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News archive for August 2008 :: News
Bromley Darkrai Event Report
ALK Used Fly!
Typhlosion turns 19
PKMN.NET administrator gains another ring
UK to get all Pokémon seasons on DVD?
Network, which we already knew was releasing Rise of Darkrai, says they will.
Battle Dimension to Air in the UK Next Month!
But not on the channel you think!
Rise of Darkrai to include limited edition card!
The UK DVD release of the 10th Pokémon Movie - The Rise of Darkrai - will come with a free limited edition Darkrai trading card!
Yeah, we didn't know too much about these puzzles either. They're fun, though, and now they're about Pokémon!
More Pokémon Platinum Trailer Info!
As a part of the Pokémon Festa celebrations in Japan, a new trailer of Pokémon Platinum has been released! Impressive eh!
The Rise of Darkrai given UK DVD release!
Some strange news here guys. Both Amazon and have The Rise Of Darkrai - aka the 10th Pokémon Movie - listed for a Region 2 DVD release on 29th September 2008. Presumably we'll just pretend Movies 7-9 never happened. Thanks to wind_waker for the heads up!
2nd Lot of US D/P DVDs Out This Year?
According to, Diamond and Pearl Vol 3 and 4 (And a boxset containing both DVDs) are listed for a November 4th release! And if that was not enough, a further 2 more All Star DVDs have been confirmed for a December 16th release!
Dutch Pokémon Day
Darkrai is coming to the continent