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Starters images and more leaked! :: News
Reported by Typhlosion on Wed 12 May 2010 12:49:26 UTC
Last updated by Typhlosion on Fri 14 May 2010 09:51:04 UTC

The next Coro Coro scan has leaked with some more interesting images and information.

This news item is more than 45 days old. Updates are unlikely and newer information may already be available.

New scans from Coro Coro have revealed the actual looks of the starters, as well as some more image. Click the above image to see a few more details.

Let's start with the big ones, dominating the right image: The three new starters. First, a grassy starter, unfortunately getting toasted in the battle image at the top. It's some sort of gecko-like reptile with a leafy tail, as you can see. It also looks rather arrogant, so we'll see who's deserving to be smug. They say it might be named Tsutaaja, but that's just for the Japanese, so we don't know whether that matters to us speaking a sane language, although we do know it means a type of snake.

Second, there's the fiery pig, Pokabu. It's clearly the cutest, funniest and nicest of the three. It also has a rather Spoink-like tail, so who knows... We want one.

Last, there's the watery otter, allegedly called Mijumaru. It looks rather surprised to be here, and a bit dim. Yeah, a comparison with Bidoof is easily made, but we hope that'll change a bit. Even if a good Bidoof might be nice to get. If you squint a little, it almost looks like it has an injured paw. Awww....

Second, the new trainers. They're said to be a bit older than our previous trainers, no longer ten years, and they look the part. Not that it matters, but people care. In looks, there's little special to include... except that our new girl (or woman?) probably needs three hours each time you start the game to get her hair done. You've been warned.

Those two images aren't the new region, don't be fooled - they're Sinnoh and Johto and Kanto. You can see an image of Hiun City, one of the cities of Isshu, as that's what the new region is called. It's said to be far away... but then, aren't all of them?

Remember Zoroark as well? Apparently he has a new ability called Illusion, which allows it to transform into various Pokémon. Just like Transform then. Oh, and he may also learn Claw Sharpen, a move which raises the User's Attack and Accuracy.

Does it look cool? Well, it's always a new step and new Pokemon are cool. And a lot more new work for us. So yeah, we'll do our best to keep you up to date, starting with Mike doing a Black/White section. Happy days!

Oh, and you've heard this here first: The National Pokedex number of the new starters are apparently 494 for our grass starter, 497 for our fire starter and 500 for our water starter. The latter, indeed, being a tad unremarkable for such an epic number. There are also at least 504 Pokemon as of now, adding at least 11 new ones!

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zekrom11 on Wed 16 Jun 2010 18:10:58 UTC.
you wont even hit gible because i will be useing dig its super effective on fire type
zekrom11 on Wed 16 Jun 2010 18:12:30 UTC.
pokabu and tsutaaja are proboly better than ugly humble mijumaru!but poor old pokabu gets beat by it so ha!
Shayminfan on Wed 16 Jun 2010 21:05:27 UTC.
Omg! Ur making this too personal just stop it. Sry ppl for Zekrom11 to ruin the flow of comments with Gible so plz ignore it and tlk abt the starters again. Thx
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