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That thing that people think will work against Google Plus or something or other I dunno.  He was all over YouTube comments before and it was reeeeeaaaaaally annoying.


Also - I'm in your sig lulu!!! Yaaaaaay!!!

I will slowly invade the world with my sig-stealing skills xD

Here's hoping you can beat Bob.

Role Play / Re: [P][Fu][Pw] Why Are WE The Heroes? [J]
« on: November 24, 2013, 10:22 »
I wanted to say the actual a word, but I didn't think it would be ok. Also, I'll make sure my rp'ing makes up for being redundant.

Yeah, I'm about to go Beatrix Kiddo on their a**es.

You did say the actual word, or at least a variation.  XD  I think it counts as a curse, so I'm not sure if it should stay there (PUK rules and all).

I wanted to say the actual a word, but I didn't think it would be ok. Also, I'll make sure my rp'ing makes up for being redundant.

That's not what I meant.  You didn't have to add in Pre-Service history because you go on to explain it again in your starter anyway, ya silly goose.  :tongue2:

I was thinking of a more romantic love/hate like Daredevil and Electra in the Marvel Universe. Look them up if needed to understand my idea.

I understand, but I'm not sure if Lockjaw would be the right character if that's the case.  XD

37. My Hero name is poo though.

I really couldn't think of anything thoughhhhhhh.


T'is not poo!  Hero name's are pretty hard, which is why I kept Cotton as Cotton.  she's already famous anyway so what's the point in changing her name haha

I like her sprite too!  Is the armour on her chest part of her mutation or just a breastplate that's part of her costume?


Cotton sounds a lot like Chloe xD

But I'm debating whether he should be able to control it... I think it'd be much more fun if he couldn't (and more like the games)

And my hero name is none existent xD

Flynn shall have fangirls and fanboys adoring him.

Wherever he goes.

There will be much of the Yakety Sax, methinks.


Oh gawd.  If it applies to the rest of the team, there's going to be much of the shipping wars.

Cotton would probably just treat Flynn like a cuddly toy.  XD


I hope so.  I just hope it'll last past 15 pages.  XD

General Pokémon Discussion / Re: worst pokemon ever!
« on: November 23, 2013, 23:07 »
google says a qilin is "a unicorn whose rare appearance often coincides with the imminent birth or death of a sage or illustrious ruler."
i guess arceus ...sort of looks like a unicorn? idk :P

Arceus is a unicorn.  Now I have absolutely no chance of taking him seriously again because this is all I will hear.

The rubbish Pokémon.  I get what they were trying to do, but there's something about how they were designed that just... ugh.


Dood I accepted your form.  I'll miss the swag, but yesssss Jigglypuff.

Role Play / Re: [P][Fu][Pw] Why Are WE The Heroes? [J]
« on: November 23, 2013, 22:56 »
I didn't really know what to put for the Database Bio, so tell me if it isn't really what you meant xD

I approve!  I wanted to give people the option to be creative with their starter posts; sometimes writing an event can be hard or easy, so I put in Bios.  XD

Flynn Zanash is accepted.  Oh no, now I keep imagining everyone else on the team will be his fan club since they'll be in close proximity most of the time. XD

Silver is accepted.  STEEL BUDDIES YEAH.

Blaze, adding the Pre-Service history seems a little redundant considering your starter post, but other than that I don't see anything wrong.  Accepted.  And please edit out that swear word, dood. XD

While i remember. Do you still want villain forms pmed to you lulu

Yep!  I would like Villain forms to be sent via PM.  Spots are saved for your characters, Opal. =)

If I can, I'd like another hero to be my nemesis, I'd like a female character. My concept is the love/hate relationship like Daredevil and Electra in the Marvel Universe.

Or another villain either one can fill the role of my idea.

Well, I've nearly finished Lockjaw's form.  Since she's spliced with the Deceiver Pokémon, she might count for some kind of rivalry since Blaze hates backstabbershaha it's funny cause Mawhile... um... nope explaining sucks

Or are you speaking about more of a romantic love/hate than a platonic love/hate?


D'aw, no fluffy buddies.  BUT WE CAN STILL BE STEEL BUDDIES! 8D

Role Play / Re: [P][Fu][Pw] Why Are WE The Heroes? [J]
« on: November 23, 2013, 11:15 »
I'll let you get away with it. XD If you want to make any villains, you can choose to control them yourself or ask someone else to do it. =)

Here are my forms.

Hero Name: Cotton Diva
Alias(es): Cotton Duosa
Age: 19
Gender: Female
DNA Splice: Flaafy
Appearance: (Will fill in)
Pre-Obstructus History: Cotton was once a young idol, and used to model for many designers and fashion magazines.  She came from a wealthy family and grew up in the lap of luxury.  During a faux-fur fashion show she took part in near a newly built Safari Zone, Cotton was scratched by a poisonous plant and soon contracted a skin disease.  She volunteered for the experiments at Obstructusin hopes that a cure would be found for her condition.
  • Light Screen - Cotton focuses her mind and creates a barrier around her or an ally.  A dazzling sphere of light reduces the damage caused by special attacks, as well as slowing down projectiles.
  • Thunder - Cotton fires a powerful bolt of electricity at one target.  She can use controlled burst in small quantities for overriding devices or mundane things such as charging her toothbrush.
  • Power Gem - The sphere on her chest and tail glow brightly before she sends a ray of light at her target.  The ray sparkles as though it was made of gemstones.
  • Discharge - Using the electricity stored in her wool, Cotton releases a discharge in the area surrounding her.  This power never misses, but continued use will tire her out.  The first discharge in a fight will be the most devastating, as she releases all of the electricity she has stored up to that moment.  Due to her DNA ability, this also works as an EMP of sorts.
DNA Ability: Static.  Due to her body constantly charging electricity, there is a chance that Cotton will shock and paralyse someone through physical contact.  If she is not careful, she can short circuit electrical equipment.  She actually causes static on certain devices when she is in range.
Unique Attributes: Cotton can fire needle-thin hairs from where wool grows on her body once she has charged enough electricity.  The hairs are sensitive to heat and will release shocks when touched.  Cotton had used this in her robberies to create traps for law enforcement.
Weaknesses: Cotton's electricity is naturally ineffective when it comes to Ground types.  Were she to take a long walk in a field with bare feet, her electricity would be drained due to it all flowing into the ground.  Carried over from her human DNA is her skin sensitivity; her pain threshold is higher than usual, so it takes less pressure on her skin to hurt her.
Likes: Shopping, junk food, photography, film, sparkly things.
Dislikes: Dirt, exercise, bad publicity, wardrobe malfunctions, swimming, needles.
Database Bio:


Cotton Duosa has been admitted into this facility for clinical trials.  Make sure she is given appropriate accommodations; if the press gets even a hint that she is unhappy here, they'll be on us like Combee on a flower field.  The admins would rather not risk an investigation, even if some fashion magazine is the one who starts it.
          Specimen has a rare skin infection caused by a jungle plant in Almia.  While we have begun looking for suitable DNA to resist the infection, we have begun administering the necessary medication to the specimen.

Specimen Duosa has been strapped into the splicer and the process has begun.  Vitals are stable.

Specimen states to be suffereing extreme pain and demanding the splicing be aborted.  Vitals are stable.  Skin lesions have begun to heal.  Treatment will go on as planned.

Scanners indicate electromagnetic pulses are coming from the specimen; she won't stop screaming.  Attempts to abort have failed due to interference with the machinery.  It's being cause by something outside the chamber.  Calling maintenance to shut off the pow



Cotton Diva has been an active villain in the past, notable for her heists of several banks, jewellery stores and laboratories.  It has been long confirmed that she worked in affiliation with fellow villains Lockjaw and Glamour.  Damages reach the millions from break-ins alone.  Safeguard has been keeping a close eye on her; someone high on the chain seems impressed by what she can do.
          Lockjaw states that Cotton assisted in sabotaging the heist at the Devon Corporation, even going so far as to incapacitate other criminals involved.  Cotton denies knowledge of the purpose behind stealing the reactor prototype and declares her wish to join Safeguard.  The director has given the go-ahead to recruit her after she goes through necessary rehabilitation.  Here's hoping she's worth the opportunity.

Hero Name: Lockjaw
Alias(es): Lottie, as a nickname.  Her real name remains classified.
Age: 17
Gender: Female
DNA Splice: Mawhile
Appearance: (Pictures are allowed, but please use your own if you do so.  Written descriptions are still required.  You can be creative with your morphs or you can go for the good ol' ears 'n tail formula; it's your choice.)
Pre-Obstructus History: Based on what can be recovered from the Obstructus files, Lockjaw was homeless at the time Obstructus found her.  Was supposedly just taken off the streets and later found to have weak bone development.  Further information is classified.
  • Fairy Wind - Lockjaw creates a fairy wind to send towards her target.
  • Iron Defence - The steel horns on Lockjaw's body toughen up to increase her physical defence and reduce damage inflicted.  It also partly 'heals' any existing wounds for a time and increases her strength due to her bones being steel also.
  • Iron Head - If there's one thing you won't want from Lockjaw, it's a headbutt from her steel skull.
  • Sucker Punch - No matter how fast her opponent may be, Lockjaw can always be one step ahead if she wants.  She 'teleports' with a dark mist and reappears to punch her target before they can react.  This only works if the target is on the offensive.
DNA Ability: Hyper Cutter.  Lockjaw is not easily intimidated in combat and keeps a cool head, preventing her attacks from faltering.  Also increases the effectiveness of her steel horns, making it much easier to cut various things.
Unique Attributes: The jaw on the back of her head seems to have a mind of its own, as it may try to chomp on anything that gets too near or surprises Lockjaw.  The jaws are strong enough to chew through iron beams, but (fortunately) it does not act as a second mouth.  Because of her treatments revolving around strengthening the human skeleton, Lockjaw's bones are strong as steel.  She can make iron horns grow from the back of her wrists, her elbows and her heels.
Weaknesses: Lockjaw is weak against ground type attacks, though that appears to be as far as the weakness goes.  She suffers from pyrophobia (understandably) and her weakness to fire is crippling due to the amount of steel in her body; the metal heating up causes her a great amount of pain.  When her jaw is fully exposed, her movement is slowed down.
Likes: Painting, sports, being sarcastic, comedy, desserts.
Dislikes: Jerks, being patronised, soap operas, writing, hot weather.
Database Bio:


The girl's only identification is 'Lottie', as far as we can tell.  She came in requesting to speak to someone about protection.  As soon as this second jaw lashed out for a bite from one of our staff, the order was sent to lock her in an interview room.
          Lottie claims that she hangs out with a few other survivors downtown, but she refuses to identify them.  From what she says they do, they're some of the regular villains that cause trouble in Hoenn.  She wants to be safe in custody because she doesn't trust some of them; this lot work close together and Lottie overheard them talking about some kind of team.
          The Director has requested to meet her face to face.  He wants to get as much as he can on this supposed organisation, so Lottie will be offered an undercover role.  Another young agent to put in harm's way.

Mission Support Request


"The Devon Heist has been successfully sabotaged with the volunteered assistance of Cotton Diva, Villain #103.  Villains #025 and #056 have evaded arrest; all other villains involved have been incapacitated and are ready for collection.  The reactor prototype was removed from the vault and is currently on the roof.  I suggest waking up the scientists to help put it back, because there's no way I am touching that glowing piece of - "

"Lottie-pie, who are you talking to?"

"HQ.  Shush.  A squad should head out to the group's base of operations immediately before - "

"Exactly how long have you been doing this?"

"Cotton.  Please.  I'll explain later.  Please tell reinforcements that Cotton is now a friendly; you don't have to knock her out or anything, she'll wear the cuffs and be taken in quiet - "


"COTTON, SHUT UP!  Lockjaw out."

"Lottie, I SWEAR I will never let you live this d - "


12. I think Whimsicott would be pretty spiffy too.


Ermagerd we could be FLUFFY BUDDIES!  ...That sounded creepy for some reason.  XD

You can control a maximum of 3 heroes if you feel you can handle it. =)


My first Lvl100 was my Vaporeon I believe.  I was so proud of Aqua. ='D

Role Play / Re: [P][Fu][Pw] Why Are WE The Heroes? [J]
« on: November 23, 2013, 10:47 »
Members.  If you feel you can handle two characters at once, go ahead. =) I'd rather not have too many members at once because it gets harder to keep up / keep in contact.

Just a note I won't hunt you down if you stopped posting for a while nonono XD


So two of your options are YOLO and Swag.  Pfft, no contest, seek out the swag.  XD

I'd say pick one you'd think you'd have more fun with as a hero.  I made the original RP because I was a huge fan of the Teen Titans cartoon, but direct RPs tended to die on this board. =(

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