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News archive for January 2004 :: News
Fox Kids Magazine Update
We reported earlier this month that Fox Kids magazine in the Netherlands are giving away Eon tickets. We've now got more information, and its a bit weird.
Fire Red Leaf Green out in Japan!
The remakes of RBY are now out in Japan (Its Thursday there), and PUK has some early info for you all.
Eon ticket for British Fans!
On February 21st (that's a Saturday), in 30 Gamestations in the country, you'll be able to download an Eon ticket to your Ruby and Sapphire game, providing you have more than five badges. We hope to have a list of locations and stuff soon. UPDATED
Happy Birthday Jeroen!
PUK's very own Joeno is a staggering nineteen years old today! Now he's at a point where he should have completed training to be an adult, and should be able to operate an oven.
More new FRLG shots!
The GBA RBY remake has at least two more islands and some sort of wireless mini game. Click more for pictures and a monologue about rice. These shots will surely pop a cap in your ass.
EON Ticket Magazine Giveaway soon
The Dutch Fox Kids magazine (which shockingly, is only available in the Netherlands), is giving away an Eon ticket with its latest issue! Updated below with some more information!
More FRLG Information.
Some more details about Fire Red, Leaf Green, the RBY remakes have been printed in what Babelfish is calling "Roller Roller Comically". Including Release Date
On the 10th January 2000, a young Psythor first uploaded PUK, and the rest, they say, was an elapse of time over the next four years. Updated.
Pokémon Heroes DVD details
The 5th Pokémon film, Pokémon Heroes will be out in America (Region 1) on January 20th, and we now know about some special things.
Yet more Fire Red/Leaf Green Information
The GBA remake of Red, Blue & Yellow has had some more screenshots of itself posted on the official site. The investigation into the media talking about it as if it were a person is still ongoing.
Happy New Year!
Its 2004 and that means another year has occurred. As such, all of the staff at PUK would like to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Why not check out our forums for lots of New Year, and hopefully Pokémon fun.