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News archive for January 2006 :: News
Pokemon Trozei European Release Date!
Pokémon Trozei, a new Pokémon Puzzle game for the DS, has been given a European release date of 28th April, and has been renamed as Pokémon Link!
Happy Birthday Jeroen!
PUK's Joeno, or Jeroen as he's known in the outside world is a staggering 21 years of age today.
Walmart to sell special Pokémon-themed DS
The world's biggest and arguably most evil company company are selling a special "PokéPark" themed Nintendo DS.
New Pokémon item revealed?
An interesting picture has turned up on the official Japanese Pokémon site... could it be a new Pokémon? Updated with Psythor's mindless speculation. It now looks like it is in fact an item of sorts, disappointingly.
PUK is Six today!
How time flies- it's now six years to the day since PKMN.NET, the website you are now browsing was born.
Happy New Year!
It's ever so slightly past midnight now.