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News archive for October 2004 :: News
Another episode of Pokémon banned!
Apparently TV Tokyo, the Japanese TV channel that show Pokémon have "indefinately suspended" the latest episode of Pokémon from broadcast.
Up On The Roof Axed!
The home of GMTV Pokemon has been axed from our screens! Updated.
Another new Pokemon game for DS!
IGN are reporting that yet ANOTHER Pokemon game is in development for the two-screened wonder thing!
Clever Nintendo DS stuff when you see the next Pokémon film!
The fourthcoming Game Boy replacement, the Nintendo DS looks set to be the best thing ever. Using some clever technology, Japanese fans are getting a treat.
THREE New Pokémon Games revealed!
IGN are reporting three new Pokémon games for the fourthcoming Nintendo DS. Including sequels to Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. I can't over-hype this. It's better than winning the lottery.
New OFFICIAL Pokémon Magazine for the UK!
Today not only marked the launch of FRLG, but the launch of a brand new Pokémon magazine for the UK. Plus you can enter their big competition via PUK!
FireRed and LeafGreen out in Europe!
That day has finally come!