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Reported by Typhlosion on Sun 27 Jun 2010 23:19:31 UTC
Last updated by Typhlosion on Mon 28 Jun 2010 00:31:26 UTC


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So yeah, just when you thought it was safe to go to bed, the Pokémon break out.

Japanese TV show Oha Suta has shown a brand new trailer for Black and White, and contained within are literally millions of new Pokémon. Let's have a gander shall we?!

Denchura (デンチュラ) - A Tarantula Pokémon. That'll please Misty.

Desukan (デスカーン) - Unofficially the "Weirdo Pokémon" with ghostly-looking arms.

Moguryu (モグリュー) - A Mole-type Pokémon.

Doryuuzu (ドリュウズ) - The evolved form of Moguryu.

Ononokusu (オノノクス) - A Mantis like Pokémon.

We also have 3 further Pokémon that nobody seems to know nuffink' about like. No.

We do of course have some further trivial information as well. Take notes if you please, there may be a quiz afterward:

Image from the trailer have been added to the Pre-release image gallery, so do be a jolly good sport and pop over and have a quick peek. Alternatively, if you head over to then you too can see the video!

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Boggypete on Mon 28 Jun 2010 00:14:02 UTC.
Well at least they found new things to put in it, I wasn't sure there was anything left to do.
Specstile on Mon 28 Jun 2010 00:22:51 UTC.
YES nice grass types, kinda scarily cool but yay new grass moves and yay 3 on 3!
zekrom11 on Mon 28 Jun 2010 02:24:44 UTC.
im sorry but that 2nd evolve form of that pokemon named moguryu is the best pokemon ever! he's so cool that its better than garchomp but that big crystal guy is amazing can't wait for the name.and finally that mantis guy named ononokusu is awesome they need to change thier names really baddly!!!
zekrom11 on Mon 28 Jun 2010 02:26:09 UTC.
at first I hated these games but now that they made those new pokemon im all over it!
Shayminfan on Mon 28 Jun 2010 02:46:34 UTC.
Great job pokemon company! U can now please the boys to with these great pokemon. I'm impressed even though none of these new pokemon will be on my team. I still hope they come out with a cute water type pokemon! I'm counting on u pokemon company! Black and white is awesome!
KHFan90 on Mon 28 Jun 2010 04:39:32 UTC.
Only one I'm not really fond of is Ononokusu cause it looks like something out of Yu-Gi-Oh or something...
JSM on Mon 28 Jun 2010 06:26:09 UTC.
The green blob thing is adorable <3~
on Mon 28 Jun 2010 09:35:24 UTC.
The MOLES are AWESOME. The tarantula doesn't look so bad, but then we've only seen it from the back so far, so I'm willing to give it a chance.

The rest of them are already growing on me. Except for Ononokusu. That one will take a while.
NaCl on Mon 28 Jun 2010 21:55:22 UTC.
aha! look, a Mrs. Mime! XD
Snagprophet on Tue 29 Jun 2010 18:55:53 UTC.
Moguryu looks awesome. I know it's the second mole but it looks brilliant and Diglett wasn't exactly amazing looking. Also Denchura doesn't look too bad either. I was beginning to think that there wouldn't be any decent pokemon designs but just seeing these two make me glad I'm getting White whenever it comes out.
Perfectmew on Tue 29 Jun 2010 20:00:03 UTC.
@zekrom11-These are the Japanese names, and they will be altered to be better accepted by English players.

Anyway, I think it's all looking good. I'm kinda guessing that the third unnamed Pokemon may have some kind of relation to Mawile. It would be nice for Mawile to have an evo. Also, yay for 3vs3!
zekrom11 on Tue 29 Jun 2010 22:02:08 UTC.
hey perfectmew you think your all that smart you might be wrong
Shayminfan on Tue 29 Jun 2010 22:08:43 UTC.
Zekrom 11, perfectmew is just trying to be nice. Anyways these pokemon are great. And now ppl aren't. Dissing the game anymore. These pokemon r orginial cept the 2nd form mole he has a bit of stuntank
Shayminfan on Tue 29 Jun 2010 22:09:02 UTC.
In him but he's still cool
THE ARBITER on Wed 30 Jun 2010 02:26:39 UTC.
the crystal one an Ononokusu are beast
Moon Chaser on Wed 30 Jun 2010 19:39:45 UTC.
I love the moles and the 3 on 3 battles
jjas132 on Thu 01 Jul 2010 00:32:55 UTC.
3 on 3 battles? it should be fun running into three trainers at once...
qazz42 on Sun 04 Jul 2010 01:02:52 UTC.
Comman, havent they already sucked off of pokemon already?

When will it all end?
BlackStatic on Mon 05 Jul 2010 02:01:10 UTC.
I had a dream that Gen 5 would have 4 on 4 battles... wow, I must be psychic or something. ._.
baths on Tue 06 Jul 2010 21:13:48 UTC.
Woah, this is getting me excited . ;___;