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Random Randomness / JAPAN!!!!
« on: December 08, 2013, 08:02 »
hello fellow forumers!!!

i'm going to japan in a week or so, and want a cool little list of things to do!! i am quite underprepared. has anyone here been? where should i go? what shouldn't i eat?

ofc i will be visiting the pokemon centres... :> :> :>

thank you!!!

X and Y/OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire / Moves learned
« on: October 14, 2013, 03:32 »
Yo, has anyone found information on levels certain moves are learnt yet? I've been keeping my Pokémon mostly unevolved (sans a few, evolved them after they learned sweet moves, e.g. Flamethrower etc). But I can't find data on this kinda stuff anywhere, and I don't want to miss too many moves from the evolved forms if I don't get anything out of it in the end... I guess I could always move tutor, but I haven't even found him/her yet, if there is one...

Character Guides / Rando Peterson [Second Character]
« on: December 09, 2007, 09:44 »
Character Name: Rando James Peterson
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Build: Medium height, 5"10. Athletic, medium weight - 61 kilograms.


Rando is a weird person. Starting with his shoes, a word would be 'different.' He wears shaded Pink shoes, a testament to the saying 'real men wear pink.' His hair, is dyed red, and flows nicely around his scalp. A shirt-ish type vest dons his chest, colored in white and blue. Lastly, his pants and gloves are yellow. Rando stands out in a crowd due to his colorful clothing and items. Rando can be summed up in one word. 'Different.'


Rando is an outcast, thus, this has made him a hardened battler, and a worthy friend. He has not many friends, and feels lonely sometimes. Rando hates bullies, and will always submit his toughened Pokemon for a battle to save someone's Pokemon - if need be. He has disgust for the 'Teams' of the Pokemon World, and the street gangs that reside in his town, Saffron. He loves a Pokebattle, and hangs around towns to find one.


Rando was born in 1980 - a special year. Kanto was flourishing, his parents were rich, happy. He was born in Saffron, smiling as he grew. In 1990, he received his first Pokemon. That day, all went wrong.
Rando was with his Parents - Pokemon Breeders - when trouble struck. People were screaming everywhere, Team Rocket had invaded Silph Co. Rando and his family left the town, and they moved to Celadon. When Rando was 18 - in 1998 - he moved back to Saffron. He challenged Sabrina - the Psychic Gym Leader - and won. He holds the Marsh Badge in his pocket for good luck.

Rando attended the Fighting Dojo at the age of 6 - learning and training the art of Karate. His master, the Karate Wise Man, was harsh on him. Thus, Rando dislikes Fighting Pokemon. Leaving the Dojo at 10, he lived in Celadon, becoming a pupil of the Pokemon Mansion. The lady took him in, gave him tea, served him well. Those experiences shaped Rando's life.

Friends and enemies:

None, so far.

<Pokemon are stong, due to 17 years of Pokemon battling. Advanced trainer, most evolved.>


Cyber - PorygonZ - Level 63
Porygon was Rando's first Pokemon. His Parents bought it from the game corner for him, in Celadon on a holiday trip when he was 7. They gave it to him on his 10th birthday. Porygon was strong with Rando for many years, a strong Pokemon. When Silph Co was fixed up and the invaders sent away, he was given an Upgrade. Silph Co upgraded his Porygon into Porygon2. Two years ago, they upgraded it again, for a cost of 100 Pokedollars. It became PorygonZ. Porygon is Loyal to Rando.
[Nasty Plot/Ice Beam/Tri Attack/Thunder/Blizzard/Thunderbolt/Trick Room/Flamethrower]

Blaze - Arcanine - Level 60
Rando caught Arcanine when he was 11. It was a mere Growlithe, on the outskirts of Saffron. Growlithe evolved into Arcanine when Rando purchased a Fire Stone from Celadon Mart and used it on Growlithe. Arcanine is strong, ferocious.
[Fire Fang/Fire Blast/Flamethrower/Crunch/Bite]

Trap - Victreebel - Level 60
Rando caught Bellsprout a few days after he caught Growlithe. It evolved into Weepinbell two years later - Rando promptly used a pre-purchased Leaf Stone on it. Victreebel is naughty, tricky, sneaky - but powerful. It knows a wide array of attacks.
[Acid/Stun Spore/Cut/Sleep Powder/Poison Powder/Toxic/Giga Drain/Razor Leaf/Vine Whip]

Pokemon in Box
None, as of yet

Marsh Badge - Saffron

$71,632. - his mother and father are rich, and constantly give him money for his journey.

20x Full Restore
20x Full Heal
20x Max Potion
20x Ultra Ball
20x Dusk Ball
20x Quick Ball

Posted on: August 18, 2007, 07:25

Rando is travelling with Charlie Blacksmith and Gold Mazak in "Forged in Fire."
Posted on: September 11, 2007, 18:13
Left "Forged in Fire" / Joined "The Cult: A Problem and Solution"

Character Guides / Andrew Humphries
« on: July 17, 2007, 04:01 »
Current Story:
Hypernovas and Missing Minds
Change of Command
Johto Intruders
Johto Intruders Part Two

Character name: Andrew Kalen Humphries
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Height: 5"11
Weight: 51 Kilograms
Build: Medium, athletic.

Andrew stands about 5"11 - an average height for around his age. His brown hair hangs down over his eyes like a moving mobile over a childs cot. Ragged and unaware Andrew doesn't take much notice of his clothing. In most situations he is fitted with a brown or blue shirt, mostly brown and long pink pants - have to be careful in long grass. He stands out in a crowd with his scruffiness and doesn't smell grand either. Hands often dirty doing from playing with his friends and Pokemon he doesnt believe he has time to clean up before going to train again. He wears a wide blue hat covering most of his un-tidy hair and makes him have an eerie appearance for a first impression.


Andrew has a carefree personality, caring about others before himself. He likes peace and patience and will do anything to keep a fight from breaking out. Very passionate about Pokemon he cares deeply about nature. Andrew gets angry when picked on, or bullied and feels that everyone should be treated equal, no matter of public status and wealth. He is very sneaky at times and can be seen 'borrowing' things from others to distribute to help the unlucky. He has aspirations to become a top ranked scientist, and a fighter for the people. He is a dreamer, one of a select few nowadays. Andrew loses focus easily and only concentrates on one thing - his Pokemon. This in turn has left him excluded from groups of people who think he is weak, and stupid. Andrew is quite smart and can show if needed. Lately, he has begun to feel alone, and dejected. He has been getting angry at everything because no-one likes him, no-one cares. He wants to begin a journey around his homeland, Ecruteak but he can't find a way, as he cares to much to leave Morty and his friends at the monastery for good. Always happy for new friends, human or Pokemon.


Andrew was born into a poor family in Goldenrod City. They lived in the Underground stations until they were attacked by Team Rocket Grunts trying to take over the City. His father was captured and is now a member of Team Rocket. Andrew and his mother moved to Ecruteak after the incident where Andrew was placed into a Pokemon School, founded by the Eevee sisters. People didn't like him because he was poor, and because he beat the half the time at Pokemon battles. In turn he was kicked out and left to fend for himself. His mother left him to go to Cianwood at the age of 11. He found a wild Machop at this age - his first Pokemon. Once twelve his mother enrolled him in the Tin Tower Monastery, and left for Cianwood town. Andrew took up shelter at the Tin Tower, living there and eating there for three long years, obtaining a Sudowoodo and training it and his Machop during the time.

When he reached his age of 15, the monk schooling was over, and he left for Mount Mortar. Andrew took up shelter inside, scaveging items and finding Pokeballs lying around and caught a Houndour while straying south of Ecruteak one night. Andre lived inside Mount Mortar, inside training his Pokemon, Machoke, Sudowoodo and Houndoom with desperation.  On his 17th birthday, he returned to Ecruteak and Team Rocket had ransacked the town in his away time. His father had left a note - his father was the Team Rocket Admin in charge of the attack. Half the citizens had been taken away and Morty, the Gym Leader was left weak and cripped, his Pokemon defeated. Morty took Andrew under his wing - Andrew now specialises in the Ghost and Fighting types of Pokemon. He left on a quest to defeat Team Rocket and gain recognition before his 18th birthday.

After raising his Pokemon in Mount Mortar to another adequate standard and leaving his Houndoom in the PC
he departed for Goldenrod City. He took up residence there, near the day care, and near the forest. Lately, late at night he has been sneaking away from his home and training inside the depths of the forest with his Pokemon. His Pokemon have become much stronger because of his rigourous training schedule. He challenged Whitney, the Goldenrod gym leader and lost. He has devoted himself to training for the Gym Badges quest and for his dream to one day become a scientist. Andrew has been battling trainers and becoming skilled at the art of Battling for a while now, earning money while he goes. He is still training his Pokemon - to be strong enough to take on any gym or opponent.

Friends and enemies:
None as of yet, however Team Rocket (NPC?) could be considered as an enemy.


Andrew takes a strong interest in GHOST and FIGHTING types. After his history in Ecruteak, and Pokemon friends during his age progression, he has been influenced and loves these types most. He prefers Kanto and Johto Pokemon over the Sinnoh and Hoenn region's selection, except for a few special Pokemon he wants to get his hands on - one called 'Lucario' and another named 'Medicham'

<by the way, they're strong because technically i've been a trainer for 7 years, since age 11 - therefore my Pokemon through 7 years of training <at the rate of the anime> should be around this level, and higher than say a 13 year old trainer, per say?>

Kaito, the Machamp <level 49>
Andrew discovered a lone Machop in Mount Mortar at the age of 11 on his first visit with his family. Andrew befriended it and now Machop is his closest companion. Machop evolved on the day of Andrew leaving the monastery of monks and Andrew is curious when it will evolve again. Machoke has a close bond with Andrew. Machoke evolved into Machamp after defeating a Shiny Tyranitar in the Goldenrod Underground Rocket Base.
[Revenge/Vital Throw/Submission/Strength/Seismic Toss/Rock Slide/Cross Chop]

Eloklio, the Haunter <level 43>
Gastly was given to Andrew by Morty after Team Rocket attacked Ecruteak for rare Pokemon. Gastly and Andrew have become close friends and have trained hard in the past weeks and months to be where they are now. Gastly evolved into Haunter after beating trainers in Mount Mortar soon after leaving Ecruteak.
[Dream Eater/Shadow Ball/Hypnosis/Payback/Psychic/Night Shade/Curse/Toxic/Destiny Bond]

Maito, the Sudowoodo <level 45>
Sudowoodo was befriended by Andrew after Andrew saved Sudowoodo from a bunch of troublemaking Ecruteakeans south of the city. After chasing them away Sudowoodo offered to join up with Machoke, Andrew did not have Gastly at the time.
[Slam/Low Kick/Faint Attack/Rock Slide/Stone Edge/Rock Throw/Mimic/Dynamic Punch/Headbutt]

Wretia, the Misdreavus <level 44>
Andrew traded a Machop for this Misdreavus in Ecruteak city to Sage John. Misdreavus has stayed with Andrew and been obedient throughout his life as a Pokemon Trainer. While in his younger years, they used to play pranks together.
[Shadow Ball/Pain Split/Psybeam/Mean Look/Psychic/Thunderbolt/Ice Beam/Destiny Bond]

Perediate, the Electrike <level 39>
Andrew caught Electrike on a short trip to Slateport for Goldenrod. Andrew spent the voyage back from the ship to Goldenrod and his time at Slateport, training and bonding with it.

Desciatix, the Corsola <level 42>
Andrew caught Corsola after the SS Aqua traveled over a school of them. After Hawkeye weakened them all, Andrew caught one. Corsola is always happy to battle and travel.
[Recover/Rock Blast/Refresh/Surf/Magnitude/Waterfall/Dive/Whirlpool/Water Pulse]

Pokemon in Storage

Fliciopa, the Houndoom <level 37>
Andrew caught Houndour at the ripe age of 16 south of Ecruteak on one of his nightly Pokemon training sprees. Andrew would sneak out to go train in the dead of night. He was attacked by a Houndour which he caught and trained. Houndour evolved into Houndoom soon after - 23 days later while training near Goldenrod.
[Fire Fang/Howl/Bite/Roar/Flamethrower/Fire Blast/Crunch/Faint Attack/Thief]

Miltank, the Miltank.
[Tackle, Growl, Defense Curl, Stomp, Milk Drink, Bide, Rollout, Ice Punch]
{Not much is know about Miltank since her first debut match against Dane. She seems kind and caring, while being strong at the same time. She doesn't often like to battle but will if asked nicely enough.}
Miltank was received in a GTS trade with Taylor 'Ty' Seraito. Andrew has yet to experience it.

Items on Hand
17x Potion
19x Great Ball
1x Pokeball
2x Super Potion
3x Ultra Ball

$1,709 - all he has after buying measly supplies from Goldenrod.

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