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News archive for November 2004 :: News
New Pokémon game in development for Gamecube
Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed in an interview with Japanese Famitsu magazine that a "proper" Pokémon RPG is in development for the Gamecube.
DS Released in US!
The ultra-new amazing Nintendo thing has finally been released in the US, retailing at about $149.99 on Amazon! (In real money that's about £80).
New Pokémon movie premiers in America!
The new Pokémon film "Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys" has been shown for the first time in America at the eNerGy Anime & Game Festival. A cinema release looks unlikely, although it's out on DVD in the states on 15th February, apparently.
Nintendo Release 2005 Schedule!
And it includes US releases for both Dash and Emerald!
"Hoso" coming to the USA?
Word on the street is that the Japanese Pokémon spin-off series "Hoso" might be coming to American speaking places in 2005. This is still a rumour. The series is apparently 22 episodes long, and features "new characters".
Pokemon Box back in the Stars Catalogue!
Lapras King has notified us that NOE's Online Stars Catalogue has refilled it's shelves with more copies of Pokemon Box! They're still 4000 stars and at time of writing, there's only 44 left!