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News archive for July 2005 :: News
Nintendo Q2 profits down 80%
Nintendo have seen a sharp drop in profits over the last quarter - time to roll out more Pokémon.
Americans' - Get Your Mystic Ticket!
If you're an American and are going to San Diego this week, your luck just took a turn for the better! You're still stuck with your President, though.
Movie 8, XD, D/P, Something new... Loads of stuff!
A new Movie 8 trailer, a new game/anime thing, XD Info and D/P info... click to read more!
Pokémon dolls recalled!
Pokémon plush toys sold at the Nintendo World Store in New York (formerly known as the NY Pokémon Center) and on the website have been recalled, as they could be dangerous.
Pokémon video vending machines
Those Japanese are lucky people- when they're not going really fast on their trains, using their posh consumer electronics, or claiming some Korean islands and causing a diplomatic row, they get to watch Pokémon on their GBA, thanks to a vending machine.