenn for him she thought they should try to do the same in Sinnoh. Giovanni tells them to do their best.

Back in his office in Kanto, Giovanni starts to wonder who those three were.

On the phone to Dawn, Professor Rowan tells her that Pikachu's Trainer is named Ash and that he has just set off to find her. Dawn says that all they need to do now is retrace their steps and they should run into him. Looking along Route 202, Dawn begins to wish that her bike wasn't broken. Pikachu starts looking a little bit embarrassed.

Whilst running along Route 202, a truck pulls up alongside Ash and out steps Brock. Ash asks him what he is doing there. Brock tells him that he was hitchhiking all the way from Pewter City when he met the truck's driver, Claudina, and that they are on the road to true love. Claudina's phone starts ringing. Its her boyfriend. Once she has finished talking she turns to Brock. She says that she has to go but that she is sure he will be OK now that he is with Ash. She says goodbye and drives off leaving Brock stunned. Once he's recovered, he asks Ash where Pikachu is. Ash says that he doesn't know.

Going through the forest on Route 202, Ash notices that they aren't far from the Pokémon Center where Dawn took Pikachu. He wonders if Nurse Joy would be able to help anymore in his search. Brock says that when it comes to Nurse Joy, leave everything to him. While they are talking, Aipom, who was swinging through the trees, accidentally bumps into a Starly. The Starly starts to attack Aipom. Ash tells them to stop fighting but it doesn't work. Brock asks what Pokémon it is so Ash uses his PokéDex to find out. Brock suggests catching the Pokémon, and Ash agrees as it could help them track down Pikachu.

Ash tells Aipom that he wants to catch the Starly and orders it to use Swift. It hits, but the Starly starts to use Whirlwind. Ash tells Aipom to hang in there and orders it to use Focus Punch. Before it can do anything, Starly uses Quick Attack and then uses Wing Attack. Finally Aipom gets its chance and uses Focus Punch, hitting Starly. While it is still dazed Ash throws a PokéBall, catching his first Sinnoh Pokémon. At first Ash is happy but then realises that whenever he catches a new Pokémon, Pikachu is usual there with him. Brock reminds him that the reason he caught Starly was to help him find Pikachu. Ash know that he is right. He sends out Starly to search from the air. He and Brock run after it, hoping to find Pikachu.

Elsewhere, Dawn, Pikachu and Piplup are on the road, searching for Ash.

And up on a hill, a Pokémon Trainer and his Elekid watch, as Ash and Brock continue their search to find Pikachu.

This episode guide has been written by The Librarian.

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The Librarian on Thu 07 Jun 2007 19:17:52 UTC.
Heh, by me. I loved this episode. ;D
Eeveeon on Fri 21 Sep 2007 21:06:10 UTC.
Oh no, Brock is coming back!!!!!
on Tue 09 Oct 2007 14:49:27 UTC.
*deep breath* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I despise Brock. But Paul is coolness.
on Sat 03 Nov 2007 01:36:27 UTC.
Why does Brock have 2B in every freakin season?
bull shark on Wed 16 Jan 2008 21:42:47 UTC.
Yea,Brock is such a frick'n PERV!
on Tue 19 Feb 2008 12:01:20 UTC.
pauls the hottie brock is a loser. what human has lines for eyes?
piplup princess on Thu 25 Nov 2010 19:14:46 UTC.
i like ash's pikachu a lot
PokeFreak101 on Tue 17 Jun 2014 14:34:40 UTC.

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