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Never was a big fan of the starters. Actually I could say the same for all starters Pre-Gen 5 :P but I will go with Mudkip cause it's the cutest

I have been saying Gen III was my least favorite for the longest time but honestly it's probably Gen I. A lot of the Pokémon bored me and Kanto is eh. You can hate me for it but idc so :P

I want the cat poké for this gen to be a Cheetah!

and it can be Electric/Dark like that other guy said cause I kinda want an ele/dark type too

Also, I thought of this since Gen 4. I'd like to be able to choose what battle music plays for the other person when they fight me online. I think it'd be really cool. and if you're playing with a buddy right next to you and youre doing wireless instead of online, it'll pick at random. Just so we don't have to hear the "Trainer" theme each time. I dunno, it doesnt sound too hard to implement and would be a neat little customizable thing.

Dragon makes sense and wouldnt be too surprising but I agree they'd have made it look more Dragony.

Same thing with bug. I'd think if they wanted to make a bug eevee they'd make it more bug like. I mean look at Leafeon. It's pretty leafy. I'll be severley disappointed if it's bug. They would have wasted a lot of cool possibilities :P

I really think it's odd people think it's going to be a normal type. Not only would they have not hyped it up as much and kept it's type a secret. But isn't eevee supposed to evolve by adapting to it's environment? So how exactly would that work?

So the idea nymph is complete rubbish despite the fact that ニンフ IS the Japanese word for Nymph?

[citation needed] PS Bulbapedia's speculation is not an official source.

Japanese names for Pokemon have to be slightly understandable for kids, 'nin' in Japanese is ニン or 人 (person/human being) The fabric Ninon uses the Japanese phonetics 'ni', 'no' and 'n' 二・ノ・ン which means it only has one phonetic character in common with ニンフィア. Maybe if it was ニノンフィア it would make more sense, but it really doesn't.

'Nymph' in Japan is more commonly associated with bugs and a nymph is a type of insect/fairy, people say that the 'bowtie' on Ninfia is actually a butterfly. I'm not sure I believe that either, but it seems a much better idea when you consider that the poster of the new Pikachu & Eevee movie used coloured Japanese characters to indicate the type of each eeveelution (Flareon being an orange 「イ」 character etc.) and what did they use for Ninfia? Its pink butterfly/bow. If it really is a butterfly it would fit in with the other characters representing types as the butterfly represents bug type. Its eyes also look quite bug-like.

When Ninfia was announced most Japanese people on twitter were mentioning 'Nymphs' when discussing the origin of its name. I wouldn't be suprised if we end up with a Nymfeon or Nympheon or something when the english name is announced.

Okay, so we'll say Nympheon is a understandable and passable name. However, aren't Fairies often associated with flying as well? Fairies can often fly. The bows representing Butterfly wings could count as evidence for flying as much as it would bug.

I have to say, the eyes do not look bug like at all :P they are round, and slightly bigger, but I think all together if GameFreak were to make a Bug-type eevee evolution it would be a bit more obvious based on it's appearance that it's a bug type. Bug types are very easily distinguishable.

Bulbapedia may not be a credible source but the point it offers is still a very strong one in that Cinccino is a combination of Chinchilla and Chino Cloth. Since Cinccino is a chin chilla and and has a very soft white kinda thingies on it. Chino Cloth, might I add, is cotton, and cotton is the material used on the official Poké Doll of Cinccino's white parts specifically.

Debate / Re: Horse meat in burgers - yay or neigh?
« on: February 13, 2013, 20:53 »
I don't care. Sorry, I just have a really strong fear and dislike for horses :P

That being said I would definitely not eat them either. Just keep them away from me, please.

The 'nymph' idea isn't all rubbish. The Japanese name is ニンフィア (Ninfia) the first part is ニンフ (Ninfu) which is the Japanese phonetic spelling of Nymph. This is the same as Leafeon (Leafia) and Glaceon (Glacia), it's not the 'nin' which is linked to 'fia', it's actually a contraction of 'ninfu' and 'ia'. Just like leafeon is 'leafu' and 'ia'. The 'ia' is what's appended. I also don't think there's any chance they would have gone that far to look into the name.

The only thing that makes me think it might be flying is simply the scarves and colours which remind me of Skyla.

The "Nymph" idea is complete rubbish. They wouldn't go that far with a name? Do you actually believe that? GameFreaks gone pretty far with some Pokémon names in the past. Cinccino is a combination of Chinchilla and Chino cloth. So that's almost the exact same thing.

"Ninfia" is the lightest eeveelution by weight "Ninon" is a very light fabric. Ninon is french, Gen 6's region is arguably very french in appearance, Ninfia is a Gen 6 Poké. The correlation between the two is so strong I don't see how one could see the other way after realizing that.

Maybe it's supposed to be "Nymph" while at the same time also supposed to relate to "Ninon"

I speculate that it's going to be a flying type, there's definitely a high possibility of it. I'm about to explain why among some other things in a very very long post.

As of now, I personally believe the two biggest possibilities for Ninfia’s type to be Flying, or New. I would not be surprised if it turned out Normal or Dragon as well but those have a lot of evidence and theories against them. Especially in “Normals” case.

Before I go into what I’m about to get into, let me try to counter some theories. First off, Normal. This one isn’t too far out there however there’s still very little evidence to go off of it. All there is is “It just looks like a Normal type.” and while that indeed is true, when you really break that down. What qualities make it a normal type? It’s pink? So far, I have not heard anything else beyond “It looks like a normal type”. I realize that at this stage going off of looks is the only way to really speculate. But there’s still no basis to it beyond “It just looks like it.” Next is bug. Now, this one I have actually seen more than you’d think. Some people are being silly about it but others seem to legitimately think it might be a bug type. Okay look, first of all, the evidence that it’s name is “Nympheon” and that Nymph’s had something to do with bug er rather. This point is instant rubbish as the name “Nympheon” is unofficial and thus proves squat for anything except that people are gullible. Also, the eyes. People have been saying it’s eyes are insect-like. No, no they are not. They are rounder, and a bit bigger than some of the other eevee’s, however they follow a similar colouring pattern as Leaf, Glace, and Esp. That is to say, a coloured sclera (Sclera is the white part of your eye, in Ninfia’s case it is light blue) and white pupils. Finally, just going off of how Ken and the rest of those guys on the Pokémon development team design Pokémon, I do not think this is how they would design a bug type at all. Even a mammalian one.

Okay, now onwards to this Flying type hypothesis. For starters, consider the following.

    [2/11/2013 8:42:39 PM] Erufuuuun: Ninon is a sheer fabric of silk, rayon, or nylon made in a variety of tight smooth weaves or open lacy patterns and/or open mesh-like appearance. It is described as very delicate or lightweight and is sometimes referred to as “French tergal”. Available in a variety of solid colors and tone-on-tone woven vertical stripes. Some ninon fabrics have embroidered borders. Pronounced “nee-no”. Because the fabric is made with high twist filament yarns, it has a crisp hand. End uses include evening wear and curtains.

My good friend over at Ask-Fennekin brought this up to me yesterday. He pointed out Ninfia’s name may have a possible link to this. There are things to consider in this bit of very detrimental evidence. First off, Ninfia and Ninon both start with “Nin”. When one looks at Ninfia’s full name and compares it to another eeveelution they would find it shares the same ending suffix (The eeveelution in question being Leafeon, who’s Japanese name is Leafia). This show’s the the entire ending suffix “fia” is merley there to link it to the other eeveelutions or at least give it some sort of original sounding name. It does NOT mix in with the meaning of “Nin” at all. Nin and Fia should be treated as two different words here.

Now, moving on to what NINfia’s relation to the french fabric NINon means. I am taking it as huge evidence to it being a flying type. To start, lets verify the authenticity of how true this name meaning is. We can do so by analyzing the facts present in the short description of Ninon. The two things to note about Ninon here are. “It is french” We already know, or at least are on a very strong lead, that the new region is set in france. It is highly suspicious that the name meaning also happens to relate to a certain FRENCH fabric. Next, Ninon is described as “Very lightweight”. Did you guys catch on to the fact that Ninfia is the lightest eeveelution? There’s too many coincidences, and like Commissioner Gordon said to Blake in The Dark Knight Rises “You’re a detective now, son. You’re not allowed to believe in coincidence anymore.”

So, alright, Ninfia’s name comes from a very light french cloth. But what exactly does this prove in it being a flying type? To be honest with you, the direction it points to flying type is still barely and it is still very subjective. However, the point of it is, the cloth is very light, and thus it would flow easily in the wind, Ninfia itself is a very lightweight Pokémon. Perhaps it doesn’t NEED wings to fly. We already know this is true with other Pokémon such as Gyarados (pbbbtth), Shaymin (Do NOT bring up the fact that it’s antler things make it fly because it can be seen using it’s legs to propel through the air), Drifloon/Drifblim (who actually use their weight to fly, much in the same way Ninfia will most likely fly), and the Hoppip line.

Furthermore, the counter argument “It doesn’t look like a flying type cause its colours are not derivative of one” is moot. If one were to look at a list of flying types they would find only very very few Flying types are and furthermore the only pure flying type (which would make Ninfia the second pure flying), Tornadus, does not have any visible light blue on him. The fact that Ninfia has very visible colours of light blue heightens the fact, not to mention. There’s the counter counter argument that if Ninfia were to be all light blue, it would be too similar to Glaceon who is already light blue.

Now here’s just one very last point. This one’s very small, and is the most subjective thing on this whole explanation but I’ll bother you with it anyways since I’ve already taken so much time explaining this stuff. You could take Ninfia’s Bows and Ribbon’s and attribute those also to Kite’s! There placements definetly make them appear to be bows, however, this does not mean they only need to symbolize one thing. They appear to be bows, and I do not dispute this at all. It’s very clear from their placement they are bows. Along with that, their connections to the ribbons also make them sort of appear like a kind of kite as well. It’s just something to consider.

You may want to merge this topic with the "eevee?" topic. I wasn't sure if a post this big was allowed in a non-RP topic.

General Pokémon Discussion / Re: Least Favorite Pokemon
« on: January 18, 2013, 21:53 »
It's really hard to pick one but if I HAD to I guess I would pick Charizard and Gyarados.

I don't care if you people wanna slam me for it, bite me  :P

I just think it's dumb that everyone's always like "AWWW YEAH CHARIZARD!!! OMG GYARADOS!" and totally flip out as if it's some legendary when it's about as strong as any other fully evolved Pokémon or starter. Not to mention their both hideous and Gyarados drops at the meer sight of electricity.

The only real reason their set apart from the others is purley nostalgia and nostalgia alone and while nostalgia is a good thing I find in cases like these it's only irritating.

Someone called me a racist just cause one of my Buneary character is my only brown coloured Pokémon, and he happens to be psycho  :dry:

Random Randomness / Re: what's saddening you right now?
« on: November 17, 2012, 00:22 »
One of my friends got caught in a relationship with someone who put on a sweet and innocent look but turned out to be really vindictive and controlling. And she really hates my girlfriend despite not even having met her once. :P

General Pokémon Discussion / Re: worst pokemon ever!
« on: September 22, 2011, 04:36 »
Gothita and its evolutions. Especially its final one. Whats with the Medicham lips?  ¬_____¬

Haha! I must agree, it's final evo looks like a freakin' Jack-in-the-box

General Pokémon Discussion / Re: worst pokemon ever!
« on: September 21, 2011, 23:04 »
I always thought it kind of looked like Tentacool had a big nose, haha.

Not lying. I NEVER lie, because when I lie, I inadvertently laugh.

...right. I'll just keep deeming you as a shameful liar and stop here before I get in too much trouble.

General Pokémon Discussion / Re: worst pokemon ever!
« on: September 21, 2011, 05:36 »
But it's true! I hate those 2! ...well, I kinda like Flareon because it's Fire-type, and it's an Eeveelution, but nothing else...

My senses tell me you're lying. Am I supposed to believe that right after I say that someone comes back with the EXACT two pokémon listed in my title? I'm smarter than that. Unless you're still going on with the joke, in which case stop.

and Ledyba we all know Flareon is bad K waaah ;^;

and while I'm still in this topic I must say I've never liked Mr. Mime for some reason. Like Mime Jr. is cute but Mr. Mime no. What do you call a female "Mr." Mime anyways?

General Pokémon Discussion / Re: worst pokemon ever!
« on: September 20, 2011, 14:35 »
Emolga and Flareon.

Emolga because of Double Team+Static+weak stats.
Flareon because of NO MOVES that use its high Attack, apart from Fire Fang, which is WEAK. Come on Nintendo/Game Freak, improve it already!

Oh you're funny. Real funny  :dry:

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