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News archive for December 2010 :: News
Yet More B/W Names Unveiled!
They just keep 'em coming!
Black and White in the USA dated!
If you're living in the USA, you'll be able to pick up the brand new Shiny Black and White Games on March 6th, 2011. Also Black City and White Forest retain their Japanese names.
Merry Christmas (and Kwanzaa)!
PKMN.NET hopes you got what you wanted as well as that knitted sweater auntie Madge swears you'll one day grow into.
Elemental Monkeys: English names revealed
We've just found out the English names for the three elemental monkeys: The grass type monkey is called Pansage, the fire type monkey is called Pansear and the water type monkey is called Panpour!
GameStop to give out Shiny Dog Trio!
USA Pokemon Trainers can get the shiny dog trio via GameStop early next year.
Rob turns 21!!!
Look at this! Our beloved Rob gets a story for his birthday!