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General Pokémon Discussion / Least favourite Generation
« on: January 19, 2014, 23:08 »
Aww jeez, Maybe it isn't a good idea for me to say this, but I'm going to anyway, but first, I'd like to say this is my opinion, but I'd be glad to hear yours as well. Now, I'm also going to say that although the original R/B/Y were buggy pieces of garbage, they were the very first generation, and the generation redeemed itself in its GBA remake, even if gen 1 had several questionable designs. So, if I'm not going to be choosing Gen 1, which generation will it be? Lets see, Gen 2: added genders, added steel and dark type, several cool pokemon and the ability to go to both johto and kanto. Gen 3: Many awesome new pokemon, added abilities, added weather. Gen 4: cool evolutions for old pokemon boosting their usefulness, several vital battle items, added special/physical moves for each type. Gen 6: Added fairy type, added mega evolutions. And I thi... OH, wait, Gen 5. Now, let me get this straight, I don't hate generation 5, I simply dislike it compared to the other generations. Now, although I wasn't a fan of a lot of the pokemon it added, my biggest concern with gen 5 was its lack of adding anything big to the game. It just felt like I was playing generation 4 again but with more pokemon and a much easier elite four. Sure, it added new abilities, but every generation adds new abilities and its not like this is a brand new idea. Sure, they added triple battles. Too bad there were only two times it actually happened in black and white, nor are they used very often in competitive battling. There wasn't even any triple battles in gen 6 due to the lag it would create on the 3D engine. The dreamworld abilities it added completely changed the usefulness of many pokemon(torchic, first uber starter) I'll admit, but compared to what the other games added, this is small. The abundance of several questionable designs overshadowed the good ones and partly ruined the experience for me. So yes, my least favourite generation is gen 5. I don't hate it, but I don't like it either. Please, I would very much like to hear what you guys think about this. Oh, and sorry to anyone who does like generation 5, this is just my opinion.

General Pokémon Discussion / Top ten favourite pokemon (again)
« on: November 26, 2013, 03:44 »
Now, I'm sure this has probably been done ...... OVER 9000 times, but I decided I want to do one so here it is. Mind you, this is my top ten favourite pokemon, not the best. Dont expect no Arceus and Rayquaza and stuff like that, though Rayquaza is pretty epic looking. Any ways, here are my top ten favourite pokemon.

10. Gliscor
9. Gengar
8. Hydreigon
7. Grovyle
6. Zangoose
5. Bisharp
4. Empoleon
3. Aggron
2. Darkrai
1. Swampert

General Pokémon Discussion / Top 5 Steel pokemon(Scrafty's idea)
« on: November 21, 2013, 22:55 »
I'm going to be completely blunt with you guys, I completely ripped this idea off of Scarfty, but this is the only "top 5 best" thread I plan on doing and I couldn't not do a list for my favourite type, Steel. So again, thanks to Scrafty for the idea, I hope you don't mind. Anyways, the Steel type is my favourite pokemon type. It is the best type defensively with 10 resistance and 1 immunity, as well as a new usefullness in its effectiveness against the new fairy type. It has the highest defense and special defense average of all pokemon with the Steel type having an average defense of 110.8, and an average special defense of 82.9. So, here are MY top 5 favourite Steel type pokemon.

5. Metagross

Lets be honest, I think Metagross is somewhere in everyone's top favourite steel type pokemon list. Metagross has always been such a badass pokemon, boasting great attack, great defenses, a cool typing, and a good ability which prevents stat loss. All that hard effort it takes to level up beldum and metang is worthwhile, as in the end you get this beast, a complete monster in singleplayer and a great addition to my team in Black 2. Unfortunately, Metagross falls short to the other pokemon on this list.

4. Excadrill

Excadrill is one of my favourite pokemon from the black and white games. Excadrill just has such an appealing design, including the red scar-like things all over his chest and the spikes coming out of his claws and head. He's also a complete monster both in competitive play and single player, even going as far as to being banished to the uber tier as he was too good. Excadrill has always been such a cool pokemon in my eyes, but he misses my top 3 Steel types by a bit unfortunately.

3. Empoleon

Now, for the top 3. Empoleon, my first starter from generation 4, my favourite starter from generation 4, one of my favourite pokemon from generation 4, and even one of my top 10 favourite pokemon in general. Empoleon is just an awesome pokemon with a type that I always thought was really cool, as well as the fact that he's an Emperor penguin, which coincidentally, I had just done a project on in school before I got pokemon Diamond for Christmas. I really hope that a "pokemon rainbow" type game is made so that I may use Empoleon again as I have little desire to play a game from the fourth generation again.

2. Bisharp

Look at Bisharp. What a total badass. Bisharp's my favourite pokemon from generation 5 for sure and for good reasons. His type is really cool, and he has one of my faovurite pokemon design's, of course being in my top 10 favourite pokemon list. It's a real shame that when I played pokemon white, I never actually got to see Bisharp until after the elite four(one of my problems with b/w is that the cool pokemon evolve at too high levels), but thankfully, they fixed this in black 2/white 2, and I was able to bask in the glory of Bisharp's epicness.

1. Aggron

Aggron. Words cannot describe how awesome Aggron is. My favourite Steel type pokemon and, of course, in my top 3 favourite pokemon in general. I first met Aggron when I played my first pokemon game, pokemon sapphire, for the first time. I was unaware at the time of what natures did, But I had an adamant Aggron who was a complete beast. To boost this pokemons greatness even more, game freak honored us with a mega evolution of Aggron. Not only does Mega Aggron lose its pesky rock type so that it can lose its 4x weakness to fighting and ground, but it also gains a new ability in filter, reducing the damage of supper effective attacks. This combined with its great 140 base attack and incredible bulk in 70/230/80 defenses make it very hard to take down. Not to mention that Aggron is a friggen steel dinosaur with a skull helmet. SO yeah, that's my top 5 favourite steel type  pokemon. What are yours?

Fake Whatever / Ideas for a New Pokemon game
« on: November 15, 2013, 03:04 »
Yes, I know x and y only just came out, but I was just brainstorming some ideas for the next pokemon game that gets released(Not pokemon z, or whatever the platinum or emerald of this gen is going to be) and I'd like to hear your ideas as well.

For starters, for the main "evil team" I was thinking Team Omega. They have a wide range of pokemon ranging from Sharpedos to Scraftys, and have several returning members from past teams. I.e. The admins would consist of Team Rocket Admin Proton, Team Aqua Admin Shelly, Team Galactic Admin Mars, Team Plasma Admin Zinzolin, Team Flare Admin Xerosic, and then for the leader, Team Magma Courtney. This would break the sexism barriers for team leaders too as every "evil" leader so far has been a male, while Courtney is obviously female. Their goal maybe would be using some sort of new legendary to steal everyones pokemon from the PC system, effectively allowing team Omega to have the best pokemon while leaving everyone else with nothing. Oh, and something else that would be interesting as it has never been done in pokemon before, your main rival joins team Omega, which I think would be cool.

Now, for a few ideas on new pokemon and type changes. First off, for pokemon that should have their types changed, I think Yanmega should get changed to Bug/Dragon. This would make sense as yanmega is a dragonfly and we have so many useless bug/flying type pokemon already, why would nintendo waste such a perfect opportunity on another bug/flying type? Also, we don't have a bug/dragon yet. Next, I think Ninjask should be changed to a Bug/Dark. Again, this would make sense as its a ninja bug, effectively making a bug/dark type make sense, and the fact that, again, we already have like 60 bug/flying type pokemon. Bug/Dark would be a new typing as well. Lastly, I think a Dragon/Fairy typing change for Altaria would be very fitting. Almost every dragon looks very menacing and is very powerful, but altaria isn't really very strong nor is it very menacing looking. A fairy/dragon typing would be a perfect fit for altaria and would greatly increase its usefulness

For a few new pokemon ideas, I think a zangoose and serviper evolution would be awesome. Zangoose could evolve into Zanghoul(sorry, I'm working on the names), a ghost/normal type pokemon with around a 85/125/70/55/78/100 stat spread. Next would be Servicious, a steel/poison type pokemon with around a 85/115/100/80/83/55 stat spread. Servicious would basically look like a bulkier serviper with 3 heads and some gold plating around much of its body. Zanghoul I'm not completely sure about, but it have to be pretty cool looking because I love zangoose. Also, a Mighyena evolution. I love mighyena, but its a pretty garbodor pokemon if you know what I mean. A dark/fighting werewolf like evolution would be awesome and would greatly enhance its usefulness.

For brand new pokemon lines, a Fire/Grass pokemon would be really cool and would likely be a top threat. Not sure of the moveset or design, but I mainly got the idea from the custom smogon sprites. The last new pokemon idea I have would be a steel/ice pokemon called Templice(Templar and ice). It would have a new ability called survivalist. This ability causes the pokemon to get a stat boost depending on the weather in play. I.e. If its hailing, it gets an attack boost, if its raining, a speed boost, if a sandstorm, a special defense and normal defense boost, and lastly, if its sunny, a special attack boost. This pokemon would look like a mix up between a Promethean Knight, lots of icy and frost covered parts, and a bisharp basically.

So yeah, those are my ideas and I would be glad to hear your ideas/opinions as well!
A promethean Knight for those who don't know

General Pokémon Discussion / Terrible Pokemon ideas
« on: June 24, 2013, 14:42 »
Now, I know right away that some person is going to be like, "there are no terrible pokemon, they're all awesome". Well, this is my opinion, so if you don't like it, too bad. Any ways, I see a lot of people saying there were a lot of lazy and bad pokemon designs in the fifth gen, but there were plenty in the older gens as well. I decided to make a list of the top 5 worst pokemon ideas. Again, this is my opinion and some of these pokemon I actually like, but I cant ignore the fact that they were either really lazy, or just have terrible designs.

#5. These three pokemon are just pure lazy. Magneton is just three magnemites stuck together, and dugtrio's the exact same thing. When I thought they couldn't get any lazier, they made klinklank. Not only does it look bad, but it was  so lazily made, they couldn't even bother to even slightly alter the sprite like magneton and dugtrio did. Don't give me any of that "its part of their design crap" either, its completely lazy and theres no excuse for it. I kinda like magneton though, which is the reason this isn't lower.

#4. Baby pokemon. Do I really need to say more? Sure, they have the "cute factor", but still, not only are they completely useless, but the time spent on these abominations could have been spent on cooler pokemon designs. Gen 4 was especially notorious for making these baby pokemon. Although gen 2 did it, their designs were actually half decent for the most part. These baby pokemon are pointless, and they didn't even make them for cool pokemon. Mr mime? Sudowoodo?? (Gen 4 did redeem themselves with some awesome evolutions though like Magmortar, Gliscor, and Magnezone).

#3. Stunfisk. What an absolutely, disgraceful, unbelievable, and horrible pokemon. This pathetic and useless fish was probably one of the worst designs in pokemon history ever! I have no clue what nintendo was thinking when they slammed together this abomination. How stupid is it too that its a fish and it lives in water, oh, but guess what? Its weak to water! It's also probably the derpiest looking pokemon, even more derpy looking then whiscash. This pitiful excuse for a pokemon will never be used, and it will never be loved. Poor old stunfisk will always be stepped on, and will soon be long forgotten as soon as gen 6 arrives. It will never be loved.

#2. Voltorb and Electrode, ...... how.... creative. Seriously, for the people who thought gen 5 had really bad designs, stop being a nostalgic ass and look at the generation that started it all. Voltorb is a pokeball with eyes. Really nintendo? A pokeball with eyes? not only that, but its evolution, Electrode. Electrode is just voltorb, but flipped upside down. Wow. Couldn't I just catch a voltorb, and then flip it. Would I get an electrode? Again, I actually semi-like voltorb and electrode, but still, the pure laziness involved with this creation cannot be excused simply because it was the first generation.

#1. Was there really any surprise about these two? This is another example of where everyone says Garbodor was a terrible idea, it's a pile of trash, which I agree, but there's another as well, Muk. Muk and Garbodor are just terrible ideas, and by far the worse. Muk is nothing more then a pile of swearing removed with eyes and Garbodor is literally a pile of garbage. Their stats match their appearances as well, being near useless. But this isn't about stats, this is about terrible designs. I'm not sure what nintendo was thinking when they thought up  these designs, and not only once did they do this, but twice. Garbodor AND Muk are by far the worst pokemon designs in my opinion. These pokemon belong in the trash can, FOR GOOD!

Well, there's my list. You are welcome to make your own lists or give your opinion on mine. Again, this is all my own opinion and if you don't like it, well, there's not much I can do about it. By the way, this is also my first post, so yeah. Oh, and just a few honourable mentions:

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