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Character Guides / Tyrone Shadery
« on: November 07, 2008, 17:11 »
Name: Tyrone Shadery
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Description: Tyrone has fairly long (for a boy) hair and is average height for 16. He is well built, very muscular and popular with not only the girls but with the boys as well. They always try to be like him and interact with him because they think hes cool. He wears plain boring clothes no designer jeans or cool logo tops he just wears very plain and average clothes because his family can't afford it.

Personality: Tyrone's very conscious of his look and doesn't think much of him self. He can sometimes be stubborn if he doesn't get his own way. He loves adventures and is always willing to put himself before others and look out for one another even in a tough situation.

History: Growing up in a poor backround he didn't have the best life when he was young living in a tiny flat. His Father was a carpenter and didn't earn very much money and his mum didn't have a job except looking after Tyrone and his two brothers. When growing up as a small child he was bullied a lot at school even though he is very popular now. He was bullied by the rich kids or richer kids because they used to tease him about his family who was very poor and say that all his clothes were dirty and he was ugly. As a teen he started earning more respect and people began to like him. He started a small job as a paper round delivering the morning paper to everyone. He earned about £8.00 a week.

Friends and Enemies He doesn't really have any enemies but does have a lot of friends. His best friend is Matthew Clat who met him in Infant school and has been best friends with him ever since. He also has some other close friends who are Ashely (Girl) Prat, Josh Keens and Debra Havens. He also has a very attractive girl friend called Lillie Yout. Who met up with him when he was just turning 14 and they've stayed together since

Pokemon in his party: Snorlax , Garchomp , Charziard , Kingdra, Machop and Kabutops.

Pokemon at home: Hitmontop, Swampert, Frosslass, Milktank, Lapras and Flygon.

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