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News archive for August 2006 :: News
More on Pearl/Diamond trading.
More info on Pearl/Diamond trading to older games.
Happy Birthday Mickey!
PUK's very own Mike, aka Typhlosion is seventeen years old today!
Jirachi Wish Maker Release Date!
Lapras King tells us that have the sixth Pokémon Movie, Jirachi Wish Maker, down for a 23rd October release, for less than a tenner! Why not pre-order it using PKMN.NET and give yourself an early Xmas pressie?
More Diamond/Pearl online details
Some exciting new details about the online features for Pokémon Diamond and Pearl have turned up. There's trading, battling and all sorts.
DP Starters Revealed?
Some exciting scans have turned up that apparently show what the new starting Pokémon in the fourthcoming DS game, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, will look like.