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News archive for November 2002 :: News
Christmas TV Times
This year the schedulers for Sky and GMTV must have been bored. They seem to have put Pokemon on more than any other Christmas!
RS Statistics
PUK has some data regarding how well Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire did upon its release in Japan. Its staggering.
Pokémon Center is one!
The somewhat failing Pokémon Center store in New York made it to a year old- and had a party worth of a PUK news update to celebrate!
6th movie details announced! UPDATED!
Just as PUK finds itself in an explosion of RS info, details regarding the 6th Pokemon movie have been revealed. UPDATED! Better title and Pikachu title!
UPDATED AGAIN! Further Details
The Initial R/S Report
With the release of R/S in Japan, PUK is as always ahead of the competition - with screenshots galore and introductory videos
Ruby and Sapphire out in Japan!
The next generation of Pokémon games have been released in Japan!
We have pictures of what you'll be picking up off the shelf of a shop or dealer of class-A games.
R/S Gym Leaders!
The names of your future challenges await...
Cartoon Network ban an episode!
The American Cartoon Network has dropped an episode of Pokémon from its schedules...because of a title.
Link Up Solution?
An amazing new piece of hardware could solve the age-old problem of "How can I make RS and RBYGSC talk?"
Famitsu rates Ruby and Sapphire
What a lot of people consider to be Japans definitive gaming magazine, Famitsu, has reviewed Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire five days before it gets released over there. Also: Another new Pokémon revealed?
Houen Map - Place Names and a Nice Surprise
The city names have been revealed for RS!
Kids WB renew their commitment
The American TV station, famed for its coverage of kids shows and 6 commerical breaks an hour will be showing Pokémon for a long time yet.
Starters English names confirmed
We've known about it for ages, but the RS starters English language names have been confirmed by the official site.
US Release Date, and New Names!
The US release date has been announced, as well as new English names!
New Pokémon Mini Game
A new game for the Pokémon mini console is announced...
Pokémon, Cartoon Network?
Pokémon will be showing on Cartoon Network! But sadly its only for the US :(.
UPDATED: UK & US Pokémon DVD Boxset
The first, second and third Pokémon movies are now available in boxset form
Pokémon 4 DVD coming soon
March 2003 is the date that Miramax announced to the American public.