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Dawn Of A New Era

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Diamond and Pearl
Japanese Title
Piplup VS Budew! Hikari's First Battle!
English Title
Dawn Of A New Era

Dawn is desperately trying to catch a Buneary, but unfortunately is failing miserably. Dawn nearly drops the Pokeball and even hits Ash in the face when she swings her arm to throw the ball. The Buneary escapes as Ash and Dawn argue. When they realise, they argue even more about whose fault it was.

The foursome continue their journey, with Brock being forced to stand between Ash and Dawn. Suddenly, a wild Budew appears and Ash checks it out on his beloved Pokedex. Some guy is hiding behind a tree, but soon approaches the gang, explaining that he is Budew’s trainer. He tells them he is Naoshi and that he is a minstrel (no, not a chocolate minstrel, a musical one). Dawn asks for a battle. This is her first ever battle…will she win it?

Naoshi gladly says he will give her a battle; however Ash is worried for her sake, as she is not a very experienced Pokemon trainer yet.

Of course, as always, Team Rocket are nearby, hiding from Ash and co. They are obviously thinking up their next plan to capture little Pikachu. They never give up, do they?

The battle between Dawn and Naoshi is about to begin. Dawn is using Piplup, and Naoshi his Budew. The battle starts with Piplup using Peck, however it is skilfully dodged by Budew. Naoshi says for Budew to use Bullet Seed. Piplup jumps out of the way just in time before being hit with that super effective attack. Piplup uses Bubblebeam; however, Budew is hardly damaged. Naoshi then commands Budew to use Solar Beam, an attack that will probably finish Piplup off. While it is charging up, Piplup starts to use peck, but is too late to hit the Budew as it’s charging is finished and is released. Piplup is hit, and faints. Naoshi says good bye to them after kindly telling Dawn that her first battle was a good one.

The day goes on, and Brock is excited at meeting up with Nurse Joy at the nearby Pokemon Centre. Dawn is slightly down in the dumps about her unsuccessful battle and capture. However, she is very interested by Brock’s Bonsly and the fact he used to be a gym leader.

They arrive at the Pokemon Centre. Brock falls in love at first sight with Nurse Joy, and Dawn phones her mum. Dawn’s mother meets Ash and Brock, telling them to take care of Dawn, which makes Dawn a little embarrassed. It is then time for Ash to register for the Sinnoh league. He registers and soon Naoshi walks in. He needs to retrieve his Budew that he left there previously. After he leaves, Dawn and Ash start arguing again about what Naoshi should do with his life; gym battles or contests? They both start looking for Naoshi, but can’t find him.

It’s time to set up camp, but Team Rocket, wearing disguises, invite the gang to an inn. They agree, but soon find out that this “inn” is actually made of cardboard and the pair are actually Team Rocket. Team Rocket say their famous motto, and James sends out his Carnivine. Piplup uses Bubblebeam against it, however Carnivine just eats them. Carnivine attacks with bite, but Budew and Naoshi appear just in time and send Carnivine flying back with Tackle. Team Rocket "blast off again” after a successful bullet seed from Budew.

They finally set up camp, this time with Naoshi joining them. He explains his dilemma about not knowing what to do, and Ash says, explaining that as Budew is clearly powerful and a good battler, he should do gym battles. Dawn of course, says that Budew is cute and should take part in contests like her. Music of some sort interrupts their talk. This noise is apparently made by nature, and Ash and Dawn suddenly feel guilty about arguing and apologize.

The next day, it is Ash’s turn for a battle against Naoshi. It is Pikachu vs. Budew. Pikachu hits first with a Quick Attack. However, the battle isn’t even nearly over as Budew uses mega drain to drain out Pikachu’s energy. Budew is now fully healed, but it is not long before it is hit by a powerful Thundershock.

Suddenly, Budew is surrounded by light and evolves into a Roselia! Naoshi is chuffed, and Roselia uses sunny day. Roselia’s solar beam is then powered up instantly, and it is fired at Pikachu. Pikachu is quick, and dodges it. Pikachu then uses Iron Tail, and the battle is over.

Naoshi returns Roselia, thanking it for doing well. Naoshi ends up deciding to do both contests and gyms, pleasing both Ash and Dawn. Naoshi waves good bye as the sun sets...

…and Ash and co. continue with their adventure.

This episode guide has been written by RachelPiplupLover.

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piplup princess on Mon 23 Aug 2010 20:29:43 UTC.
was. ok naoshi did dress up in a very eccentric manor.

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