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News archive for June 2003 :: News
ALL UK Pokémon tour dates
All of the dates and locations for Pokémon "Live and Unleashed" tour of ASDAs, Tesco's, and Toys 'R' Us' around Britain have emerged. UPDATED MAJORLY!
E-Reader Plus out in Japan
The upgraded E-Reader that's the same as the American version is finally out in Japan today. Loads of info inside.
Pokémon returns to GMTV for Summer
New episodes of Pokémon will be back on terrestrial television screens in July.
Possible UK Colosseum date
Only a day after we recieve a potential date for America getting Colosseum, we get one for Britain, and presumably the rest of Europe too.
Colosseum gets a USA release date.
Like a mobile phone transmitter mast in a petrol station sign, an American release date for the next game in the Stadium series has leapt out of nowhere. This is currently unconfimred.
Pokémon 4 Ever date almost certain
Other websites now feature the 20th October UK (DVD) release date for Pokémon 4 Ever.
EU investigate Topps
The European Commission, the European Union wide body who do things to do with laws and business are seeing if Topps have been taking part in "anti-competitive practices". Oo-er.
American Pinball RS box revealed.
IGN have revealed what the packaging to the new Pokémon Pinball game will look like. Most TV channels have now switched to rolling news to cover this development.
Possible UK 4Ever date
The Tesco website has revealed a possible released date for the 4th Pokémon film- Pokémon 4 Ever.
Jirachi and E-Cards for Pokémon Channel?
A Japanese site is reporting details of some interesting new features in the "Pokémon Channel" Gamecube game.
MAJOR NEW UK Pokémon Event!
After a few years of absense, Pokémon "Road Shows" are returning to the British Isles in the form of Vimto. British fans cannot afford to miss this. Click for more! Updated
Possible Release dates for releases
Groudon Master has sent me details of release dates that are "likely" for the following things. USA & UK dates!
Pokémon: Top Ten in Everything - Nearly
Pokémon has made it into the top ten of two long-running - but unofficial - animé polls.
EXciting times at PokéCenter NY.
With a new TCG set launching soon, what better time for Nintendo to EXecute and EXtremely well timed PRomotion?
Psythor's Birthday
What should be the one of the best days in the year has arrived again, for the 16th time!
New TCG set gets a US release date
The first TCG set to come out of "Pokémon USA", rather than Wizards of the Coast is to be released in America really soon.