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News archive for February 2004 :: News
UPDATED: Kids WB renews Pokémon for another year
Kids WB has announced a seventh season of the Pokémon animé will air from this Autumn on the channel. UPDATED 6/3
PokÉmON Day: Nintendo Comment
Nintendo have released a press statement and some pictures about the Eon Ticket giveaway, "Pokémon Day", held in Gamestation stores around Britain last Saturday.
Psythor at PokÉmON Day!
Psythor has done some work for once- he's been to get an Eon ticket at the so-called "Pokémon Day" event. Pictures and stuff included!
What's going on at Gamestation?
"The Pokémon Man" is "da man", and has sent us some details of what to expect from the Gamestation Eon Ticket Promotion today. Psythor will be going later today- expect pictures.
Gamestation stores give away EON tickets
This saturday, Pokémon fans from all over the United Kingdom can go to a local Gamestation store to download an EON ticket onto their Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire games.
Pokémon still Number One
Even though the "craze" is long gone it seems the Pokémon animé and games can still reach Number One in America.
New themetune for the Japanese?
Word on the Japanese fleet street is that new Japanese animé episodes will get a new theme tune called "Challenger" on April 1st. Could this be CoroCoro having a joke? Only time will tell. Thanks to Jelmer for telling me this.
European Colosseum and Channel release dates
British retailer "GAME" have posted release dates for the two 'Cube Pokémon games on their website. These could be real, or could be a big lie like Amazon tend to do. UPDATED WITH REAL DATES
Another way for the British to get an Eon ticket!
We're hearing word that (or rather, various words written in a flowing manner) that if you can't get hold of an Eon ticket by going to a Gamestation store, there is another way.
Colosseum US Box art revealed
Want to know what the front of the Pokémon Colosseum box looks like? Thrilling stuff inside.