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Say Hello! / Re: Hi^-^
« on: December 06, 2014, 17:11 »

well, hey, you're in good company as we've got a load of musical people on here!  personally, i play the flute and i'm self-taught on the harmonica and the piano, but the only thing i'm currently being trained in is voice, and i'm grade 5 in that and also have the royal school of church music bronze award, but that's theory and not actually skill.

i'm sure you'll fit in really well; don't be afraid to post and definitely chat with us on irc because it's a really good way to get to know people on here!
hi there you made me want to listen to fall out boy again

hop on irc sometimes, cool is the rule

Thanks! ^-^

Grass - Venusaur
Had a lot of fun with this monster on my Y game. I named him Asphodel and he accompanied me from Lumiose to the Elite Four. I didn't like the Bulbasaur line that much before I actually used it, but I've definitely grown to appreciate it more now.

Fire - Blaziken
My first ever Pokemon, and still one of my favourites. I love Torchic's design, hate Combusken's and adore Blaziken's. I don't like his Mega Evo that much though.

Water - Greninja
I actually love this Pokemon so much. I love it's typing, it's design, it's name, it's stats... I think it's a fantastic Pokemon and it really lives up to the bar that the other Water starters set. I like pretty much all the Water starters, but Greninja stands out for me.

Say Hello! / Re: Hi^-^
« on: December 05, 2014, 19:13 »
Hey there! I'm a new member too, or at least I consider myself as such. Well since you mentioned Panic! at the Disco, there's a high chance that "I write sins not tragedies" will be stuck in my head again. As everyone else said, pop into Chat now and then and don't be a lurker like me ;o

Oh, well imagine...  :tongue2:
Hope to see you around! ^-^

Say Hello! / Re: Hi^-^
« on: December 04, 2014, 22:43 »
Hey, I'm Dick, welcome to the site ^^

I play drums also, as well as keyboard (and /have/ a guitar, can't play it though xD), but I think our music taste differs a fair bit =P

I used to do a fair bit of competitive, but not so much now, but I still know the meta reasonably well for giving help on team building or whatever, and I have quite a selection of bred stuff on X ^^

Hope you enjoy yourself and stick around, you seem pretty cool ^_^

Thanks ^-^
Welcome to the forum!  Our music tastes are 100% incompatible but I'm sure that's not a bad thing...  right?

Also damn you're 14?  Holy crap I was like 10 when I first played Ruby, like 12 years ago...

I think I was about seven when I first played Sapphire? I don't think anything beats the first time you play Pokemon, it's something that can never be relived:)

Hi, I`m Cole, and it`s great to have you here! I started with Platinum, and personally I like Dubstep and remixes, so I can`t relate on those sides, but if you need some Hidden Ability pokemon, I have tons! (The Masuda Method takes too long...)

You should try out the IRC. Just click [Chat] beside the home button up top. If you're seeking new friends, I suppose that's a good place to start.

See you around!

Thank you:)

Welcome to the site, I'm Inferna!
I used to have the exact same taste in bands as you! I still listen to green day though, they're my bbys <3
I hope you stick around some more, saw you in the chat earlier~

I love Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong is amazing <3

X and Y/OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire / Have you caught any shinies?
« on: December 04, 2014, 22:36 »
Have you caught any shinies yet in ORAS? If you have, which ones?

I just successfully caught my first ORAS shiny, which was a Wailmer, by chain fishing. It's one of my sister's favourite Pokemon and I know she really wanted one for her team on OR, so I can't wait to trade it to her tomorrow! She'll be so happy ^-^

Say Hello! / Re: Hi^-^
« on: December 04, 2014, 19:21 »
Hello, welcome to our gazebo garden. My nickname is Delicious_Scout, and you can ask for my name in our chat; no, we will not bite you, but never talk about what or who is a character, as it will end in a mess. I hope you feel comfortable during your stay, and do not hesitate asking us anything you like; if we do not know it, we will simply skip it!

Thanks for the welcome!

I like playing my keyboard, It would be cool if we could play together some time!
I doubt that is going to be possible though.

I don't know much about competitive battling, but I can certainly help with the breeding and friends part!

Welcome to the site.

That's so cool that you play keyboard:) Help with breeding is always welcome!

Welcome ^_^
Wow, those band names bring back memories. I don't listen to them much any more, but from time to time. I play piano and do vocals, but my voice is not suited to that style of music (which irritates me). These days I usually listen to music more like that from Florence + The Machine.

I'd be happy to chat sometime, and I'd be willing to help with anything I can (which isn't really much, sorry ^^; )

Hope you have a good time here, and stick around for a while!

Aha, I guess I'm still stuck in the early 2000s era with my music taste ^-^

Say Hello! / Hi^-^
« on: December 04, 2014, 18:30 »
Hey, I'm Kelisha, a massive Pokemon fan and music lover. The first Pokemon game I ever played was Sapphire, and I've played all of the main series games since then, having recently bought both Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. I've finished Sapphire, but given Ruby to my younger sister :3 I really enjoyed playing through Hoenn in 3D and I now hope to start breeding a competitive team as well as some shinies.

Away from Pokemon, I love music. I'm into Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, The Killers, Blink-182, Green Day and All Time Low. At school I have a 'band' and we sing covers of a lot of the above bands' songs. I can play drums and guitar and I also do vocals ^-^

I'd love to get chatting to some of you for help on competitive battling and breeding, as well as just making some new friends!

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