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Diamond and Pearl
English Title
When Pokémon Worlds Collide!
This episode is essential viewing because:
Paul makes his first appearance in the Anime.

With his newly caught Starly, Ash, along with Brock and Aipom, is still searching for his Pikachu. Suddenly Starly spots something a little way off. Its a huge electric attack, scaring a bunch of wild Starly into the air. Ash thinks it could be Pikachu.

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Somewhere in the forest, a Trainer is using his Elekid to scare up some Starly. He throws a PokéBall at one, but it doesn't work, the Starly belongs to someone else. Ash comes running up behind the Trainer and calls to his Starly, who lands on his shoulder. The Trainer turns around and tells Ash to keep himself and his Starly out of the Trainers way. Ash says that he didn't know that there was anyone else out in the forest but them. Brock comes running along and realises that it was the Trainer's Elekid that caused the electric attack. Ash asks the Trainer if he has seen a girl with a Pikachu anywhere, but the Trainer hasn't. The Trainer asks Ash if he thinks that his Starly is good enough. He says that he watched Ash catch it and asks him if he doesn't think it would be better if he caught the best one he could. Ash asks him if he can tell which Pokémon is the strongest. The Trainer says that he can, and sends out three Starly.

He tells Ash that he scan Pokémon with his PokéDex to see what moves they know. He does so to find which of the three Starly know Arial Ace. He finds out that only one of his Starly knows the attack so he releases the other two. Ash says that it is a weird was to treat Pokémon, but the Trainer says that the only attacks the other Starly knew were Tackle and Sand Attack and that they wouldn't have been much use anyway. Ash says that any Pokémon can be strong if they are trained. The Trainer laughs at him but challenges him to a battle. Ash accepts. The Trainer says that they will have a Three on Three battle as it is the best way to see which kind of Pokémon a trainer is good working with. Ash says that he only has two Pokémon with him. The Trainer says that he is pathetic and walks off. Ash says that he wishes that Pikachu was with him. Suddenly another electric attack lights up the sky. Ash and Brock both realise that it was a Volt Tackle and run of in the direction of the attack.

And in the part of the forest the Volt Tackle came from, Pikachu is battling one of Team Rocket's robots. Its Volt Tackle doesn't seem to have any effect. Dawn asks Team Rocket why they want Pikachu so badly. They tell her that it is because of how powerful Pikachu is and that neither she nor her Pokémon will be able to stop them. Meowth launches the robots hands to pick Pikachu up. Dawn orders Piplup to use Bubblebeam, but to no avail. The robot picks Pikachu up, and not even its Thundershock helps it. Piplup uses another Bubblebeam. James says that it is just wasting water, which angers Piplup. It jumps at the robot but gets swatted by one of its huge hands. Dawn rushes over to Piplup, who tries to stand, but falls back down again. Team Rocket start to gloat, angering Piplup again. They then start trying to hit it and Dawn with the robots hands.

Suddenly Ash's voice calls out, telling Aipom to use Swift and Starly to use Whirlwind. They do so, knocking the robot back a step. Ash and Brock run onto the scene. Team Rocket use one of the robots hands to send Ash flying. Brock rushes over to see if he's OK but Ash just gets up and runs towards the robot. Brock tells him not to do anything stupid. Team Rocket decide it time. They recite there new Motto. After the Motto, Ash runs up to the robot, jumps out of the way of one of its hands. And lands on one of its arms. He starts climbing towards Pikachu, while Team Rocket keep trying to flick him off. Dawn looks on in disbelief as he finally reaches Pikachu and tries to free it. Meanwhile, one of the robots hands slams into its side causing sparks to start flying. Brock tells Ash to hurry, the robot is about to blow up. It does, sending Team Rocket blasting off.

Brock and Dawn call to Ash and Pikachu, hoping they are all right. After a while some of the wreckage starts moving, and out crawls Ash and Pikachu. They hug, each happy to see the other. Ash's Aipom and Starly come over. Ash introduces Pikachu to Starly. He then goes over to Dawn, thanks he for looking after Pikachu, and introduces himself. Brock also introduces himself. Dawn says hello and introduces Piplup and herself to both of them. Ash looks Piplup up in his PokéDex. He says that he hopes it is all right after the fight. Dawn says that it is, and Piplup agrees. Ash says that it is a tough Pokémon. Piplup agrees, and then faints. Brock kneels down and examines it. He says that he will do whatever he can to help, and uses a Potion on it. He tells Dawn that a Trainer should always know the condition of their Pokémon. Dawn kneels down and apologises to Piplup. Brock says that he had better have a look at Pikachu as well.

At a videophone booth somewhere along Route 202, Ash has called up Professor Rowan. Rowan says that he is happy that everything worked out well for them. He also tells him that he has just received a package from Ash's mother.

Back in the forest, the Trainer is examining the wreckage of Team Rocket's robot.

On the way back to the lab, Dawn has just found out that Brock is a Pokémon Breeder. She says that she has never met a real Breeder before. Brock tells her that as soon as they get back to the lab, he will make some special Pokémon Food especially for Water Types. This gets Piplup excited. Dawn tells it how lucky it is. Suddenly a horn sounds. Its Officer Jenny. She rides up and asks how Pikachu is. Ash says that it is fine and thanks her for her help. Upon seeing Jenny, Brock falls in love. Dawn asks Ash what is wrong with him. Ash tells her that he's fine.

Back at the lab, Ash has opened the package. Its a set of new clothes and a new backpack.

On the videophone, Ash's mother comments on how handsome he looks. She says that she wanted to give the clothes to him while he was back home, but he rushed out of the house so fast. Ash apologises but tells her that everything is going great for him in the Sinnoh Region. His Mother asks him if he has called Professor Oak and told him that Pikachu is all right yet.

On the videophone, Professor Oak is saying that he is glad that Ash called him and told that he had got Pikachu back. Ash introduces Dawn to him, telling Oak that she was the one who saved Pikachu. Oak says that it is a pleasure to meet her. Dawn asks him weather he likes Pokémon Poetry. He says he does. She asks him if he knows all of the Pokémon Poets. Ash tells her that he is actually a real Professor, like Professor Rowan. Dawn asks how come she always sees him on TV reading poems. Ash doesn't seem to have an answer. Professor Rowan comes over and asks if he and Professor Oak could have a little discussion. Oak asks Ash if they could talk for a bit as well. As they are walking away, Rowan says to Oak that perhaps he could spend more time doing his Pokémon Research and a little less time reading poetry on TV.

On the other side of the room, Dawn asks Ash and Brock what they are doing in Sinnoh. Ash says that he's there so that he can compete in the Sinnoh League and win. Brock pulls out a guide and tells him that the nearest Gym is in Oreburgh City, and that Jubilife City is right on the way. Dawn asks if she can go along too. She tells them that she wants to be the No. 1 contest co-ordinator, and that the first contest she wants to compete it is the one in Jubilife City. Ash says that it she can come along, because, when it comes to travelling, the more the merrier. Dawn says that she will also be able to spend a little more time with Pikachu.

Getting ready to start their journey, they all call their Pokémon back into their PokéBalls. Dawn asks why Ash isn't calling Pikachu back into its PokéBall. Ash tells her that Pikachu hates travelling inside a PokéBall and that it prefers it on his shoulder. Rowan comes over and tells her that she'll learn that there are as many different types of Pokémon Personalities as there are Pokémon. Ash says that its time they set off, and thanks Professor Rowan for everything he has done for them. On their way outside, Ash spots the Trainer he met in the forest. Rowan asks who he is. The Trainer introduces himself as Paul. He says that he has been waiting for Ash, because now Ash has Pikachu back he has three Pokémon with him. Paul challenges Ash to a Pokémon Battle. Ash accepts. Rowan says that they had better go to his back garden then.

In the garden of Professor Rowans lab the battle is about to begin. Brock will be acting as referee. Dawn says that she has never seen a real Pokémon Battle before. Ash says that she will see one now and tells her to hold onto her hat. This causes Paul to laugh. Ash asks him what is so funny. Paul says that it is because Ash talks like a little kid. He then explains the rules. It will be a Three vs Three battle with no substitutions. The person with two wins first is the winner. Ash agrees and the battle starts.

Ash sends out his Starly. Paul also sends out a Starly. He says that he will let Ash go first. Ash orders a Quick Attack. It hits. Professor Rowan notices that the attack didn't do much damage. He says that he thinks Paul is just testing Ash's Starly's attack power. Paul orders an Arial Ace, which hits. Ash orders a Wing Attack while Paul orders a Double Team. Ash notices that Paul's Starly is behind his and warns it, but not in time. Paul orders another Arial Ace and Ash's Starly is out of the fight. He calls his Starly back, as does Paul.

Next up, its Aipom vs Chimchar. Ash uses his PokéDex and looks up Paul's Pokémon. Paul sarcastically says that Ash has just had his Chimchar lesson for the day. This gets Ash angry and he orders Aipom to use Swift. Paul orders an Ember. Both attacks meet in mid air and explode. Ash orders a Focus Punch and Paul orders a Flame Wheel. The Flame Wheel hits and Aipom's Focus Punch powers down. Rowan explains that if a Pokémon gets attacked while using Focus Punch the attack can't be finished. Paul says that it wasn't a good choice of attack. Ash orders Aipom to use Double Team. Paul orders Chimchar to use Ember which destroys all the Aipom illusions. He then orders Chimchar to use Scratch. It hits. Ash orders Focus Punch again while Paul orders a Flame Wheel. Ash tells Aipom to wait. This makes Paul wonder what he is up to. Ash tells Aipom to jump up and dodge to attack. Aipom jumps up into the air, then hits Chimchar with the Focus Punch knocking it out. Brock announces Aipom as the winner. Ash and Paul call back their Pokémon.

Next up, it Pikachu vs Elekid. Dawn looks Elekid up in her PokéDex. Paul asks Ash if Pikachu is the Pokémon that uses Volt Tackle. Ash says that it is. He orders Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, which hits Elekid but doesn't do any damage. Rowan says that Electric Type Pokémon don't sustain much, if any, damage if they are hit by an Electric attack. Paul orders Elekid to use Thunder. It hits Pikachu and sends it skidding back along the ground. Ash asks Pikachu if it is OK. It says that it is. Paul says that there is a reason he let Ash go first. Ash asks what the reason is. Paul says that it is because he is smart. He used the energy from Pikachu's Thunderbolt to super charge Elekid's Thunder. Ash orders a Volt Tackle and Paul orders Elekid to use Protect. The force field sends Pikachu flying backwards, hurting itself.

Dawn wonders how Pikachu got hurt. Rowan explains that Volt Tackle not only inflicts damage on the Pokémon being attacked, but on the attacking Pokémon as well. And when Elekid used Protect it stopped the damage to itself, making it so only Pikachu got hurt.

Ash asks Pikachu if it is still all right, and Pikachu says that it is. He orders it to use Iron Tail. Paul orders a Brick Break from Elekid. Both attack hit each other, but neither is stronger. Paul notices that while Pikachu can't attack while it is turned around using Iron Tail, his Elekid has a spare arm. He orders a Thunderpunch, but Pikachu dodges and hits with Iron Tail, sending Elekid flying. Paul orders another Brick Break, which this time hits. Both Pokémon seem to have been injured and they both faint at the same time. Brock declares the battle a tie.

Paul calls Elekid back. Ash picks Pikachu up to make sure its OK. Brock comes over and says that it sure looked like a draw to him. Ash says that, as Pikachu was the first to go down, he lost. Paul says that it was called as a tie and a tie it is. He then releases the Starly he used against Ash. Ash asks him why he let it go. Paul says that there are a million Starly as strong as that one, and when he comes across a stronger one he will catch that one instead. He then thanks Rowan for the use of the field and walks off. Ash challenges Paul to another battle, but he just ignores him and keeps on walking as the episode ends.

This episode guide has been written by The Librarian.

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The Librarian on Tue 12 Jun 2007 20:26:59 UTC.
By me ;D. I love it when something I sent in goes up on the site ;D
Spiro T. Agnew on Thu 28 Jun 2007 15:14:00 UTC.
Good job.
torterra_king on Sun 05 Aug 2007 18:06:49 UTC.
I liked it but upon so I do have some thoughts
on Tue 09 Oct 2007 14:50:15 UTC.
Paul is the best rival any of them have had so far!!
on Sat 03 Nov 2007 01:37:17 UTC.
Paul is a hottie. Don't ask.
on Tue 19 Feb 2008 12:02:30 UTC.
well i do still say it because paul is hot. his pirple hair is awsome.
MZDinger on Sat 23 Feb 2008 21:18:02 UTC.
The intro sucks.Makeit more like full metal alchemist,lesssucky.But the intro it Le Sucky
piplup princess on Thu 25 Nov 2010 19:15:38 UTC.
i like full metal alchemist. dont anger wrath or he'll get you!!!!1

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