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News archive for September 2003 :: News
Heroes VHS/DVD delayed
The American VHS and DVD of Pokémon 5 has been put back until next year.
Pokémon Advanced UK Start Date Revealed
The latest edition of the free Sky Customer Magazine has revealed when series 6, Advance Generation will be starting on Sky One. UPDATED
Happy Birthday Matt!
PUK Admin Pokedude was 19 on the 24th, and because we're ignorant, we forgot to update any earlier. Sorry!
Wireless battling in Fire and Leaf
Nintendo and Motorola have teamed up to create a wireless link up adapter for the GBA- and the first games to use it will be the new Pokémon games- Fire Red and Leaf Green.
European Pinball RS release date
Nargle has found out that Pinball Ruby & Sapphire will be released in Europe on 14th November!
Misty returns to Japan!
After leaving Japanese viewers screens for around 43 episodes, Misty has returned sporting a new attire. IT DOESN'T GET MORE EXCITING THAN THIS(!)
New TCG set announced
The Japanese TCG site has revealed a new set of cards themed around the baddies in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire.
Pokémon to return to SMTV!
Pokémon will be shown as part of SMTV Gold from next Saturday.
More Battle E-Card details
IGN have posted some "exciting" new information regarding the new Battle E-Cards!
More Remake Details
Jelmer has supplied me with some more information on the recently announced remakes of Pokémon Red and Green for Game Boy Advance. Updated Again!
Australia gets a Pinball RS Release Date
The decendants of British criminals can find out the release date to the second Pokémon Pinball Game: "Ruby and Sapphire".
Happy Birthday AR
PUK staff member AR is 15 today, and of course, we wish him a Happy Birthday, otherwise we'd be mean.
New Pokémon collectables out in Britain
The latest in a long line of Pokémon products to come out in Britain looks set to be Stak's of fun! Click more for jokes that aren't as bad as that. Probably.
Red & Green remake on the cards?
Update (8/9): This has now been 100% confirmed (not your fascist 85%) and will be coming out. No release date is known yet, but the October speculation looks very unlikely.
GMTV to stop Pokémon again
This Sunday's new Pokémon on GMTV will be the last for a while.