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A new Pokémon fastfood promotion! :: News
Reported by Psythor on Mon 05 May 2003 11:25:45 UTC
Last updated by Psythor on Mon 05 May 2003 11:25:45 UTC
Section: Pokémon around the world

America's probably least well known externally fast food "restaurant" is to do a kids Pokémon promotion. 10/5: UPDATED!

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The so-called "Wendy's" will have a nationwide Pokémon promotion, featuring five new Pokémon toys and 15 different "cards".

Starting on May 19th, on the 29th anniversary of Valery Giscard d'Estaing being elected French President, the toys will be a rather odd bunch. A Charizard "treasure box", Pikachu clock, Kecleon keychain, Celebi compass and a Pikachu backpack clip will be there to allow you to do all sorts- including map reading!

As for the cards, you'll get three of these for every toy- they'll feature Pokémon new and old, PUK now has a list of all the cards available. If you get any of the cards- please scan them and send them to PUK!

1. Pikachu
2. Charizard
3. Mewtwo
4. Tyranitar
5. Lugia
6. Feraligatr
7. Gyrados
8. Kyogre
9. Latios & Latias
10. Torchic
11. Groudon
12. Mudkip
13. Duskill
14. Treecko
15. Kecleon

The promotion will last for five weeks, meaning that, presumably its a toy a week. This really is nothing like the 1999(?) Burger King promotion which had around 50 toys at one per day.

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Guest on Thu 19 Mar 2015 20:24:10 UTC.
I've got eight of the Pikachu clocks w/card still in sealed packages. Hunting around the 'web trying to find out how much they're worth! :)