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Random Randomness / Re: Everyday Accomplishments
« Last post by Shaymin on Today at 17:37 »
mom holy heck this made my day all the better when we came home fsdfds

she's yellow and i love her

all my shinies are yellow is this game telling me i picked the wrong team or someth
Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« Last post by Shaymin on Today at 17:30 »
Spoiler: tribunal bull • show

SO i didn't sleep l ast night and I was bricking it all day as one does when anxiety is basically thicc enough to become a black hole in your chest.

i had to leave a mindfulness thingy for people with mental illness and developmental disabilities an hour early (it was my fourth session and there's i think six more?? or so???? and they already knew beforehand anyways) and everyone there wished me luck bc they could see how anxious i was

gets into chester like two hours early and me and mum sit in a heaving Costa and I nearly die from sensory overload because it was loud and everything happened so much so I plugged in my music and tried to block everything out which is easier said than done especially when my food took like... five years

buuuuuuut we walked to the court (took 4ever bc my legs don't work like they used to before) and i went in and i knew i was Dying Inside but the security guards were really patient and soft-spoken (i had to empty my pockets and inform them about my knee/wrist braces and the bracelets that i can't take off without hurting myself bc i got searched!! for realsies!!!).

SOOOO anyway we get up into the waiting room (got bless elevators they are a thing of beauty) and the clerk to the tribunal comes out and informs me what's happening as i'm probably like, disassociating and panicking and generally having a Bat Time but my mum went in with me bc I think i would have deadass rather have tossed myself out of the second floor window than go in on my own

unfortunately for me tho my gp records didn't get released so the tribunal didn't have all the evidence?? the judge was really nice and patient and explained everything in Simple Words for my stupidass brain and said that the best course of action was to adjourn bc of the lack of evidence, but he wanted me to say yes rather than me say no and them to say "nah we adjourning anyways"

on the plus side it gives me more time to collate more evidence and for my family to issue impact statements on how they have seen my mental and physical state take the world's worst rollercoaster ride, and i signed a new consent form for my gp to release my records.

on the negative side i nearly burst into tears in front of the judge and the doctor and the disability expert (i did cry, but only silent tears bc I couldn't just burst into tears even tho my brain rly wanted to). they let me step out to get an adjournal letter printed as official evidence and for the consent form to be printed. although i tried not to cry i failed step one and ended up crying anyway. i managed to not ugly blubber but yeah

but this does mean that the tribunal is sure that i can win!! just not right now. if they didn't think i could win then they probably would've been like "begone thot" when i went in so suck on that dwp you're gonna owe me even MORE money now suckers (but with new evidence the DWP could actually change their minds on the PIP ruling and i won't have to go back to tribunal but gjkldfjd)
PKMN.NET / Re: Name Rater Too Backed Up
« Last post by Joeno on Today at 07:56 »
Yeah, available time has always been the issue. We had plenty when we were young, still in school and with long holidays to work. I'm at the place now where I have a job that I love, but that eats up a lot of the creative energy that I used on my projects for the site.

I'm happy to try and help out where I can, show people the ropes on most systems, and I'll keep running what we have (I checked the caption contest and it looks like that's completely up to date again) - I have been trying to keep on top of all discussions - but for anything new, we'd need someone who can keep things running, has the time to do so and is able to.
PKMN.NET / Re: Name Rater Too Backed Up
« Last post by Lord Raven on Today at 03:52 »
Please don't focus on drama.

Pages will not really be updated in the near future unless a user really wills it. As it stands, I don't know anyone who is willing or able enough to bring news. We pretty much need someone young and energetic that's willing to work with us (and more or less for us and for free, or I could shell out money but I'm not sure I make enough to do that) because I have very little ability to work behind the scenes with our website.

I also don't have the energy to do anything but post sometimes, but I am willing to work with people.

The other admins are older than I am so basically everything I go through but worse.

At this point, we need a niche because there are other websites people will use for information. There is absolutely no competing with that no matter how much we try. We need to seize upon quirkiness and more or less "alternative" content.

Some examples are well written fanon articles, cool conspiracies and articles about Pokemon, cool nitbits about the history of Pokemon, etc. Just fun little fan entered things would be pretty cool to put on the site. That's kind of what I've had planned but not really had some of the time or energy to fully execute. I've also generally only written about it a few times in passing.
Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« Last post by Otter Hands on Yesterday at 23:56 »
 My jaw crunched when I was yawning yesterday and it has been sore all day.

Random Randomness / Re: Where is everybody?
« Last post by Makoto Niijima on Yesterday at 23:00 »
I'm still around, though I'm more of a lurker nowadays.
Random Randomness / Re: first world problems
« Last post by sylar on Yesterday at 10:46 »
mum only has regular milk instead of lactose free milk so i gotta drink my coffee milkless or deal with The Lactose Related Consequences
PKMN.NET / Re: Name Rater Too Backed Up
« Last post by SirBlaziken on Yesterday at 03:26 »
^Could be a reason. I thought Rich left because him and Raven got into it (yet again) . When I asked them both to back down, he (Rich) wouldn't and left.

Mostly everyone just has too little time to spend updating everything, and by now we're uber behind.
Random Randomness / Re: Where is everybody?
« Last post by Captain Jigglypuff on February 20, 2018, 21:29 »

This is all I have to say....
PKMN.NET / Re: Name Rater Too Backed Up
« Last post by Captain Jigglypuff on February 20, 2018, 21:27 »
What ever happened to Sentret now where on the subject of missing contributors to sections of the site? Sentret rated nicknames a few times. All the info pages are severely outdated and the news section hasn’t been updated since ORAS were announced. Heck even the Caption Contest went untouched for nearly two years. Who is supposed to keep that stuff up to date? The Pokémon of the Week section not being updated I get since Ritchie became busy with other things irl but the rest ii don’t get.
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