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A Scare in the Air

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Orange League
Japanese Title
Blimp Accident!?
English Title
A Scare in the Air
Spanish Title
Susto en el aire
French Title
Y a-t-il un pilote dans le dirigeable?
Italian Title
Il dirigibile fantasma
German Title
Flug des Grauens
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash and Co reach Valencia Island.

Ashco. are on their way to Valencia Island. The only problem is getting there. Brock looks through a guidebook, thinking of all the sun, sand, and beautiful girls! Misty says she wants to work on her tan. Ash and Pikachu come out of a nearby shop carrying bags of food. He says theres enough to last them a few weeks. Misty asks how long it will take to reach Valencia Island. Ash says a month if they walk. Brock says it would only take a day by blimp! Unfortuntly, it would be much too expensive. Then they spot two guys who are holding a contest. The winner gets a free blimp ride to Valencia! Ash decides to try it out. Misty asks Ash if he really thinks hell win. And he does!

Elsewhere, Team Rocket is in a forest, gathered around a small computer. Meowth types some stuff, and Giovanni and his Persian appear on the screen. Giovanni says that they are being put into Team Rockets Dirigible (sp?) Division, or as Jessie and James call it, the Blimp Brigade. Giovanni says its a very unique and important job, and only for special Rocket members. Jessie says its an honor! Giovanni says hes counting on them, and the screen goes blank. Team Rocket is very happy with their success, but over with Giovanni, he says that he wouldnt trust those simpletons with anything important. The blimps havent been repaired in years, and are totally unfit to fly. Hes only interested in the insurance money on them.

Ashco. arrive where the blimp is. Misty comments that it looks kind of old, and wonders if its safe to fly. Ash says sure it is! Two guys ask if theyre there to ride the blimp. Theyre surprised, because its said to be haunted! One guy says he wouldnt ride on one if you paid him a million dollars. Just then, Jessie and James, dressed as stewardesses, (er, Im fairly sure James was in drag again. Could be wrong) come, and shove Ashco. to the blimp. Ash asks if they even want to see their tickets, and Jessie says theyre being put in first class. Misty asks about the ghosts, and James says those guys must have been from a rival blimp line. =) Meowth says that Giovanni must have put them on this assignment because he knew those kids were coming!

After everyone is in, Jigglypuff shows up! It sees a lever up on a platform, and imagines that its a microphone on a stage. It jumps up, and hits the lever, causing the blimp to be released, and a bunch of water to be released, soaking it. As the blimp fies up, a rope wraps around Jigglypuffs foot and pulls it up, too!

Inside, Ash, Misty and Brock walk into one of the rooms. Its in really bad shape. Ash says it doesnt look like frist class, and Misty says it looks like last! The floor under Ash creaks, then gives way! Ash is almost about to fall out of the blimp, but Brock and Misty pull him back in. Jessie and James come in, saying dinner is about to be served. Its soup, and Brock says that its ice cold! James says its an old Eskimo recipe. =) Jessie hits him, and suddenly the blimp starts tilting! Misty wonders what kind of pilot is flying it? Good question.

Jessie and James go to ask Meowth, but he doesnt know either. They go to the cockpit, and there is no pilot! But none of them knows how to fly a blimp! Meowth says they only have to follow the intructions in a guide book of some sort. It says that their are two tanks of water used to balance the balloon, and you let water out on either side to balance it. James pulls a lever that does that, and it hits Jigglypuff, who is hanging precariously to the rope. They start letting water out of each side, (throwing everyone inside around) until the blimp finally balances. Then James sees that theyre heading straight into a storm!

Outside, Jigglypuff climbs up the rope, and stops by the hole where the water comes out of. James trys to let more water out so they can ride over the storm, but theres no water left! Jigglypuff jumps inside. Inside, Meowth says they have to land. If they hit this one button, all the gas will be let out of the balloon. Jessie says the boss is counting on them! James says they wont mess up! Jessie says if they catch Pikachu, the boss won;t care about the blimp. Meowth says theyre acting screwier than usual.

Back with Ash and the others, Ash asks if everyone is okay. Misty says she is, and checks on Togepi, only to find shes not carrying Togepi, but a weird statue! She screams. Brock says wheres Togepi? They search for Togepi as the blimp goes into the storm clouds. As they look, Jigglypuff goes into the room they were in, and again thinks that the candle on the table is a microphone on a stage (is this thing high on Pokenip or something?) it walks over, but gets tangled in the tablecloth, loking very ghost-like. =)

Ash and the others climb up a ladder into a creepy attic-like area. (Just where are they, anyways?) Ash wonders what Togepi could be doing up there, and Brock says its the only place they havent searched. They start searching, and Jigglypuff, under the tablecloth, runs past. Brock wonders what it was. Then, Jigglypuff goes out in front of them, and they run, thinking its a ghost. =) Brock says it really is haunted!

Above on a catwalk, Team Rocket is looking for them. Jessie says they just vanished, its like theyre invisible! Meowth says its just like all the ghosts, and they hit him. He says he was kidding! Then he sees the Jigglypuff ghost and tells them to look behind them! They do, freak out, and run. Jigglypuff pulls the sheet off itself.

The blimp is still in the storm, Ash says the whole place is full of ghosts! Brock says they cant get off it. Misty says they cant leave without Togepi. Just then, Team Rocket appears, and they start the motto, until the blimp shakes, knocking them down. They finish it. Meowth says to give them Pikachu, and they send Arbok and Weezing. Pikachu shocks them, but Misty says to stop or it might cause the blimp to explode! Brocks Geodude fights Weezing, and throws it through the outside of the balloon, tearing a hole in it! Then they spot Togepi, walking across a beam high above the floor! While Ash and the others go to get it, Jessie and James fall to the floor in despair, saying that theyre messing up again!

Misty tells Togepi to come down, but she has to go up and get it. Ash has his Bulbasaur use its vines to keep her steady. (why doesnt it just grab Togepi?) Over with TR, Jessie says that one of them can walk across a beam, and sneak up on Pikachu from behind! Meowth starts climbing across on a ladder, but suddenly, the strom outside ends, and lights floods in, blinding Meowth, and he almost falls.

Misty has almost reached Togepi, but suddenly, Jigglypuff jumps down between them! Misty begs it not to sing! The blimp shakes again, and Team Rocket falls from where they were, right out of the blimp! Meowth manages to grab a piece of fabric, making a parashute. But then Jigglypuff lands on top of it, sings, and they fall asleep and fall into the ocean. =)

Bulbasaur brings Misty back down, and she tells Togepi not to wander off like that. Brock notices that all the gas is leaking from the tanks! He says to let out all the Pokemon, so they can use their weight to steer the blimp. He lets out Onix, but its way too heavy, so he recalls it. Brock and Misty go up to the cockpit, and see an island. He has Ash move the Pokemon from the front of the blimp to the back, and after a while, they land, er, crash, on the island, which is Valencia Island!

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A Scare in the Air Trivia:

 This was the first English Pokémon episode shown of the 21st Century.
 This episode was temporarily renamed "Spirits in the Sky" followed the 9/11 attacks.

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