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superman or batman?

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sans the skeleton:
i'd say the age old debate, but this time, it'll have a twist. who would win in a fight to the 'death'?

they're both in a magic field where that if one of them dies, they'll instantly come back to life, but the duel will end. they both know this and have taken steps to make sure that neither of them die in real life. batman's no kill rule isn't in effect due to this, meaning they can both go all out.

they have been given 24 hours to prepare whatever they'll need. the environment inside will be a bit like the hunger games so it could be anything. assume that both sides will be at their 'normal' levels of power. superman has not launched himself into the sun and batman isn't a green lantern or a white lantern. in fact, it will be banned to get to OP/earth shattering amounts of power. they will be prepared but not buffed to the extreme because they want to keep things fair. this will be good practice, after all.

today's environment is a replica of london. there are NPC civilians around, but they're not real people. if they die, it will only be recorded as a statistic for future analysis. every hour on the hour for however long they are in there, they will both have a crate teleported in to them complete with food and whatever else they need to survive, but no future weapons. the crates disappear once they've collected the food.

place your bets.

Lord Raven:
batman cause i said so

i'm gonna go with superman. the man is so super, it's part of his name.

not chloe:
Isn't part of being superman being able to do stuff rlly fast? If so, superman would totally whoop batman's puny human butt before he could unfasten one weapon from his belt.

I also like superman better so there's that

superman would win. i really dont like superman, he's really boring, but unless one of the items batman can get is kryptonite, superman can just do everything batman can and more, he's a super unbalanced hero


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