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Character Guides / Faryl Marchand
« on: June 14, 2008, 14:18 »
Name: Faryl Marchand

Age: 14

Gender: Female


Faryl is about five feet, one inch tall. She is naturally skinny, but yet she always strives to be thinner. She eats much less than necessary, not because of anorexia but out of pure laziness. Her hair is a very dark brown, and was intended to be combed into a bob, but is almost always behind her ear. Being extremely dissatisfied with the clothing that she was given, she rebelled and made her own clothing out of the pinstripe fabric that she always had with her. So far, she had made a vest that had removable tails secured in the back with a large black button, and pants that fit very tightly on her legs.

Personality: Sometimes she is witty and humorous, sometimes she has a jet-black personality and rarely appears to other people, it just depends on her mood. Nonetheless, she rarely talks to others, and has trouble conversing with people she doesn't know. She rarely eats, so she is either ignoring the constant hunger, or complaining about it. Even though she had sworn herself off of food, she can't help but gorge herself every once in a while as if she was preparing for famine. Her personality is mostly unpredictible, depending on the situation that she is in.

History: When Faryl was given an opportunity Pokemon journey, in Lilycove, she rejected the offer of Basic Pokemon from Prof. Birch all the way in Littleroot, because she felt that they were not right for her, for some odd reason. She went to Mt. Pyre at night, and saw that there were many Ghost-type Pokemon there. The Ghost-types made her feel comfortable, and she knew that they were underrated (compared to Electric, Grass, Water, etc.) and needed some love.

One day, there was a wandering Sableye from Dewford Town. How it came all the way there was unknown, but a guess would have been because of its unusually high intelligence. When she saw the Sableye, she knew that this was the Pokemon she wanted, and fell in love with it instantly. She returned with it to Lilycove, hoping that she would know the right time to leave Lilycove.


Kenneth Juihhg
Al Elec
Manda Bedford
Courtney Armstrong




Sableye - Ry - Hardy - fury swipes, night shade, astonish, focus punch
Ball: None.

Ry has been with Faryl from the beginning. He is very supportive, although he doesn't battle that often. He stays home with her a lot, when she's not traveling. 

Squirtle - Vira - Jolly - Tackle, Tail Whip, Bubble
Ball: Pokeball.

Squirtle was obtained by Faryl upon her arrival at Kanto.

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